New Terra

The New Terra Space port rests on the ledge of a cliff that over looks a turbulent ocean. Three moons hugged the horizon, dwarfed by a massive gas giant that dominated the evening sky.
The terminal was crowded with crew and passengers of many different species. The air almost vibrated with the voices of so many beings speaking many languages and the roar of incoming and outgoing ships and shuttles a voice calls over the port wide intercom informing passengers of departing shuttles. From the massive terminal that over looked the landing pads and docking terminals, port workers looked like a busy ant hill. Workers going back and forth either loading or unloading cargo to or from shuttle bays going over cargo manifests with crew members.
A tall figure, dressed in a blue alliance navy uniform with the brand new shiny rank of captain catching the last of the light for the planets setting star, stepped out of a docking bay air lock. Bright green eyes squinted against the bright glare of the setting sun.
Adjusting the pack over her shoulder, Captain Alexis Ann McManly spots the Alliance check in point. As the woman approaches the terminal, a holographic representation of a young female Voslin, materializes before her. Ears perked and tail and twitching it bows. “Welcome to New Terra, please enter your Alliance Identification Number.” A holographic Keyboard materializes in front of the captain. Instead of punching a number she waves her right wrist through the Hologram. Immediately the Voslin changes out of the pale blue and white dress in to an Alliance uniform similar to that of the captains and gives a sloppy human salute. “Welcome home Captain McManly, Congratulations of your promotion. Would you like me to call a lift to take you to your residence?” “Yes please.” “Very good Captain, your wait time is 2 hours earth standard. Have a safe trip.” The hologram giggles and gives another sloppy salute before vanishing. The woman shakes her head. and turns to the row of chairs behind her.
Just as she was about to take a seat to wait for the lift, a loud commotion grabs her attention. At the other end of the Terminal a small quad of security officers is shouting at and running at someone. A moment later, an older Torquin bursts through the crowd of passengers in line to board their shuttle knocking people and luggage askew in an attempt to slow security down. The fat brown and pink being looked like a pig on two legs, in general they were known to be a peaceful species.
The being’s society was fixated with profit and monetary gain, so it is no surprise that some of them chose to make a profit off the black market. This one was dressed in high end spacer garments, weighed down with so many chains of Lunarium and rings of talinum and gemstones it was surprising the little being was able to stand let alone give Space port security a run for their money in a foot race. Lex watched the commotion as a security officer leapt at him from one of the terminals casing the Fat little thing to squeal and make a sharp right making his way towards the reclining Captain. Just as he was about to pass her with a bored look on her face her chin in her palm while facing the window Lex stretches out her leg her booted foot “just happened” to land in his path. the Captain would have given just about anything to have caught the resulting chaos on holovid, time seemed to slow as the Torquin threw out his three fingered hands to catch his fall. He squealed as floppy ears and jowls lifted, leaving a trail of drool in their wake. Time seemed to return to its normal flow, as the creature face planted into the deck plates and skidded about 6 inches the security officers where on him before he was even had a chance to get off the floor. He squeals in protest as a security officer on each side grabs him by the arms and lifts him off the deck his short little legs flailing in the air. “Unhand me, you hairless primate!” Lex smirks, extends her legs in front of her and pops her lower spine before getting to her feet. “Now that’s not fair. I know for a fact we’re not completely hairless. We have it on our head and faces, other places as well for some of us.” One of the younger security officer blushes scarlet.
The Torquin cast a glare that had it been on anyone else face may have had some sort of effect. With his swollen red snout, it was borderline hilarious. “Stay out of it Alliance poster girl. Don’t think I don’t know what you did. You will rue getting involved if my name isn’t the magnificent Lugskine!” She gave him an innocent look as he was taken away. She turned as the senior Security officer stepped up and offered the Captain a crisp salute. “Thank you for your help Captain. He is fast for someone with so much mass.” Lex got to her feet and returned the salute chuckling. “I am quite sure you would have had him given enough time. The terminal is only so big and Torquins are not known for being the most graceful beings in the galaxy." “Thank you all the same, Ma’am He has quite a rap sheet and is wanted in over 8 systems for various crimes.” The security officer nod his head towards something behind her. “I will let you get going Captain, your lift is here. Thank you again ma’am, and have a safe trip.” Lex nods and bent to grab her pack to get on to the lift as the Security officer turned and returned to his station.
Later that night, about four hours after going to bed, she sits bolts up as she suddenly remembers something. Snatching up the holo pad resting on the charging port she looks to be sure. As soon as she punches in the name a wanted sign pops up with the Torquins face Wanted Lugskine for theft, robbery, Sale of sentient beings on the black market, Sale of endangered species on the black market, Sale of class 1 forbidden weapons on the black market, accessory to kidnapping with intent to ransom, bribery, 100,000,000 credits, payable by the Royal Alterian family. Dropping the pad in her lap she slapped her forehead with her hand and falls back into bed.

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