The group/Finding a different place.

"Kyle is my cousin, the lady is Cathy, my old Algebra teacher...Fi was just recently picked up..." Ethan replied quickly.

"Hey, get yourself over here, Ethan! I'm not picking this stuff up by myself," Cathy told him.

" still kept that teacher vibe huh?" Ethan walked over shaking his head. "Telling people what to do?"

"Shut up. You still can't count to 10..." She teased.

They both took turns adjusting their packages not covered in infected black goop. It obviously was too much for everyone to carry.

"Great...we'll have to leave some," Kyle shrugged. And that's just the ones not covered in black ooze.

"Well, what's inside?" Ethan asked.

"...these two, food, rations, the norm. That ones guns, ammo, and medical kits. And that one is filled with parts for repairing our van...we could clean it...but skin contact with ooze is not a good idea..." Kyle answered after a brief silence. Still pretty angry about keeping Fi. "Plus, I took a once over...leaking. And again trying to do that, and keep away from the stuff that could infect us isn't really doable,"

"Should we leave the spare parts then?" Ethan asked.

"Well, if we get a new ride...and that's a Big if, we'll need it in case it breaks down," Kyle answered crouching over the packages.

"And guns and food obviously are staying, right? We'd have to drop most our stuff if we want to move quick...but then again...we never have been around this part of Alabama," Cathy chimed in.

"Um...I could help..." Fi came forward, offering her assistance. Trying to shake off the gun showdown not too long ago.

"How exactly?" Kyle raised an eyebrow.

Fi grabbed a box with one hand, along with another stack, before having all four on a single arm.

"Holy...Imma need to add that to the Journal..." Ethan was stunned that this little girl could carry this much with ease.

"Well, Faceless inherently are much tougher...and she technically is still one, so, I guess that works in our favor, huh?" Cathy added, laughing a bit on how ridiculous this situation was.

"Well...okay then...okay," Kyle said, taking a look at his compass. East is somewhere they should be heading towards. "Okay...I distinctly remember a road, not too far away...before we stopped in the forest. We should be able find more, considering we were going to stop at a friend's place, right?"

"What place?" Fi asked.

"It's a Purist encampment. It's not exactly where we want to go, but it offers a bit of safety. Apparently, my old pal from High School went there. We talked on the radio beforehand, so they should be expecting at least three of us...Fi, the third box has a radio, could you-"

"On it!" She saluted.


"Yeah, two more..." Ethan told 'her'. His friend apparently was a transgender, but, despite Fi asking a bunch of 'why' and 'how' questions, Kyle just said it was a her, end of story.

Geez, you just love adding to your band of misfits. How the heck did you make it this far without a supply run?

"Trust me, we did, Erika," Ethan said.

Well, okay...and your vans dead too? Just...your on a road right? Do you see a name of it?

"Hmm...6th Geraldine Freeway...why?" Ethan looked at a broken sign on the asphalt.

Good...Good. I should be able to send a pick up...Just stay where you are, there is a ton of Faceless, so, don't try to be brave and walk your way through the route.

"What type of Faceless Erika?" Ethan asked.

Standard; the Slendies, skinny but tough. Maybe a few Bleeders. If you had your van, it'd be easy for you, but...Y'know.

"What's a bleeder?" Fi asked.

"An ugly Faceless, with a lot of boils all over. Usually spits ooze at people, tries to intentionally infect people," Cathy answered taking a bottle of beer. Another one to the list.

"Okay...thanks Erika. Get your people as fast as you can, alright," Ethan said, saying his goodbyes.

The radio went off.

"Well, at least we don't have to explain how a little girl can carry 200 pounds worth of supplies...I know I'm exaggerating, but still, have you planned for that, Captain?" Kyle mocked him.

He...actually never thought that far...

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