Moving Forward

Quentin nodded as he listened. Cousin and teacher huh, not the most unusual pair but definitely interesting. With what memories of his own life he was able to piece together from all of the ones inside of his head, he probably wouldn't have saved his algebra teacher. He didn't particularly care for them that much and he had the sneaking suspicion that they were dead already anyway.

More than likely caught up in the initial infection or the wave of chaos that followed.

Either way there was the matter of the van. Quentin didn't have any belongings but he understood what it meant to part with something that you value. In his personal opinion the van parts were pointless. Unless they found a vehicle of the same or similar make and model, most of them would be useless anyway. Also it wasn't as if people were raiding auto stores for spare oil filters and spark plugs; those sorts of things were easier to come by then people believed.

Still before he could voice any of these opinions Fi had offered to use her inhuman strength to serve as the groups pack mule. They accepted it for the most part, although Kyle seemed the most apprehensive about the idea. Quentin was saddened by the display. Fi wanted to be accepted so badly that it didn't matter to her if she was the work horse, it didn't matter as long as she was helping, as long as they kept her around.

The world was a cruel place sometimes.

All this said Quentin didn't offer to help her. Perhaps that makes him even crueler. Instead he turned his attention to Ethan.

"So are we supposed to wait right here until your friends arrive?"

"Also what sort of set up do they have that they can afford to send out a rescue party into a Faceless infected area and with vehicles at that?"

Quentin was naturally paranoid of new people, especially people with guns, vehicle, and fuel. Those were all things you can't keep with a nice smile and diplomacy. There was blood on those hands, possibly lots of it.

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