Early Morning, Day 1, 001

Hilli rolls out of his hammock and lands lightly on the slightly flexible floor of his hut.

*(OOC: The 'Four Major Stats [ST, DX, IQ, HT] have a point cost table on pg. 3 of the GURPS Lite booklet. I'm going to use 30 of my 100 points to increase my DX [Dexterity] from the default 10, to 13)

*Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but there doesn't appear to be an embedded die roller here... so, I'm going to use one I have downloaded on my phone.

*For this first "Dexterity Check", I'm going to roll 3d, if the result is 13 or under, I succeed, 14 or over, I fail. This check is for jumping out of bed... (this is just practice for myself, not something I would normally ask for from my players.

*3d6 = 12, close, but still a success.

Dropping to all fours he stretches his back like a cat and runs out the door, jumping far out into the air.

Catching a thick vine rope he swings to the nearest bridge, landing in the center at a run.

*This check is a little more difficult, so I'm going to make the check at DX-3. I'm going to take my DX and subtract 3, resulting in DX = 10.

*3d-3 = 9, still a success. This whole thing, as I understand it is my base DX (13) subtract 3 for the modified DX (because of the difficulty of the task, results in 10. I roll my 3d, results 10 or below being a success.

If there's any GURPS people out there and you're laughing at me because I've butchered this, please let me know... XD

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