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Summary: A burnt out cop with few morals.

Gunner Abrams

Gender: Male

Age: 43

Group: The Police




Detective in the DCPD's Vice Unit

Personality and interests

Gunner is a somewhat impulsive and selfish person. He got into police work for the glory, and has only managed to find disappointment. Years of working the streets have ground him down, and he's as dirty as most cops come.

He also has a bit of a temper that tends to get the better of him. As well as a on-off relationship with drugs.


Gunner was born and raised in Dark City. His father was a construction worker and his mother was a drunk. He was the middle child of three, his older brother quickly fell into one of the many gangs while his younger sister became a nurse. His father died when he was a teenager, leaving him to care for his disturbed mother and younger sister.

However, when his mother started to make sexual advances on him he left and took his sister with him. He doesn't know what happened to his mother afterward, though he figures she died in a ditch somewhere. He's not on good speaking terms with his sister, who thinks he's wasted his potential and has turned into a monster.

His career as a police officer has been a checkered one. With numerous complaints filed against him over the years, and a few lawsuits he managed to skirt by the skin of his teeth. He eventually graduated to detective and was put on Vice where he resides today.

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Image of Gunner Abrams
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