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Summary: A disgraced surgeon who now treats criminals for a hefty fee.

Ira Cane

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Independent criminals




Disgraced doctor/back alley surgeon.

Personality and interests

Ira is a clever individual, highly observant, and analytical. He prefers to keep to himself, despite his profession, and has always been a loner.


Ira was a renowned surgeon who had a bright future ahead of him until he lost his license after killing a patient while under the influence of morphine. He descended into a depression that nearly resulted in him committing suicide.

However, instead, he found a new lease on life after his neighbor, a petty criminal, burst into his apartment with a partner who had suffered a gunshot wound. Fearing the police would be notified, his neighbor came to him, knowing he used to be a doctor. Ira reluctantly patched his partner up, and realized he could still practice medicine... just unofficially.

He soon established himself as a criminal surgeon going by the name "Mr. Stitch." And now many people in the city's seedy underbelly come to him when they need medical help that would otherwise tip off the police.

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Image of Ira Cane
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