Eliza had pulled over and hopped out of the car to call Gunner. When she got back in, Ira was less than smiling… in fact, he had a gun on her. “You broke the code of conduct, Nurse Eliza. You know you aren’t to discuss patients…”

Eliza stared at the gun then at Ira. "Is that your definition of 'do no harm?'"

"I have a reputation to uphold, Ms. Abrams," Ira said.

Something snapped inside of Eliza. "Shut the fuck up! What reputation do you have? You're a two-bit back alley doctor! You wanna shoot me? Fucking do it! I don't fucking care! You'd be doing me a fucking favor! Have fun explaining to my brother why you shot his sister."

Ira stared at her for the longest time before lowering the gun, "Jesus Christ, girl!"

Eliza got in the car and slammed the door. "Don't ever pull a gun on me again unless you intend to shoot."

Ira shrugged and put the gun back in his bag. "I do expect a little more discretion from now on though. This whole operation requires a lot of trust. You need to tell me before you go telling your brother anything."

"Fine," Eliza said as she rubbed her forehead in frustration.

There was a pause.

"Are we gonna go or...?" Ira asked.

Eliza slammed her foot on the gas.


Gunner stopped at the house the address Eliza had sent him led him to. It was a typical gang hideout, ratty old house in a shitty neighborhood. There didn't seem to be many people there at the moment, just a couple low level guys on the porch and another inside. Gunner did a bump of coke before stepping out of the car and making his way up to he house. The two men on the porch regarded him with suspicious glares.

"Mr. Stitch called me, said you had a man with a stab wound. I'm here to give him some medicine to help with the pain." Gunner lied.

"Abdu's not here, bitch." One of the men said. "Leave the shit with us."

"Can't do that," Gunner shook his head, "You and I both know I can't trust you fellas with narcotics." He let out a chuckle.

"I suppose you're right!" the other gangster let out a boisterous laugh. "Still, Abdu's not getting back for a while. He's got to take care of some shit."

"I suppose you boys can't tell me where?" Gunner asked.

"Naw, man. You know how it is. Need to know kinda shit."

"Say no more," Gunner smirked. "I get it. Well, I still need to make sure these pills get to Abdu. Mind if I chilled with you guys until he gets back?" Gunner pulled out a prescription bottle full of pills he'd pilfered from Ira a few months back and shook them. "Maybe we could share a couple for good measure?"

"Shit man!" the second gangster chuckled. "Can't say no to that, can we?"

They motioned for him to come onto the porch. The first guard went inside and motioned for Gunner to follow while the second followed suit behind Gunner. They were surprisingly good for a couple of mooks, but they had already failed by letting Gunner in to begin with. The entryway was narrow, and the two guards were pretty large compared to Gunner, but that was to his advantage. When they were all inside, that's when he struck. He slammed his elbow into the guard behind him, breaking the man's nose. Gunner snatched the gaudy handgun from the guard's waistband and trained it on the guard in front of him, who was still in the process of turning around in the narrow hallway.

Gunner put two rounds in the man's right leg. He screamed and fell, dropping his own gun in the process. Gunner turned and struck the other gangster with the butt of his pistol. "Move!" Gunner shouted, grabbing the gold chains the man was wearing and shoving him out into the living room. He was met by the third gangster who trained a shotgun on him. "Drop it, asshole!" Gunner shouted as he pointed the pistol at the second guard's head. "Now!"

"You ain't getting away with this, fucker!" The second man said.

"Shut up!" Gunner pressed the barrel deeper into the man's head. "You! Drop the shotgun or you're gonna be picking up bits of your friend's brain out of the carpet!"

"Fuck you!" the third man shouted.

"Shit man! Just do it!" the man Gunner had at gunpoint said.

"Fuck!" The shotgunner tossed the shotgun onto the couch. "What you want, motherfucker?"

"Your buddy with the stab wound, Abdu. Where is he?"

"The fuck you want Abdu for?"

"That's between us," Gunner said. "Abdu, where, now!"

"Fuck man! Fuck, alright! He's at a meeting. A warehouse!" the man told him where to find the warehouse. Gunner belted him over the head with the gun, he went down, then trained it on the third man. "Better see to your buddies. I so much as hear you coming and you'll be worse off than them. We clear?"

The two guards were moaning in pain, the first one clutching at his bleeding leg while the other one nursed his head. Gunner slowly backed out of the house and made his way back to his car, stuffing the pistol he'd stolen into his waistband. He gunned the engine and shot off before the third man got out onto the porch with his shotgun. Gunner knew what he was getting into, he'd have to use a more deft touch if he wanted to get his hands on Abdu and hopefully get some answers with what happened to Susan.

(OOC - Figured I'd get Gunner involved with proceedings. Maybe provide Abdu and Bethany with an out or whatever to the situation they're in. No doubt Bethany could use some doctorin' at this point. Maybe seeing Abdu in this light will give Gunner second thoughts on beating information out of him - given he doesn't really know where Susan is and such... I dunno, I'm just spitballing. Feel free to do what you like. )

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