Cover Fire

Gunner grimaced in pain from the bullet in his leg, he managed to crawl over to the front door to see what was going on, but the sudden hail of gunfire demanded his attention. He clutched at his pistol and fired a few blind shots at the men firing at Connor and the others. He did his best to stay behind cover. He leaned out to look for a new targe when he saw none other than Connor MacCauley shielding the poor girl from before with his own body. He hadn't quite recognized him until just now.

Suddenly, Gunner realized he was well far off the map on this one. He had stumbled onto something big. Still, he knew he had a better chance of living if he sided with the people not trying to shoot him. He aimed his pistol at one of Omar's men who was now training a shotgun on Connor. Gunner fired two rounds, the first one missed, but the other struck the mook in his bulbous head. The mook fell backwards and onto the hood of the black truck he had been standing in front of. Blood splashed the windshield. Gunner continued to cover Connor and the girl as best he could while the searing pain in his leg got worse.

God he hoped he was making the right choice...

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