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Lifemates 4

Feb 23, 2018, 11:53pm by megan1210

Meghan felt something cool against her back and something warm on her body "Erik....." She groaned but the more she came to the more everything started to change, someone was feeding on her, ...

Lifemates 3

Feb 23, 2018, 6:25pm by megan1210

Ana glared at beth "figure it out yourself.....I have enough problems in my life I cant deal with your reckless behavior" she said and moved around beth and walked back towards the house. ...


Jan 28, 2018, 12:00am by Rhiannon

Alex sighed, looking like an adult as she stared at him, "I'll try, but I won't promise anything. I can't, because I would be lying to you." ...


Dec 19, 2017, 3:40am by Jaxx

Alex said, "I don't want to lose you! That's not what I want! I just want her to go away! I don't want her to be my mother! She isn't my mom! She's slowly taking you away, Jack! I don't w ...

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