Characters: Carpathian

Roleplay character: Suzana Dubrinsky

Suzana Dubrinsky

Gender: Female

Age: 526

Daughter of Alexadru & Liliana, Sister to Prince Antony

Roleplay character: Luca Lupei

Luca Lupei

Gender: Male

Age: Ancient


Roleplay character: Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock

Gender: Male

Age: 650

I'm not a hero, but I will protect you like one.

Roleplay character: Jack Elvenden

Jack Elvenden

Gender: Male

Age: 18, frozen in magic for 700 yrs

A relic from the past adapting to the new world

Roleplay character: Xaviera


Gender: Female

Age: Looks 25 (real age unknown)

Younger sister to the Dark Mages, Xavier, Xaviero, and Xayvion.

Roleplay character: Draiden Dragonseeker

Draiden Dragonseeker

Gender: Male

Age: ?????

Dragonseekers always endure, and none have ever become vampire.

Roleplay character: Caldwell


Gender: Male

Age: Ancient


Roleplay character: Dante Dragonseeker

Dante Dragonseeker

Gender: Male

Age: 527

Adversity is just another thing to overcome.

Roleplay character: Alana Savage

Alana Savage

Gender: Female

Age: 300

History shows us how to not make the same mistakes as others, but to learn to make our own.

Roleplay character: Riverlynn Dragonseeker

Riverlynn Dragonseeker

Gender: Female

Age: 90 (looks 20)

Your soul will benefit from time away from me..

Roleplay character: Antony Dubrinsky

Antony Dubrinsky

Gender: Male

Age: 525

Prince of the Carpathians; son of Alexandru and grandson of Mikhail and Raven Dubrinsky.

Roleplay character: Erik Daratrazanoff

Erik Daratrazanoff

Gender: Male

Age: 500

Grandson of Savannah and Gregori Daratrazanoff, who wants to be the next Dark One, like Gregori.

Roleplay character: Rasputin Malinov

Rasputin Malinov

Gender: Male

Age: 700

Vampire born, son of Vadim Malinov.

Roleplay character: Meghan Stone

Meghan Stone

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Besides yourself I am the only other person you can not lie too....

Roleplay character: Grigore Daratrazanoff

Grigore Daratrazanoff

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown


Roleplay character: Constantine


Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

I am ancient, and I understand duty. If I wasn't confident in my abilities, you wouldn't be here.

Roleplay character: Dominic Daratrazanoff

Dominic Daratrazanoff

Gender: Male

Age: 525

I can heal, but I prefer to be around children, with their purity filling me like nothing else.

Roleplay character: Philomena


Gender: Female

Age: 25

Could you be, like, any wimpier? Like, seriously, OMG!

Roleplay character: Andor Daratrazanoff

Andor Daratrazanoff

Gender: Male

Age: 525

Well, I would search for a lifemate, but there is only enough room for me in the mirror.

Roleplay character: Nicanu


Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

A master in many things, a friend to few

Roleplay character: Ambrose Daratrazanoff

Ambrose Daratrazanoff

Gender: Male

Age: 525

I will always protect you, even if that means never seeing you again.

Characters: Hybrid (Human/Carpathian)