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Summary: Besides yourself I am the only other person you can not lie too....

Meghan Stone

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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Carpathian


American ( I know that not a nationality but my character does not know much of her heritage so I just named the place she is from) Once the story develops she will know more.

Job (see game info)

A zoologist vet that travels the world studying and helping animals

Special abilities (see game info)

Empathic (can sense others emotions)

Weakness: Physical touch amplify her ability as well as crowds, She has a touch phobia and can get physically weak from being overwelmed

Physical Appearance

See pic

Personality and interests

She is a very strong empath, her ability allows her to know physical pain or discomfort someone may have, as well as judge people by their emotions alone (ex : can tell if someone is lying ) She can sense where people and animals are alike around her unless it's a big crowd then she gets overwhelmed usually passes ou or get a migraine so bad it physically cripples her. She is very kind hearted and compassionate person and tries to help others when she can, though she feels very lonely when around other humans. She is secretive and very intelligent and strong willed and is not shy when it comes to standing up for something she believes in.


She was very sheltered at a young age, her mother was a gypsy even though they were from america, She never knew her father, Her mother never spoke of her past or where she had came from or who her father was, but she helped her to learn to control her abilities, ever since then she has been on her own, She prefers the company of animals because their emotion are pure and less complicated than humans. She tries to hide her differences and be social, though it does not always work out. She usually keeps a mind shield up, one that her mother taught her, to help balance the emotions that surround her.

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Image of Meghan Stone
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