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Summary: If you don't want the truth too bad I'm going to tell you anyways..

Anastasia Delarus

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Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Hän ku pesäk kaikak



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White timber wolf form, speed, strength, and enhanced senses. Vulnerable to silver.
(she does not know she is mixed with Carpathian.)

Physical Appearance

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Personality and interests

She is bold and makes it a point to say what's on her mind, she never gives up on things she feels are important and does not waste her time on anyone who is not deserving of it. She is very independent and takes care of those she cares about, She is high spirited and loves her freedom.


She grew up in a small Lycan clan that adopted her as a child, she does not know of her parents and was found by the elder in a field near their land. When she turned eighteen she left home to go to college and explore the world, where she met Bethany and is currently studying ancient civilizations and mythology. (to be continued)

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Image of Anastasia Delarus
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