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Summary: History shows us how to not make the same mistakes as others, but to learn to make our own.

Alana Savage

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Gender: Female

Age: 300

Group: Carpathian



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Can sense when an evil event is happening near her, however, she lives the moment with the victim, dying for a moment and having to fight her way back from the land of mist and shadows.

Physical Appearance

About 5'5" (1.7 m) with sapphire eyes and dyed black hair

Personality and interests

She is often called cold and frigid, but she always says that she is waiting for the right person. She hides who and what she is, so only a hand full of people know the kitten inside this tiger. She wants to write a history of her people so that Carpathians can learn from their past to prepare for the future.


Her parents were killed in a vampire attack. She was raised by her grandparents, Aidan and Alexandria Savage.

At age 18, she took place in a dark ritual. She became a hiding place for the vampire until she was nearly a century and a quarter old. She had murdered many people, causing the humans to fear her and Carpathians to shun her. She only recently regained the trust of her people and human family, which took nearly 200 years to get back. She still feels like an outcast, but she knows that this small step was hard won, and she will never make that mistake again.

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Jack Elvenden

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Image of Alana Savage
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