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Summary: A relic from the past adapting to the new world

Jack Elvenden

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Gender: Male

Age: 18, frozen in magic for 700 yrs

Group: Carpathian


English Avalonian mage mother
Carpathian Dragonseeker father
Future Daughter: Hope Aello Elvenden


Job (see game info)

Executioner: A Carpathian title meaning he will dispense justice to those who deserve it, and take out those that worked for them, regardless of their willingness.

Special abilities (see game info)

Mage side: Jack as an affinity for many kinds of magic such as Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Body, Blood, Lightning, Light & Dark, Dimensional and can cover his body in all of them. However his magic has been sealed by Tamara the Dragon Goddess.

Shapeshift Dragon: Jack can turn into a red dragon or a partial dragon. Particular Carpathians have shapeshifted into dragons, there are also a race of immortals referred to as Dragonseekers and we see evidence of skeletal dragons in a cave, once used by the Wizards. Jack has also learned fire breath and lightning breath as well as call lightning.

Physical Appearance

Dragon birthmark on the bottom left of his torso. Silver hair and brown eyes that change colors when he uses magic, pale skin, muscular body, Being half Carpathian he is more attractive than your average human 5'9, 165 lbs.

Dragon form: Red with, 4 limbs, large red leathery wings and golden reptile eyes.

Tamara's Magic Seal to keep Jack from using magic.

Personality and interests

Jack is a nice guy who is very patient and clueless about a great many things since he grew up very sheltered from society. Luckily he is very strong so his trusting nature doesn't get him into to much trouble. Anyone who reads his mind will find it is simple and he thinks the same thing he says. He is to young to have complected thoughts. Hates his middle name Assoline and hides it from others. "Jack Assoline Goldmoon Elvenden"


(Born at 1301 in the Avalonian Mage Calendar which is a year different from the Gregorian Calendar 1300 due to various reasons, unknown to Jack, no one uses the Avalonian Calendar anymore since its a year off) Jack Elvenden was the son of a male Dragonseeker Carpathian (Kale Elvenden and a female human mage (Aello Goldmoon) To avoid persecution they fled to avoid getting involved in the English and French wars and politics. They left on a series of ships and eventually ended up on the coastline of Egypt. There they lived away from the ways of man and Jack was raised by love and was trained in magic and combat by his mother and father.

As it became known later on Jack's parents used Forbidden magic to seal him in a magically made mirror so he could survive his destiny in defeating Xaviero and finding Alana Savage his mate. Aello and Kale, Jack's parents paid a high price to ensure Jack had a promising future. Had they not sealed Jack, he would have destroyed the world in anger after losing his lifemate to darkness. So Aello altered the future a bit through premination.

Jack's was of the the Dragonseeker Bloodline from birth and raised his son to prepare for his future but due to his young age he still missed a lot. However before Jack's sixteenth birthday his mother fell ill to a strange disease (malaria) and eventually contracted pneumonia. She died a month after Jack turned seventeen, but not before she had helped her husband prepare an underground cave with a magic crystal mirror in it. She and her husband knew what would happen when she died and wanted to protect their son from her husband loosing his mind. So after his mother's funeral Jack's father took him to the hidden underground cave and hugged him goodbye before he put him into the magic mirror in a magical stasis.


The crystal mirror was very decorative and had Carpathian symbols etched on it on how to open it. Jack's father hoped his true love would hopefully find him one day. After that Jack's father killed himself on his wife's grave since he feared turning into a vampire and killing his son. Seven hundred years later Jack's mirror was found by an Archaeologist. Through a series of events the mirror was stolen and traded many hands before it ended up in the hands of a very wealthy and eccentric collector. However his money was not enough to keep him from aging and eventually dying. Since the eccentric millionaire had no clear heir to his estate several greedy relatives came looking for his fortune. After several long and ugly court battles the state decided to have an estate sale and liquidate everything before deciding who gets any money. Believing Jack's mirror was damaged since it had a human shadow in it, the mirror was sold along with several other pieces to an antique dealer. Now it sits waiting for a customer willing to buy it.

Found by Alana Savage who is his lifemate

Home with Alana

After defeating Xaviero he was forced to have his magic sealed to prevent Xaviero from coming back and using his body as a puppet. Now he gained the title of Executioner and is in training to become a full Carpathian.

Lifemate (if not yet bonded leave blank)

Alana Savage

Alana's Cave
A cave she found one day in Washington. It had a beautiful hot spring and diamonds in the ceiling. She wanted to make it her home but her grandfather told her that it was too far away. She visited it every chance she got. The soil was some of the cleanest she had ever felt, but not like the soil of the Carpathian mountains. She loved the natural stone walls better than her brick and mortar house.

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