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Summary: I always get what I want.

Dolen, the Evil Prince

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Gender: Male

Age: ancient

Group: Vampire



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Personality and interests

He is evil, wanting to make the world his play ground


He calls prey to him to feed nightly, but one night, a child came to his lair. She was less than 10 summers, yet his compulsion would not work on her. His illusion seemed to have fooled her. He had planned on killing her, but her innocents had brought him more prey than his compulsions had. He decided to keep her. In the dead of night, he would call to her. Using astral projection, she would come to him, her prince. He trained her to fight until she was the best, but knowing that once she went back to her body, she would not remember her skills until she returned to him. Over time, her view of him changed, but she was still loyal to a fault.

That is, until one day, when she took the sword he had given her to cut off his head. The sword was only meant to be used against his enemies, but be harmless to him, yet this human girl broke that spell. While putting himself back together, she escaped Dolan's minions. However, he had a prize left behind by accident. A Carpathian prize that later turned into a vampire. Realizing they must have had a connection, he kept Ambrose close to him, knowing she would come back for him one day.

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Image of Dolen, the Evil Prince
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