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Summary: We all wear masks.

David Winchester

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Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Mage



Job (see game info)


Special abilities (see game info)

Can use Mage spells, but can't remember the spell or use it again for a month afterwards
Can influence someone to embrace their evil/good side
Can sense vampires and Carpathian, can tell the difference, and gets a sense of who the male Carpathian's lifemate is, but only if the lifemate is within ten miles from the man he is with

Physical Appearance

see pic

Personality and interests

While working with Dolen and his followers:
- evil
- confident
- sadistic
- straight
While alone or near Carpathians
- kind
- not confident
- shy
- homosexual


David knows that his grandfather was one of the three Dark Mages, but he doesn't know which one. When he was ten, his mother was killed by Dolen and David was kidnapped. His natural ability to use Mage spells made him valuable. Since then, he had two faces he presented, the sadistic murderer and rapist when around Dolen and his crew, and the kind homosexual that is trying to free the world of Dolen's rule.

When he first saw Emily, he knew she was the one to destroy Dolen, but he had to gain her trust. However, when she freed herself, David felt even more alone. He was suddenly called upon to cast a spell and was shocked to see a sleeping Emily on a stone slab. Seeing her captured again shook him, allowing Dolen to force David into bringing out Emily's evil. Since that time, he has been working to make her think she is doing evil things to people, but she really isn't. He would gladly give up his life for the one person in that Hell who saved him, the one soul that made him feel accepted for who he really was.

He sees Emily as a sister, and wishes to save her, but knowing he can't do it alone.

Lifemate (if not yet bonded leave blank)

He won't get one, as he will not be converted. However, David may find a partner and love him deeply, even moving to the States after a time to marry.

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