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Summary: I have power, so why not use it? In fact, why not rule the world, and have fun along the way?


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Gender: Male

Age: ???

Group: Mage



Job (see game info)

Dark Mage

Special abilities (see game info)

Can use Mage spells
Telepathic (though prolong use gives him a headache)
Compulsion (but he can only compel one person at a time)

Physical Appearance

No one knows. He keeps his face hidden in the shadow of his hood, and the shadows have been enhanced with magic so that not even Carpathians and vampires can see his face.

Personality and interests

He is evil, using others as he sees fit before throwing them away. He uses all of Xavier's old spells, and a few of his own, to make Xavier, Xaviers, and Xayvion's dream come true.


Runar's parents were students of Xavier at the end of his reign. They were his best, and showered him with praise when he did something, both things keeping them alive. His mother and father quickly fell in love, but knew that allowing it to show would mark them for death, so they hide it even from each other. Runar's father was gifted in so many ways, that losing him would have hurt Xavier's plans. At the same time, Runar's mother was a willing lover to the High Mage, not matter the form Xavier took.

However, when Xavier was destroyed, his parents finally allowed their love to bloom. They didn't stop using their skills, though, once Runar was born, they thought about living a quiet life. But Runar had a natural talent and they refused to deny him. They didn't realize that Xavier's influence on their lives was far from gone and Runar seemed to be more of Xavier's descendant than them. It was not the case, but they felt the dark mage in their son.

Runar was evil to the core, and claimed Xavier as his father, cursing his parents in every way, figuratively and literally. Before he was an adult, he had found an ice cave that not even the Carpathians knew about, making it his base. When he had learned all that he could from them forcibly, he trapped them in ice, their fear and anguish immortalized for all time. Now, he has taken up Xavier's mantel. He has lived the last few centuries on Carpathian blood, but learned how to keep decay at bay.

He found Xaviera asleep and destroyed the spell, projecting the image of her brothers into her mind and using her past to have her help him. However, when the lies were revealed and Xaviera changed sides, he knew he had to finish what his idol started on his own. Now, the Carpathian people were in the same trouble as in Mikhail's time. Runar will reveal himself at the right time to do the most damage, wanting the honor of destroying the Carpathian people himself.

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