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Summary: Once I align myself with you, nothing can break our bond. I'm loyal to a fault. Sue me.

Dalia Davis

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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Psychic



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Hunter in the Society

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Can probe minds

Physical Appearance

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Personality and interests

Anyone that doesn't agree with her and her views is the enemy. She wants to kill all vampires, but can't tell the difference between the real thing and the hunters and humans with psychic abilities like hers.


Dalia's mother had died giving birth to her, leaving her father to care for an infant girl. Charles Davis was a hard working farmer, but always made time for his little girl. She never wanted for anything, and her life was full of happiness.

Then, at age seven, she saw a beautiful man drain her father dry, one her family had trusted above all others. She watched as the man who seemed impossible to beat, one she viewed as an older brother or uncle, turn into a vampire in front of her. Just as he turned to her, another man appeared. She knew that he was the vampire's brother and watched as they began fighting.

Some vampire blood landed on Dalia's head and face, leaving a permanent scar on her forehead and left cheek. Because the vampire was newly turned, it wasn't acidic enough to burn to her too much, but she used the snow coming in through the hole in the roof to get rid of the vampire blood on her skin. She watched as the brothers burned, the sun claiming both of them before they could destroy each other.

From the forest, a society member appeared, having followed the the brothers. He noticed the scar and fear, explaining his twisted view. Since her father hadn't had time to tell her about Carpathians, Dalia accepted the stranger's help and explanation. She vowed to destroy everyone the society deemed as vampire. Her adopted father, Andrew Williams, would beat her when she failed at anything, but she understood why. Because he had given her a reason to live and saved her, she was loyal to a fault when it came to her adopted father, and the society he belonged to. She learned to never question his orders, making her the deadliest the Society for the Preservation of Mankind by age 10.

When she hit puberty at age 15, she didn't question her adopted father's orders for her to become his right-hand-man's girl. Because of how hard she trained, she became tough, so her 30-something boyfriend's rough treatment didn't bother her, though he refused to take her body until she was perfect in every way. She often left their room with bruises from him beating her, but she never questioned him over why. She knew she had failed in being the woman he wanted, and had work to do so that she was the perfect woman at home, just as she was the perfect killer in the field.

However, at age 18, just as she was on her way to being perfect in all things, her boyfriend was killed and left her adopted father paralyzed. Without having any ability to fight, her adopted father killed himself, leaving her in charge. However, because she was a woman, the men ganged up on her, forcing her to be the guardian and sex slave to Jackson Humphrey. He took her virginity roughly, and often lets the other men use her body whenever and however they want, forcing her to beg for it at all times or use undiluted vampire blood to mark her body. She has gotten to the point where she no longer wears under garments because the men complained about the extra fabric in the way. She is constantly in pain from how hard she is used, but she never lets it show, always looking emotionless.

While she never betrays him, she often spends time wondering if there is more out there than killing vampires. Some nights, she dreams of a man that kills monsters for a living, with powers beyond even her own. She tells him everything that happens her. She can tell he doesn't believe she is real, and she feels the same. In her dream, they meet in a rose garden, her secret hide away. She lets herself relax with him, crying in pain over what happened that day, how her birth father was killed, and how she couldn't be what he wanted. However, she knew he was real, and larger than life, but she felt safe in her dream world, where she warned him that if Jackson found out about him, her dream lover would be so high on the hit list, even she wouldn't be able save him. He would only laugh, happy she would put his safety above the society, the only family she has had since she was a child and whom she was unfailingly loyal to. He never condemned her, making her feel beautiful and loved and like there was light still inside her, even though she knew her soul was darker than a vampire's.

Her dream man taught her the difference between the undead and what he called Carpathians. She knew she couldn't speak out against Jackson, but she started to free innocents. However, when she got caught, Jackson broke her body and spirit in ways she knew she would never recover from. Now, she dreams of her dream lover every night, needing him to keep her mind from shattering. She also felt him coming closer every night, from halfway across the world. She refused to tell him where she was, not wanting to lose him to people she now realized were crazy fanatics, ones she should have never trusted, not even her beloved adopted father. Her world was destroyed, and the only reason her life had meaning now was to protect her Carpathian lover, a hunter without equal.

She now kills to stop the to stop the endless torture and rapes, and to keep her Carpathian safe. She cries over the bodies, begging for forgiveness. She hopes that her lover won't find her, but now that he knows she is real, she knows he will come for her no matter what, and Dalia is afraid he will be disgusted with the woman she is, for the death on her hands done for the society.

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