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Summary: Won't do as you are told? Then, enjoy me breaking you so you beg for death that will never come.

Jackson Humphrey

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Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Hunter (human)



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Hunter and leader of the Society

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Physical Appearance

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Personality and interests

He believes women are less than him and enjoys hurting them
He wants to kill vampires, Jaguars, Lycans, psychics, and Carpathians for killing his father (his father was killed in Dark Peril when he was a child, and he found his fathers journals, showing his father knew the difference between everyone, but didn't care, so Jackson took on the same outlook)


He has always been an asshole, but the death of his father gave him an outlet for his cruelty. When the former leader killed himself and left his adopted daughter, Dalia, in charge, Jackson and the other men forced her off her throne. However, because of her beauty, Jackson decided to make her his slave in every way. She was trained as a fighter, but also as a woman, with one exception- she was untouched. Jackson changed that quickly, making her into the perfect sex slave, knowing how deep her loyalty to the society ran deep. But when her attitude began changing, he knew something had gotten through to the girl she had been when she had been found by the former leader. He forced more cruelties onto her, trying to break more than her body, but also her mind and spirit.

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Image of Jackson Humphrey
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