Xaviera couldn't move. She fought to keep her mind from shattering. Then, she heard them. The screams. She knew every vampire and society member would fall to Caldwell's hand. Not even Mad Dog, Daddy J, and the Worden would be spared his wrath. She curled up and covered her ears. They would die... because of her, their blood on her hands.

After about twenty minutes the cries stopped and everything was silent, soon after Caldwell came in, covered in scratches and blood, smoke from the vampire blood on his hands burning his skin, without a word to her he went over to the sink and started washing his hands, his shirt was torn in the back, giving her a good view of his strong warrior back

Xaviera couldn't look away, but she couldn't stay there. Gingerly, she got out of the tub and backed away from him. When she got to the door, she turned to leave, but found she could not. She sank to the floor.

"Please," she said, tears falling, "release me."

He sighed and took off his shirt that was covered in blood "Fine...but not that way..I will not risk it" he went over and scooped her up in his arms, his chest was hard with muscles and warm to the touch, he clothed her in a beautiful black gown that would cover her well but still fit her and make her feel beautiful as he carried her to the room balcony and leaped off it, wings coming from his back as he took them into the air, away from the burning brothel


She clung to him, fear coursing through her. She hid her face against his chest. The last few months, that room had been her cell, her world. Her nails dug into him. The outside world was frightening. At that moment, it was too open, too much all at once. She moaned in terror, burrowing into him to hid from a world that hated and feared her.

He landed near a cave and walked them in, putting up wards as he did so, a silken bed appeared as the cave lite with candles and a fire place, this room was cared and held many things, books, trinkets and much more, he gently laid her on the bed "you may rest here...but I need to feed, there is fresh fruit and vegetables over there on the table feel free to help yourself, the cave is safe so you may rest easy" he said and started to turn away to leave

She put a hand to her stomach and said, "I... can't eat. I need to. I haven't eaten a real meal in almost two days. Before you ask, yes, they were starving me to break me... again. But, I know the vampire did two blood exchanges with me. I... I need your help."

He stopped but did not turn to her "do you know what you ask?....first I would have to rid your body of the vampire blood and then convert you myself...is that what you want? Answer honestly because if you say yes I wont be able to stop" he asked in a low tone

She glared at him and threw a pillow, hitting the back of his head. "I meant, I need your help to eat! I may not know the modern world, but I did learn that I would have trouble keeping food down! I've lived with pain for six months! A few more days isn't a problem! I need to eat or I'll die, you arrogant, egotistical male!"

He chuckled and turned to her, there was something in his eyes that caught her off guard, was he happy? "you need to be fully converted..if not it will only grow more painful as the days pass and eventually even I couldn't force you to eat, and as for arrogant..if thats is how you think of me then maybe I should stop holding back and claim you right here and now, to have myself buried deep inside you as I give you so much pleasure all you can help to do is scream my name" he said in a silk voice that instantly brought heat to her body

Her eyes got big and she used another pillow as a shield. Her face became pale at the though of him using her body. Part of her wanted to run to him, tell him to do it, convert her and claim her. But she wanted to heal before he did that. Even she had to admit she was broken.

"Don't," she said in a whisper. "You don't want a broken lifemate. That's what I am. Broken."

"and im good at healing" he said taking a step towards her "Iw ill not ask sex from you but I do ask you let me convert you, we will go slow but even you know it is needed" he said softly

She sighed and said, "I had hoped I could wait. I feel pain now, but it is bearable. I wanted to be whole before I joined you. But... if it can't wait beyond today, at least feed before you convert me."

He smirked "you may think you can fool me but you cant, the second I leave you will run, no this happens now and like I said I will only convert you I will wait to claim you when we are both ready" he said suddenly in front of her "now...where do you want me to start" he asked in a low sexy voice

She glared at him and said, "We are in a cave, high in the mountains. Even if I did get to mouth of the cave to escape, where would I go? Besides, I can't survive without help to eat, so I would die. Going deeper is equally idiotic, because the lave at this mountain's core would become too hot really fast. I couldn't get far. The worst case scenario, I get lost in the network of caves and you come rescue me. So you have no worries about this criminal leaving her prison. Go feed, hunter, so we can get this over with."

He smiled again "you are no fun....and have I treated you like a criminal? it is you who feels that way...that being said stop being stubborn woman and tell me where you want my lips on you" he said close to her ear, leaning down towards her, his wild smell filling her nose

Even as she moaned in fear, she unconsciously exposed her throat. She went to push him away from her, but she couldn't budge him, even if her hands hadn't started caressing his body.

He groaned at her touch "your body speaks for you...but careful with how you touch me other wise I might lose control" he said pinning her hands gently above her head as her blanket her body with his, his tonuge trailed her neck gently as if he was teasing her, his fangs teased her skin preparing her for his bite, when he felt her body fill with enough pleasure to help with he bite he bit down deep and gently, his tongue making love to her skin as he took from her, releasing her hands

She moaned, pleasure coursing through her. She cradled him to her, using him to anchor herself.

"Caldwell," she gasped.

She sucked in a breath sharply. That couldn't be her true voice, one filled with hunger and desire and... sex. He could feel her confusion and fear at the evidence that he made her feel safe with his body on hers. She feared their joining, it was true. She had nearly lost herself to the men raping her, but he now knew she feared losing herself during the passion and love making more because of them.

He almost lost control when she said his name, he released her neck and cut his chest "hurry little one we have to do this two more time and I am close to losing my control as it it" he said knowing she would feel his large desire against her thighs

Xaviera looked at him drowsily, too tired to fight him if he used her, and said, "I've already had two blood exchanges with the vampire, Caldwell. If I do this, you will have given me the third blood exchange. Meaning, I'll start the conversion." She chuckled, sending shivers through him. "You need to learn how to count, hunter."

She almost didn't have the strength to drink from him. He had to hold her to him so she wouldn't fall to the bed and sleep. She drank deeply, knowing she would become addicted to the wild and spicy taste of him. When she took enough, she looked at him, wonder in her haunted eyes. Her fingers smoothed the line of his jaw, as if testing him, to see if he was real or a figment of a broken mind.

A moment later, she gasped. It was like a blowtorch was in her stomach trying to get out. She gripped him, a moan escaping. Then, she was nearly thrown from his arms as a convulsion rocketed through her. She wanted to scream, but no sound emerged. When it died down, she hugged his chest.

"I'm sorry," she cried weakly, broken and cloudy eyes looking at him. "Don't hurt me, please. I'll be good. Please." When she blinked, her eyes were no longer clouded over, but fear colored her face. "I can't take this. I shut down at pain. Caldwell, I'll become more broken! I..."

She slammed down as another wave hit her, nearly sending her to the floor. If not for his arms, she would have. When this subsided, she tried to pull away from him. Each wave was bigger and stronger than the last. After each wave, she cried miserably.

"It hurts," she said after the fifth wave had subsided. "The dress, the fire, it all hurts." Her eyes flashed, frightened to cloudy and back again in quick succession. "Please. I can't... Help me, Caldwell. I feel another one coming. I think I'm going to be sick!"

He mad the dress disappear and put a silkened sheet over her to cover her naked body "Get sick if you need, when this is over I will put you to rest, do not fight it, let go and let it course through you, if you fight it you risk the chance of rejecting the change"

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