Bended Ear

"The woman is alone," Alana said, "terrified, broken, hunted, and more! She needs someone in her corner! She needs someone to tell her they understand! You don't know what it's like, to have the world against you when you already feel bad about something! She wants to make things right! Even though she knows she will most likely die before her true destiny is fulfilled! She may not be a Dragonseeker, but she has endured! Everyone makes life altering mistakes! Everyone listens to the wrong person sometimes!" Alana started breathing heavily. "Everyone has hurt someone, some how! Even if I'm the only one, and my own lifemate stands against me, I will be her friend! Because I've been there! I... I...!"

Alana fainted and began to fall.

Jack moved on instinct and caught her and held her like a princess.

Jack: Mum??

Aello checked Alana with her analyzing magic

Aello: She is exhausted dear. Oh my.

Jack: What?

Aello: I suspected it when she pulled out that book but now I can confirm it. She used a summoning magic.

Jack: When did she...?

Aello: You have been rubbing off on her son..........sorry that sounded dirty.

Jack: Yeah it did, but I get your point.

Jack was conflicted as he held his wife close to him and kissed her forehead.

Kale: You're gonna do it huh?

Aello: Jack? Really?

Jack: Its against my better judgement, but I have no choice since its important to her.

Kale: And the Prince?

Jack: I guess we will cross that bridge together. Besides I have a feeling things will come into play later on with the other Dragonseekers and the story will come together.

Aello: Very well son let us begin. Follow me.

Aello led them to a room and opened it to see it was her potion lab. In the middle of the room was a table full of potions and ingredients. on the walls were shelves of ingredients and potions and one large table with papers on it. Aello used a spell to make a map of the world.

Aello: Jack be a dear and lend me a sample of the witches magical essence.

Jack was still holding Alana in his arms so he wiggled his fingers and made a small black orb appear and float to his mother. Aello used magic to move the orb to the map and began to scry for the location of Xaviera. She said a few Avalonian chants and waved her fingers around to weave her spells as she made a laser pointer and connected the orb to the end of it as the light beamed at the map. Then the laser pointer moved to the country she was in. Aello waved her hands and zoomed the map in so the country was the only one on the map. The laser pointer moved to the region of the country and once again Aello zoomed in her map to see the area they were in. then she zoomed in once more to see they were in a cave system and then pin pointedly found exactly where Xaviera was. Then Aello opened rift portals to explore the cave and unlike Jack she was far better than he was. She could even move her rifts without consequences. Eventually she found where they were sleeping and added a beacon mark for Jack to find it with ease when he woke up.

Aello: Done.

Jack: Thanks mum.

Aello: Jack honey......please don't be to cruel to your wife. She means well.

Jack: Yeah well she did catch me off guard with this.

Kale: Its the price we pay son. Our women like to test our mettle on a regular basis.

Aello: Sorry son but I am sure this is but one more test in your life.

Kale: When in doubt son remember our creed.

Jack: Endure Always. The Dragon has but one equal. Yeah I remember. But can hold on to this "Get out of Jail Card"?

Aello: Of course not!

Kale: Hell yeah! Aello you asked a lot of me as well.

Aello: Fine but only for an emergency son and don't hold it over her head.

Jack: I'm an idiot bit I'm not that stupid mum.

Aello: Here honey let her rest.

Aello then made a cot for Alana to rest in and Jack gently put her down on it.

Jack then looked at his mother and sighed.

Aello: Just be patient son. Your work has only just begun.

Jack: Yeah but why would she bring in the kids tomorrow and make me do this at the same time? I love my wife but does ask a lot of me sometimes. I may be a prodigy but even I know I have a ways to go to catch up to you both.

Kale: And that is why you will be fine son. Knowing your limitations forces you to get creative. You have my dragon blood and your mother's Glamour. Combined in that brilliant mind of yours you can achieve many things.

Aello: He is right Jack. You are just spreading your wings and in time you will become a wise sage. Till then keep your wits about you and keep your wife happy or it will all fall apart.

Jack: Yeah I know, but I have a bad feeling Alana is gonna make me become the witch's teacher. I am not sure I am ready for giving her more ammo to shoot me in the back.

Aello: One step at a time Jack.

Kale: Its our lot in life son.

Aello made the cot widen to allow one more person to lay next to her.

Aello: Now rest with your wife and let her absorb your mana so she doesn't hurt when she wakes up. She over did it earlier.

Jack nodded as he cuddled with his wife. Aello and Kale then left back to the kitchen.


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