Forced Smile

OOC - You like going to a dark place quickly huh?


She was alone. Humans feared her because of how she looked, and Carpathians feared her, feeling she would turn on them next.

"If I ever find a lifemate," she said after she had finally been freed from Balthazar, not knowing her grandmother had entered the room, "he'll never want me. Not after what I've done."

"Alana, your lifemate will love you," Alexandria said. "I know what it's like to be under the thumb of a vampire. Trust me, when you feel the connection, you will know you have found your lifemate."

As her grandmother left, Alana's broken mind misinterpreted any connection as the connection, only to be let down. Then, she found Jack....

Alana calmed down. She opened her eyes. She smiled at him, until she saw his eyes. Horror filled her, remembering the dream she had, a dark memory she never intended to share.

"You saw?" she asked in a small voice.

Jack was very shocked that she would keep such a memory from him. Part of him was full of rage and the other part was full of confusion. He never knew Alana had done such acts in her past and sadly it did explain a lot since he still struggled with her memories she shared with him and her erratic behavior to certain occasions. He knew one word from his lips could destroy the woman he loved with all his mind, body and soul. So he did what any idiot would do. He pretended it never happened. However he knew she could see his face and know something was up so he he lied for her sake.

Jack: Sorry but I just realized I should have eaten before I slept. My body is a bit malnourished from just blood alone. I'll make sure to eat when I wake up.

He sat up and popped his bones even though his body was just a figment in the Archive. He smiled and moved her hair from her face and put it behind her ear. He did his best to hide his hurt feelings as he focused on the Alana he had now.

Jack: Mum found Xaveria and Caldwell. I can be there as soon as we wake up and feed. The problem is you double booked us for getting the kids and dealing with those two. How do you want to handle this? Will you stay with the kids as I bring Xaveria and Caldwell to the house? Or did you want to do this a different way? Mum and I already checked and she is to weak to be a threat to me. Caldwell on the other hand would be a problem if he attacked since he is an Ancient, so I would prefer a neutral zone to protect our home and family.

He kissed her cheek to reassure her he still loved her.

Jack: From this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow to you Alana Savage Elvenden.

He held her hand as he waited for her to respond.


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