Xaviera leaned over the bed and began puking. She was slammed down hard with the next wave. She tried to let it wash through her, but it was hard when her mind wanted to shut down. She wanted to hold on to him to anchor her, but she didn't want him mad at her.

Caldwell made the puke disappear so she would not feel bad and brushed the hair out of her face and helped her lay back once more "your doing good, just a little while longer and I can put you to sleep" he said in a soft tone "do what you need to get through this, use me as you need to Xaviera" he said in a dark silk tone, the way he said her name sent shivers down her spine

Her hand gripped his arm until the wave subsided. She cried into his chest. He was so gentle, so tender. She didn't deserve it. It seemed like hours as she continued to empty her body of all human toxins, but it was only a few minutes. Soon, the waves started to lessen.

"I don't want to sleep," she said. "If I do, you might disappear. I don't want you to be a dream."

"If I am a dream then I am a nightmare..."He said with dark eyes "Sleep now " he said and put her to sleep, he gently picked her up and opened the ground and covering her with the earth. He warded the the room and then went to feed, leaving behind his pack of wolves so that he would know if someone even came close to the cavern

Xaviera fought through the command, but only got the ability to talk to Caldwell through their mind link. I don't want to sleep! Please! I can't! Let me out of the ground now! When he didn't listen, she became angry. I hate you! I refuse to be your lifemate!

Listen here woman! you can hate me all you want I care not but you are my lifemate at as such for my sake and yours you will listen to me! I will not have you die because of your own childish feelings! so you have a choice, either sleep or I come there and finish the claim just to make sure you pass the transition

Don't! she said, tears in her voice. I'll sleep.

She shut down and went into Carpathian sleep. However, he knew he had hurt her on a deep level, one that would be hard to come back from.

He feed and quickly camp back to the cavern, he laid on the bed that was above her sleeping area, the wolves laid all around him, he would not sleep in the earth today but above her to protect her resting place, slowly he exhaled his last breath before sleep took him.

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