What The?

Alana was passed out, Suzy playing with her hair. Faith sighed.
"She has been asleep this whole time," Faith said. "I think this is bad. She can't sleep like this. She should be exercising."
"She's happy," said Alex, enjoying the situation too much. "Jack, let's go swimming!"
"This is serious!" Faith said. "What if she doesn't feed like she is supposed to?!"
"She's fine!" said Alex said. "Jack can fix her after he spends time with me!"
Alex pulled Jack after her, taking him to the beach. She jumped into the water and splashed him. After a moment, though, the look on his face made her stop.

Jack felt something was wrong as he grabbed Alex and raced back to the hut. After putting Alex down he saw Aello had cleared the table and Alana was sleeping on top of the table as she was tending to her. Aello was concerned as she looked at Jack who was also concerned. Jack sent a warning to Kale and Derek as he held Alana's hand and kissed her lips.

Jack: Mum I'm going in. Fill them in when they get here.

Jack connected with Alana the Carpathian way as his soul glowed white and entered her body to link with her and Hope.


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