Family Bonding

Alana reached for Jack and said, "I showed your mother some tea that Carpathians can drink easily. Alex brought it to me. I'm so tired, my love. Hope is too. I couldn't identify what she put into my drink. The herb was natural, so my body didn't reject it. Talk to her."

Jack rubbed his temples as he was calmed down from a quick scare.

Jack: Sheesh mum, I almost had a panic attack.

Aello: Sorry Jack, When your father drank it he was never this lethargic.

Jack: Maybe its cause she is pregnant.

Aello: Most likely, but fear not she is not in any danger.

Just then Kale and Derek were told it was a false alarm by Aello and Jack before they returned to their training. Jack sat down by Alana and held her hand as he kissed her hand.

Jack: Sorry kitten I panicked a bit there when I heard Hope mutter.

Alex: Wow Jack I have never seen you scared before.

Jack: Well news flash Alex.............I have a feeling Alana and Hope are gonna keep me on my toes from now on.

Jack heard a giggle from Hope in his mind. He looked at Hope with a sigh and a half smile.

Jack: Not funny Hope. You just gave daddy gray hair.

Aello: Honey you have always had silver hair.

Jack: Its a joke mum and it seems my sweet angelic daughter is already messing with my heart and mind. I am gonna be a nervous wreck by the time she is born.

Faith: Wow Jack you are looking pale.

Suzy: Siwy papa.

Jack: You girls are gonna be the death of me.

Alex: Funny how you killed all those monsters and you get pushed around by a baby.

Jack: Cut me some slack Alex.

Alex: Sorry Jack I'm just mad you cut off our play time.

Jack: Sorry Alex. How about we play a small game in here.

Alex: But I wanted to swim.

Jack: Mum if I take Alana out there and make some chairs can you watch Alana while I play with the girls?

Aello: Of course Jack. You picked up on the jealousy real quick.

Jack: Yeah I think Hope wants to be included in our family time.

Faith: It must be tough having to please us all huh?

Jack: Does that mean you all will show me some mercy?

Faith: Probably not.

Alex giggled as she patted Jack on the back.

Aello then brought two bottles of blood for Alana, Suzy and Jack and some juice and cookies for Alex and Faith. Once they got to the beach Jack used the Carpathian way to shape the earth to make a few lawn chair frames before he used Carpathian air material to weave the fabric for the lawn chairs. He also made a small earth table so Aello could put the snack and drinks on. Then Jack put Alana on one of the lawn chairs and kissed her and the baby belly before going to swim with Faith, Suzy and Alex. This way Alana could rest while she could be near Jack and the kids. Aello then talked to Alana to keep her slightly awake as Jack talked to Hope in his mind the proper Carpathian way. Now that he was one with his beast he found it easier to use his Carpathian powers. They played in the water for a good while before Kale and Derek showed up. Kale took a seat by Aello as she served him some blood in a goblet. Jack was happy as he would wink at Alana now and then while splashing water with the girls.


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