Draiden went with her and said, "Is the baby give you trouble? Do I need to have a talk with him?"

She shook her head "no I dont think so...its...black..." SHe said looking at it, a fuzzy memory came to her head "ive seen this stuff before..." she said flushing the toilet "Look we can worry about it later, from what I can hear going on i the other room we should be able to sneak out" she said standing up

"We will try," said Draiden. "However, we will have to return or Antony will find our home. Let's go."

She was glad Draiden understood how she felt, Dragonseeker usually kept to themselves anyways, but she had more reason to stay away from the prince, if he was to find out her true identity and all the crimes she had committed against the Carpathian people, she feared the worst. She stood up and went with draiden to try to find a way out of the house without being detected

Draiden nodded. He moved ahead of her. She needed to get out and he could do no other than help her do that.

They went the opposite way of the nose, they saw the kitchen had a back door and headed that way

Antony walked out and said, "Evening. We need to talk, but first, can both of you help us deliver a child? We need all the help we can get."

River almost growled but managed to keep it down "um...sure we will do what we can" she said looking at draiden know he knew how she really felt. she didnt trust many people and it took alot for even draiden to earn her trust, he would know she was feeling exposed and vanurable

Draiden said, "Let us go to our home for the night while you..."

"No," said Antony. "Bethany was traumatized by the man in our holding cell. She needs River for support. She needs more women in her room. Now, help me with this boiling water."

"no offense but I do not know this woman nor is it any of my concern what she has been through, I have my own problems to deal with...I do not want to shoulder someone else's" river said unable to keep her feelings quiet, it was not in the dragonseeker nature to lie

Antony turned and stared her in the eyes. "Remember this, River, you are suspect right now because we have no idea what you did to that vampire. Right now, you are able to walk freely, but that could change. So, either you help us with this woman and continue to be free or you and your lifemate will stay in the holding cell with the former vampire."

River could not help the growl that escaped "what do you mean former vampire?" she said though she wanted to say a few other things but they where not polite

Draiden said, "You touched him with your soul, there was a flash of light, and the stain on his soul was gone. He no longer felt evil. Then you threw up that black substance.

"Thats not possible...once a vampire you stay a vampire until your filth heart is ripped out" she said looking at the prince "I dont know what happened but I am sure he is still a vampire but again not my problem and as for me being a suspect.....that is a problem, one I find unfair to me and my lifemate"

"You trying to sneak out when I wanted to talk was unfair since you were not suspect until then," said Antony. "Now, after the child is born, you and your lifemate will join me in questioning the man. So far, he hasn't tried to escape, but that could change. As she was his goal before, we need to protect the mother and child."

"this is not my problem!' river growled slamming her fist on the counter, suddenly she coughed and hunched over, black tar seeping from her mouth, she wiped it on her sleeve "I care not for the woman or the child, I do not know them....I just want to go home, that is my only concern" she said looking him straight in the eyes

"After the child is born and we are done with our talk with the male in our cells, you will be allowed to leave," said Antony. "But not before. You will help us because the sooner everything is done, the sooner you can leave."

Draiden said, "River, she could lose her child if you don't talk her through this. I caught a glimpse of her when we got here. She is skin and bones, too weak from lack of food."

"So what!" she growled her eyes flashing a quick red "She is not my problem, neither is her child, many people die everyday I care not for it" she said taking a deep breath "I will go talk to the vampire but I refuse to help you with a stranger I care nothing about" she said harshly "If she is too weak to give birth then she is not meant to be a mother, its that simple" she said clenching her hands into fist.

Antony said, "I could say the same for you."

"Antony, don't," said Draiden.

"She is with child," said the prince, "yet she doesn't understand the treasure they are to us. The woman's child is half Carpathian, of our people. Either she helps us save mother and child, or she gives up her freedom while we test her abilities."

"I can't allow that," said Draiden.

"You don't have a choice," said Antony. "You swore loyalty to me, and that is the end of it."

"I won't let you put her in a cage and test her in a lab!" said Draiden.

"Again, it is not your choice. She is the one who makes the choice. Save mother and child, or wear chains for the next decade or more."


Bethany gave her a smile and said, "One of my many talents, I supposed. I'm glad you are here. And I'm sorry. Everything, so many people got hurt, and it's my fault." She began breathing heavily with another contraction. "Stasia, it hurts. I don't think I can do this."

"Of course you can....I.....I believe in you" she said feeling it was best not to bring up she had children of her own yet "look you are surrounded by people who care and your in a safe place..its more then some have" she said giving a glance to Antony knowing he would know what she means

Bethany started crying and said, "But so many people died because of me. You got hurt. You should hate me." She smiled. "But I'm glad you don't. I'll try to bring my daughter into this world, even if her father is a monster. She won't be."

"of course I dont hate you and she will not be a monster, that being said I am going to have to talk to this little one about coming early" she said jokingly, she looked at Antony "why dont you go get some of the extra blankets we have for when the baby comes out" she said with a soft smile noticing Adam only had towels "look I did what I could" he said rolling his eyes jokingly

Antony made several blankets appear out of thin air. He also had a soft breeze blow over Bethany to keep her nice and cool.

Bethany said, "Thank you. Stasia, will you be her godmother? I know you will keep her safe and teach her how to be strong like you."

"I would be honored but I think you underestimate my strength after all your grip is about to bring me to tears" she said teasing her to make her laugh

"Antony can you go boil some water for me please, its almost time and I need to sterilize the tools" adam asked hard at work

Antony left as Bethany said, "Sorry. It really hurts." Then her eyes got big. "Stasia, you look different. What happened while we were apart? Are you okay? I'm being a burden on you again, like when I fell for his trick." She looked so forlorn, it broke Anastasia's heart. "If you are sick, you should lay down. Don't worry about me and the baby."

"come on beth you know better then that, and its unlike you to say such things, hurry and be the tough girl I know you are" she said with a smile

Bethany said, "I'm not strong, Stasia. That monster killed that strong woman when he... he..." She shivered. "After my daughter is born, we won't bother you anymore. We will visit of course, but... we won't interfere with your life anymore."

"No monster or man can break my beth, now stop this, after your daughter is born she will need you to be the strong woman you are" Ana said bluntly, acting like she always had with beth, telling her things bluntly was her thing

Bethany said as breathed heavily as the strongest contraction hit her. "Stasia, I'm not strong because the man that rescued me, he was right in saying it was all my fault. He died because of me. God, this hurts! Can I start pushing yet?! If not, I'm going to castrate the nearest man!"

Adam looked up "that would not be wise IM very attached to mine thank you" he said plainly

"nah youll be fine without them im sure not much would change" ana said teasingly and then laughed when Adam growled at her

Bethany chuckled and said, "Seriously, can I start pushing? Because it feels like I should start pushing. It really hurts. Is there someone I can hurt?"

"yes you can push just leave my balls allow" he said slowly inserting a finger inside her to feel for the head, placing one hand on her lower abdomen do get ready for her to push

"what little you have " Ana mumbled to Beth with a wink

Bethany chuckled, then started to push. The pain was too much to handle. She wanted to give up instantly. She was still too thin and weak to be giving birth. But she never gave up. At that moment, River, Draiden, and Antony returned.

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