Here be Dragons

"you dare threaten me with chains and cages! I knew you were all the same, no different from your fallen! you are a ignorant prince who cant even care for his own lifemate! " Rivers tone started to change and deepen, her body started to shift, purple fire ignited around her "It would be best that the child dies better then her be raised by a useless prince like you!"River tried to stopped her shift but her anger and fear were to much, with inhuman speed she busted through the back door, just in time before her dragon fully emerged and roared into the night, the mighty beast roar was filled with anger and its breathing was heavy as it paced the ground

"River, I won't let him put you in a cage or chain you!" said Draiden. "He doesn't know what happened to you! Please, come back to me!"

Antony stood to the side, keeping the water hot. He didn't look at the dragon, knowing it would make things worse.

"River, you will never be chained or caged again," Draiden said as he slowly approached her. "But this woman, she suffered just as you suffered. She was used by a vampire, on the run for months, and now she need you. She feels everything is her fault, every death the vampire committed. You both are sisters in torment. I want to go home just like you do, but he won't let us unless we aid the woman. We will just stand by the door, if you want. Act as guards in case someone attacks." He looked at Antony. "No chains or cages, right?"

"No chains or cages," he agreed.

She is not like me! she got off easy! I will not be bullied into doing something I do not want, I will never be threatened into submission The dragon roared Never again...and me and that woman are nothing alike nor are we sisters, the carpathian people are not my people I have no people! no obligations to them! I will never again help them, look where it got me being a suspect and threated with cages and chains Slowly the dragon started to shift until a naked river was in front of Draiden, her eyes still her dragons "no more....never again will I submit to anyone......I cant.....I wont.....and as far as that woman goes I dont want to hear how sad her pathetic story is because right now she is surrounded by people helping her which is more then I ever had, If if they try to force me to aid her it will not end well" she said with a hostile and threatening tone "and if the prince knows whats good for him and his people he will keep his mouth shut and stay out of my business" she said looking behind Draiden and straight at the prince with a fierce glare

"I would never let them force you into anything," said Draiden. "But I am asking you to help her. If you don't help her, I will." He took River's hands. Remember when you felt helpless growing up? I see that in her. She has lost the will to live, like you. As a human, she doesn't know what it means for her child. She is killing both of them unknowingly because she refuses to let her daughter become a monster like her father. Both are innocent in this. At least talk to her before you decide. Afterwards, if I sense you feel nothing, I'll let you go home without me. Okay? But you need to decide right now. If you say no, I fear I will have to fight the prince and, as sad as this is to admit, he would win in the battle. He didn't let her know he would be in a cage until she agreed to the talk, but she didn't need to know that. Will you talk to her for a moment or not?

"you side with them?" she said removing her hands from his and looked away from him "fine you want me to talk to her...I will" she said and stormed past him and the prince until she entered the room with the rest of them, she took one look at the girl and anger rose in her once more "look at claim you love your daughter and yet here you are killing her because of your stupid fears......I can hear her heart beat, its slowing down....she will die before she is even either let go and start pushing correctly or do yourself a favor and die with your child...either way you dont have much time to decide so what will it be? kill your daughter? or stop fucking around and become stronger" she said Bluntly.

"Who the fuck do you think.." ana started to get up with anger in her eyes

"Sit down and shut up " river said and Ana sat looking furious
only draiden would know she used compulsion

"so what will it be? from what I hear you have a knack for getting people your daughter going to be your next victim? or are you going to push?" She said coldly crossing her arms

Bethany said, "I am pushing. What do you mean she is dying?!" Terror weld up. "We have to get her out now! I don't want her to die! Please!" She began pushing harder, causing her to bleed. "I can't let her die!"

Antony pushed past River and went to Bethany. He had to work fast or the child would die from the pressure. Bethany pushed to hard that blood vessels in her eyes popped and she passed out. Antony did the last thing he wished to do. He cut Bethany open and freed the child. He cut the cord but now it was a rush to save Bethany.

Adam took the child and to his surprise it seem perfectly fine and healthy, he cleaned the air way and instantly the baby started crying

"there I talked to her" river said sarcastically and walked out of the room, She didnt make it far before she was tackled to the ground "you fucking bitch if beth dies I will kill you" Ana said right before river through her off and stood up "careful best not get injured, dont you have two sick babies you need to tend to yourself" she said coldly. Anas growl echoed the room and she lunged at river, with a growl river caught her and the two started banging around the room in a full on fight

"Enough," commanded Antony, stopping their movements. "River, your words did more damage because of how you put them. She needed to be built up, not torn down. Anastasia, Bethany's body was too tense so I asked her to help because I sensed she had a similar situation and could help. I was wrong." He stared at River. "I see she is not a true Dragonseeker as of yet because she doesn't understand her duty to her people and herself."

"She tried to help the only way she knew how," said Draiden. "We will leave and let you tend to..."

Antony silenced Draiden. "She knew her words would hurt Bethany. You know the deal."

"Fine," said Draiden. "River, you go home. I'll... be right behind you."

Draiden left. Antony said in the commanding voice of a Carpathian prince, "River, you can leave. Be aware that the torture you inflicted with your words were worse than any physical blow. Come back tomorrow and see the consequences of your actions."

"I told you I would not be bullied I told you I did not want to talk to her and you know nothing about my situation and if you think for one second Im leaving without draiden your and your lifemate are still weak from yesterday, do not make me take advantage of that" she said in a threatening tone "and as for a dragonseeker your not a dragonseeker you are use to and never will be and it would be in your loved ones best interest that you do not push me, so there is two ways that this is going to happen me AND draiden leave your house together and you never bother us again and vi versa Or" she said her, eyes turning to her dragons "No one leaves this house ever again and your children die in the cave with that doctor" she said as fire started igniting around her slowly

River, I've sworn to protect him, said Draiden. I told you that I would be right behind you, and I meant that. Go home and rest for me. I do not wish to undo what we have built because he made a mistake. I will take the blame for that as I didn't try hard enough to stop him. Please, go home. I will be there shortly. I just need to finish up some business here and I will be with you again.

"Your lifemate knows how the deal we made works," said Antony.

Not without you, and you also swore to protect said I was the only one that mattered, time to see if thats true

"I guess I didnt make myself clear...I DONT FOLLOW YOUR RULES" She said and shifted into her dragon, tearing the roof off the room as she did so "I will not tolerate your are not above bind your people with invisible collars and say you care....I come to your aid when you are dying and you treat me less then dirt on your feet....either he comes with me or you all die here" the dragon said baring its teeth

Draiden sighed and said, River, I'm doing this for you. Trust me. I am protecting you the only way I know how. At least wait for me at the forests edge.

"I don't have time to deal with a hormonal dragon," said Antony. "We need to get this child to the doctor and heal Bethany or we will lose them both. Anastasia, talk to her, tell her you aren't going to leave. You stayed with her despite her trying to push you away once, tell her how we are fighting for her now."

Anastasia looked at Antony, her face let him know something was wrong, she took a step forward and fell into his arms, a large piece of metal from the roof stuck out from her back, Rivers mind swarmed with memories, when she had been twelve she had tried to escape with another kind, but they were caught, out of no where he was struck in the back by a flying chain sickle weapon, river turned around just in time to see his face before he fell into her, just like Ana did just now. With a cry of her dragon river went back to her human form and just stared at the scene with a emotionless tone, she could tell the metal was deep and near her heart

Antony caught his lifemate, fear painting his face. He shut down her heart and lungs to keep her from bleeding. Blood red tears fell from his eyes.

He looked at River, "Please, save her and Bethany. I had asked you at first to help then to calmly talk, but now I am begging you to save them. Without Anastasia, I am lost. I will follow her into the next life."

Draiden said, River, if he dies, we all do! You can't let that happen! Please, save Anastasia! He appeared next to her, hiding his left arm. "I need you to do this. Erik is too far away and we will lose them both. You are the only one skilled enough to save her. Please."

"only if he agrees to release you and let you come home with me" she said in a calm tone though she wanted to save them "please agree" she said to antony showing him just a glimpse of sadness and fear behind her eyes

"River, he never held me captive," said Draiden. "I just have to finish something for him. I was going to go home before dawn. You take care of the women, and I will try to finish up with my job, alright? If you finish first, go to the edge of the forest and wait for me."

"whats your job then huh? I thought we dont keep secrets from lifemates" she said using her words against him "you said you would never lie or keep things from me" she said with pain in her tone

"I getting a tattoo," he said. "On my left arm. And since ink doesn't stay in our skin, I have to use a different method."

"whats the tattoo for?" she said not liking where this is going

"It's nothing really," he said, trying to move away. "I need to finish it up, so you heal them and I'll get back to it."

"river growled your waisting precious time not answer me your arm and tell me now or I walk and leave you and them behind, I dont keep people who keep secrets next to me"

He sighed. Antony made no move to stop him as his only concern was the woman in his arms. Draiden pulled back his sleeve. There, on his arm, read, "DISGRACED BY A WOMAN WHO USED HER DARK PAST TO HARM INSTEAD OF HEAL."

River said nothing, she only looked at the not yet finished tattoo, Suddenly she began to laugh "wow......such a petty prince....Im starting to miss my old job" she said knowing draiden was the only one who knew what she meant "ok it becomes start removing that tattoo and ill start healing some very questionable people...thats the ONLY way this will go, am I clear?" she said looking at the prince and draiden

Draiden said, "The tattoo is permanent. The rest is starting to appear as we speak. And it hurts like hell because I chose to do it one night rather than over a series of days, so it's made with herbs and vampire blood. It won't be going away." He looked her in the eyes. "And it was either this or every word you said to hurt Bethany. This one was smaller. I should have told you, but you wouldn't have let me make the deal. And he didn't choose the tattoos, Erik did. His brother is that tattoo artist."

Something dark appeared in Rivers eyes, something Draiden had never seen "Is that so.......well...then have Erik heal them...if he can" she said and turned and started walking towards the forest

Draiden stopped her and said, "I made the deal willingly. You know you wouldn't be able to live with yourself if you walked away. And you wouldn't be able to trust my word if I didn't finish the tattoo. Do you think I wanted this? I have been branded before in the human way. I know the pain of it. Believe me, this isn't fun, but Erik said if you didn't help as a Dragonseeker should, ensuring the life of mother and child and treat them like the treasures they are, this is how it would go. It was either that, or Erik hunts us down and really put us in cages. I did this for you, so that you never had to be in a cage again."

"dont give me that bullshit! its blackmail is what it was! but you know what its fine Eriks already been punished " she said chuckling "I mean look what happened to his lifemate, karma is a bitch, they can rot in hell and if they come so be it, when the princes lifemate dies...and she will without my help, there will be nothing left of the carpathian people, so Im going to go home and enjoy a nice long bath before that happens, you fucked up suffer while your lifemate takes her last breath" She said coldly

Antony looked at her, his expression told her how hopeless he felt, and said, "Would you let Draiden die simply because someone was angry? That is how I feel about Anastasia. Please, I'm begging you, save her. If not for me, if not for our people, then for yourself."

"you let this punishment happen....would you want someone bradding your lifemate? secretly too? Bad things happen to bad people, why should I save her? you have threaten me....hurt my mate? forced me to do something I did not want to do! you know nothing about me and yet you command me like I am your slave!you want me to save her? then Eriks lifemate gets branded too...And I get to choose it just like he did? sound fair prince?" she said knowing he did not have much of a choice since Ana was now covered in her own blood

Erik's voice entered her mind, My lifemate has been branded. By Xaviera. She was branded because I couldn't protect her, and she nearly killed you because of a compulsion. I saved you, yet unlike others who have suffered, instead of putting aside your ego, you took your anger out on the wrong person. Your lifemate chose this path, willingly marked his body so that you wouldn't have to have me force my way into your mind. Talk to him before you make demands, fallen one.

Thats funny coming from you and like I said karma....beth is what happens when I am forced into something, you want to talk about ego? your not very bright are you,
what made you think permittaly scaring my lifemate would make things better? now because of this your princes lifemate is going to die

Suddenly another voice came into her head
Ill do it...Ill accept the brand..just please save them megan said in a sincere tone.

River smiled and went over to Ana, she wrapped her hand around the piece of metal "hold her down" she said to antony, suddenly the metal became red hot cartorizing the wounds as she pulled it out, Ana screamed in pain and fought against Antony hold. Once the metal was out she licked her hand and picked up some soul from a near by shattered plant and started packing it into her wounds "that will hold her for now while I heal the other one, bring her in the room with the beth girl" she said and headed towards the girls room. She looked over the girl, her eyes turning into her dragon. She leaned over and covered her eyes with one hand and placed her other hand on her stomach, white light started shining underneath her hands, after a silent moment beth took a deep breath "you....the vampire who had you..." River said looking panicked

Bethany said, "Don't talk about him. I never want to think about him or what he did. How is my daughter? Is she okay? Did I get her out?" She began crying. "I'm sorry I'm weak. I tried, but..."

"She was so starved, she was lucky the child survived," said Antony. "She was even trying to take care of Anastasia over herself as pain filled her. Anastasia simply needed to feed, yet Bethany told her to leave her so that she could rest. Bethany was willing to go through this alone because of a pale face."

Bethany ignored Antony, a shiver going through her. "Please, you tried to help. I mean, you scared me to death with what you said. I did save my daughter, right? You didn't save me over her did you? I need to see her! Right now! Please!"

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