Guilty Heart

Alana moaned in her sleep. You still need to talk to Alex about drugging me. I understand she feels I am taking you away from her. You need to tell her that is not true, that she will always have you in her life.

Jack telepathically: I'll talk to her kitten.

Jack then looked at Faith as he brushed off the water from his hair.

Faith: Feeling better Jack?

Jack: Yeah............Hope scared me pretty good. I can't believe she would mess with me so early in this stage.

Faith: How did she mess with you?

Jack: Apparently when Alana had a bad reaction to the potion Hope decided to pretend to be in trouble. Then after I came back she teased me.

Faith: So Hope didn't mess with the potion?

Jack: No I am guessing Alana being pregnant had something to do with it.

Alex then tugged at Jack's arm with a serious look of guilt as tears were running down her face.

Jack: Alex are you okay?

Alex: its my fault Jack. I made Alana sleepy so you would play with me. I got jealous and hate being ignored. I'm sorry please don't hate me.

Alex grabbed Jack out of fear that he would be angry. Jack just hugged her back and remained silent. Alex cried till she calmed down and Faith just watched them.

Alex: You knew didn't you.

Jack: Yes.

Alex: Did Alana know?

Jack: Yes.

Alex: And Hope?

Jack: She stuck up for you.

Alex: You really like to pile up the guilt don't you?

Jack: Don't you find it funny your baby sister stood up for you?

Alex: She is gonna hold this over my head isn't she?

Jack: Probably. So do you think you can fix this situation?

Alex: Do I have to?

Jack: If you don't it will only get worse Alex.

Alex: So are you both gonna punish me?

Jack: Yes.

Alex: I see. So you really are mad huh?

Jack: Alex.......from now on you have to be a more responsible big sister to Suzy and Hope. Poisoning a family member is a no no. I get you have times you want me all to yourself, but keep in mind if Hope dies because of that we will all be hurt. No Hope means Alana's heart will break and if she is like that I will get like that and Xaviero will get to me through despair. Not to mention Derek will doomed to live without his lifemate and possible turn to a vampire. On top of that the guilt would consume your soul and you might either become a tool, a toy or a slave for Xaviero along with your sisters. He looks down on women so you all would suffer greatly before he kills you. Now I know you meant no harm but if this continues that is the dark world we would have to look forward to.

Alex: Dammit Jack..................that was harsh.

Faith: Sadly he has a point Alex.

Alex: I know. I know.

Jack: Alex you will always be my special girl and I will always love you as my daughter, even when you do wrong. But I am begging you to help protect our family. You are just as important as everyone in this family and I would never abandon you just because we have Hope on the way. I want to be surrounded by children and their laughter as well as my Alana. I may be a greedy dragon but our family is a lot like a wolf pack and that we stick together.

Alex: So I can stay with you even as a grown up?

Jack: Of course Alex. You all can, but I have a feeling once Derek and Hope are married, they may very well leave the house. It may be a long time before I see them again which will sadden me greatly. I take comfort that you wish to stay close by but I know its only a matter of time before you may change your mind as well. So in preparation for that possibility I want to enjoy our time together while you are all young. The more memories we make together the better off we are.

Alex: You don't play fair Jack.

Jack: I know, but I am a greedy dragon after all.

Faith: So what now?

Alex: You want me to apologize to Alana huh?

Jack: And Hope. After all she stuck up for you.

Alex: Why do I get the feeling she is already picking up on my bad habits?

Jack: Then you two need to balance her out with some good habits too. Can I trust you with that?

Faith: Yes Jack.

Alex: If I don't who knows how far she will take it.

Jack: That's my girls.

Faith and Alex then left to confront Alana as Alex apologized in shame. Faith and Hope spoke up for her which made the guilt hit Alex a lot deeper as she had to be a big sister now. Jack picked up Suzy and kissed her cheek as he watched the girls make peace with Alana.


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