Alana said, Alex, the best thing to do is give me the antidote.

Alex made a paste out of some herbs and poured it down Alana's throat. Alana forced it to stay down. After a few moments, she opened her eyes.

"I'm sorry," said Alex.

Alana said, "How about I make things easier on you. Derek will last many years had Hope left because she had yet to be born. Females are often brought back several times so that their men can find them. So, there is hope there. However," Alana looked serious, "you will need to be punished for this. So, you don't get to go to the Dragon's Lair at Disneyland Paris."

"But...!" Alex said.

"You and I will sit outside of it," said Alana. "We will talk and get to know each other better. Everyone else will enjoy the irony of having a Dragonseeker in a fake Dragon's Lair."

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