Here be Dragons 2

"your daughter have some questionable friends" she said and went over to Ana, she removed the soil and used her dragon breath to clean the would of all the soil. Once it was cleaned she looked at Antony "Dont judge me for what your about to see.." she said and leaned down towards the wound, slowly her tongue came out and she started from the bottom of the wound and licked inside going up, Ana cried out trying to through her off but was to weak to do so and Antony was holding her down, once her saliva got rid of all the bacteria from the metal she looked over to Antony "she will be fine, just feed her, the wounds cleaned and healing" she said as the skin began to mend. She looked over to draiden and her expression was blank, which let him know he had hurt her by him keeping secrets from her, and her mind was blocked off to him. IN her mind she told megan what she wanted the tattoo to say and she wanted it on her arm like draiden had his "goodbye" was all she said as she walked out of the room

Erik appeared in the doorway as she began to leave. Antony boxed her in. Draiden went to River, unsure what these two powerful Carpathians intended to do.

"We have much to talk about, River," said Erik. "Much to talk about."

River started to growl "I dont like how close you all are" she said in a low dark tone

But before anyone could answer a voice behind Antony got their attention and made River heart sink

"I know do I know you" Rasputin said looking at River "are you real? are my memories memories? if they then you would be...."

River knew what was about to happen, she pushed Draiden from beside her just as he said her name, her true name "Riverlynn"

"I thought so," said Erik. "Now, let's talk. No need for anyone to get hurt. After all, your lifemate and Bethany wish to keep you safe."

Her eyes lit up, glowing a icy blue, she turned to Rasputin, she looked at him unsure if she could believe what she was seeing, she then turned back to Erik "Erik Daratrazanoff....your name is just as familiar to me as mine is to yours...but let me make one thing clear, what I know of you is to be true, it is not the same with what you think you know about me....and as for that freak show over there" she said gesturing to Rasputin "I think you should focus on him and move out of my way"

"You have the ability to turn good Carpathians into vampires," said Erik. "It also appears you can change them back into Carpathians." He glared at her. "You not only wish to subject my lifemate to more torture, but you also destroyed a good friend of mine. I watched you turn him to vampire right before my eyes. This is how I know you and your powers. You are a menace to our people, yet you are a lifemate and should be protected. We simply wish to talk about your abilities, not hold you prisoner. We want to learn about you, and promise never to contact you without it being an emergency."

"and why should I trust you? Daratrazanoff's are very good liars" she said glaring back at him "and as for your friend I dont recall...Ive done that to a lot of people" she said coldly "and im sure your lifemate is use to torture...after all she is bonded to you" she said with spite in her tone

"Your ignorance is showing," said Erik. "We do not lie. Unlike you. You have not told us who are, nor have you been entirely truthful in what you have told us. As for my friend, he was trying to help you get down a mountain, planning to bring you to Antony for your protection. Yet, you simply turned him into a vampire, not even letting him finish explaining his intentions. You simply destroy and bully people because it's easier than doing your duty and protecting innocents from evil. You are worse than the vampires you created."

"you know nothing of me.....and you are not worthy of knowing....but that matters not, all that matters right now is if you are going to move out of my way" she said in a challenging tone

Erik sighed and said, "Your pain was evident that day. Just before he died, my friend sent me images from your mind. Tell me about your son."

She growled and went to take a step forward but someone hands gripped her shoulders though she did not care to see who "keep your mouth shut about things you do not know....if you dare speak another word I will end you in the worse way hunter" she said looking at megan to get the imagine across to what she would do

"so it is you....I remeber...a cave and you were there and some older where talking? where doing something to someone...I remember smelling blood...lots of it" Rasputin said

Rivers hands clenched into fist

"We simply wish to talk," said Antony. "We won't touch on your past if we can help it. I am sorry if I came off as ordering to talk to Bethany. I sensed you too had a tortured soul and would be a help to her since you escaped and became strong. She is still freshly..."

Seeing Bethany stumbling forward and placing herself between River and the Carpathians surprised him. He could see her fear at seeing Rasputin, but she stood her ground.

"Let her go home!" Bethany said. "Can't you see she is like a cornered animal right now?! Do you have any idea what it's like to be chained down or put in a cage simply because of who you are?! That's what you are doing! Torturing her! Leave her alone!"

The smell of fresh blood filled the air. It dripped from Bethany's body steadily from her freshly opened wound. She was shaking from the pain, yet she still sought to protect River first.

River was not good at thank you or anything else so she did the only thing she knew she could, She wrapped her arms around Bethany, her hand stopped at her lower abdomen, She saw Erik step forward like he was readying to attack her, a flash of light went underneath her hands, healing the wounds she opened and stopping the pain, she then got close to Bethany's ear "recklessness is are a mother now...take it seriously" she said pushing her into Antony's arms

Bethany tried to move, but she didn't have the strength. Erik pounced on River, holding her down with a command in the Carpathian language, one she could not fight.

"You should have agreed to talk to us," Erik said. "It would have been peaceful and we would have stopped when the talks got too personal. Now, I will take the information by force."

He ignored Bethany's protest as he forced his way into River's mind. He was bombarded with her memories. He had to look through every memory to find what he wanted.

River laughed, mental attacks was something she was trained in, he only got memories she wanted to give him, the killing of his friend, all the hunters she had turned and used "you can mind rape me hunter....." she said in a cold tone "lets see what you have in your head " she said painfully pushing into his, she latched on to his worst memory, the one when he walked in to see what was happening to megan, she began playing it over and over again in his head until that was all he could see.

I see this ever time I wake up every rising, said Erik as he latched on to what he wanted. You can't torture me anymore than I do. I know I failed her by allowing her to get captured, not finding her before she was used to nearly kill you or the vampires to use her. The only reason why I don't greet the dawn is because of her. I cling to the fact that she trusts me enough to never let it happen again. He let her have the full force of the memory. Do you know what it's like to know that if you had one thing differently, you could have stopped your loved one from suffering? I am reminded every rising of the pain she suffered when I see the mark of the Dark Mages on her skin. I am always in her mind, and I relive the pain with her every rising. This is not enough to distract me, Riverlynn Dragonseeker. If you had thought logically instead of like a trapped animal, you would have heard the pleading tone in Antony's voice when he saw you, understood he was asking for a talk about what had happened. Now, you will be looked at as an enemy when the prince stood up for you against his own lifemate. This could have been avoided if, how did you put it? Oh, yes, if you had tossed aside your "stupid fears".

You know nothing of me Hunter and I will not give you what you want, the longer you stay in my head the more your lifemate will suffer, the choice is yours, I can make that tattoo as long as I want it.... every second your in my head I add on another word and I promise they are not small

I have what I need. So your threats are empty. Thank you for showing me what you did to my friend. It gave me what I needed.

He returned to his body, staggering before saying, "She melds her soul to the target and either enhances the darkness in them, or takes it away, as is the case with him." He looked at Rasputin. "It is dangerous to her, sometimes nearly killing her. What she did with him is still trying to make it's way out of her system since she of the light."

"I see," Antony said. "So we can't just ask her to help every hunter who has turned."

"She also can't help them if they have killed while feeding," said Erik.

"I was born a vampire," said Rasputin. "Maybe that's why it worked on me."

"It seems likely," said Erik. "She cleansed the soul you had, making you a Carpathian."

"This has been informative," said Antony. "Well, River, I am sorry things turned out the way they have. You have the word of the Carpathian people we will not bother you unless you are needed for a healing session. You and your lifemate may leave."

Erik moved away and let her up. Draiden went to her side. He helped her up, then moved a step away, knowing how upset she was with him. Then, he said, "Let's go home."

"you ignorant fool.....its more then just that....and I do not care if the pope needs healing if any of you call upon me I will kill who ever does is that clear? and as for you" she said looking at megan "Ill will do your tattoo myself with my own dragon fire and I promise you, its more painful then vampire blood" she said walking over to her

Megan didnt moved but Erik would see and feel the fear on her face and in her mind

Erik stepped in front of Meghan and said, "I'll take the tattoo as it was I who pushed you. And he only meant we would ask you to sing the healing chant, as every voice will be needed." He felt sorry for the woman, the torture she had endured. "You don't have to see us ever again. However," he removed his shirt and exposed his back, "I'd rather hurry this up so you can return to the cage you have built for yourself. I do not mean to sound harsh after the pain you have suffered for most of your life, but you can't avoid us forever. One day, you will need us to help you and alienating the world will only harm you."

"I was never tortured...I did the torturing.... now you branded my lifemate and I will do the same to move aside" she said coldly

Megan looked at Erik Erik...I dont want anyone else to get hurt...ill be fine...your here thats all I need

Erik hugged Meghan to him and said, "I will not let another mark be put on your skin. She can make it as painful as she wishes, but I will not move. You and her share the same brand, in the same place. One brand is enough for you. I will not let your mind shatter with pain again when we have worked so hard to help you rebuild yourself. No, I will be the one branded by her dragon fire. She can turn my whole body into a giant tattoo if causing me pain will make her feel better, as long as you don't get hurt."

"you should have thought of this before you branded my mov..." but she didnt get to finish, she grabbed her stomach and leaned forward puking up more of the tar like substance, the heaving was so bad she dropped to knees and hands, clawing into the ground as she through up hard. It kept coming until there was a large puddle in front of her "God dammit!" she said when she was finally able to breath, slowly she stood up, her face held anger and pain "if you wont move I will brand you both!" she said taking in a deep breath, her chest became red, they could visible see the fire building up in her lungs

Erik said, "Just me. I am of the dark, not Meghan. I gave your lifemate the option of a tattoo or a week in a holding cell until we learned the limitations of your abilities. But, if you did turn this man from vampire to Carpathian, then what you are expelling from your body is pure evil and must be destroyed. It can be harmful to you. Would you even consider what you are doing if that wasn't inside you?"

"do not try to worm your way out of this, what you did was wrong and I will make you pay for it" she said and a bolt of fire flew from her mouth hitting megan in the right arm" instantly the fire sank into her skin and she cried out in pain as her arm glowed and letters slowly began to appear, burning into her skin, she fell into Erik the pain was unbearable "should take about an hour...if she makes it that long" River said and turned to walk away

Erik growled and lunged at River. He would not see Meghan in pain again. He would not. However, Draiden moved between River and Erik. Though Erik had only intended to wound, Draiden became severely injured. Erik cursed and began to heal him immediately.

"Just as you do not wish to see your lifemate harmed," said Draided, "I cannot let you harm River."

"You should shut down your heart so that I can heal you," said Erik. "You moved into the right spot for me to puncture a lung."

"River will heal me," he said. "I wish to go home."

River glared at Erik "thats two...two times you have hurt him...I wont forget this" she said placing her hand over the would on Draiden, light began to appear underneath and the pain lessened for him "lets get you home.." she said helping him stand while she kept her hand there, the light still glowing. Megans screaming stopped since she had passed out from the pain, the smell of burning flesh surrounding her the letters kept appearing

"Actually, River, I hurt myself," said Draiden. "I chose to get the tattoo rather than be separated from you for a week, and I chose to insert my body between you and him, taking a worse wound than what you would have received. This is all me. But, yes, home sounds good."

"what you seem to not understand Draiden is you should have never had to choose, and thats why they are being punished, there was no reason for them to make you choose any punishment and now they will suffer for it" she said looking back at Erik and Antony "Your arrogance and pride will cost you......I will not forgive or forget have just made a dangerous enemy, everyone one I healed today will bare my mark, I will know where they are at all times, that includes both of your lifemates " she said looking at Erik and the prince "remeber that before you try anything thing to me or my lifemate"

Draiden said, "River, you are not like this. Why are you so angry? And don't say that they forced you to talk to the woman or harmed me. There is something more to it. You were angry when we rose this evening. As if the very earth made you angry."

"It did! its not my earth...not my home where im safe....its foreign I dont like it, everyone here they are of that earth not me! I hate them...I hate the way they act the way they speak! I hate....I hate....everything! Vampires are know what they want...what they feel...its always the same, but with them its not...they are worse...a vampire would just have killed you...but them no its torture...and the worse part is they think they have the right to do so...NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TOUCH YOU BUT ME!" She said and then cried out in pain, she was so stressed that her body was trying to miscarry

"River," Draiden said, "this earth, every inch of it, is connected to our home. We are safe wherever we are because we are together. Carpathians don't torture. This tattoo, it's nothing. To those who see it, you did something wrong and it looked bad on me. However, this is a reminder of my wonderful lifemate that isn't a push over. I love this tattoo, River, because it shows me that my lifemate is strong enough to never let others hurt her ever again. That's another reason why I got it."

"its still wrong...they...they never should have touched you...only me.." she said through gritted teeth Please be calm child.... she said into her head. She found that she was to tired to heal herself...she had healed to many people tonight that she could not stop the miscarriage. She took a deep breath trying to calm herself, she was so close to loosing the baby "lets just go.."

Erik swallowed his pride, held out his wrist, and said, "I offer freely, my life for you and your child. At least accept this if you can't anything else. My blood is ancient and will help heal you and the baby."

Erik would be shocked by what he say when river turned and looked at him, her face held anger and fear, tears fell from her face, she looked like a angry scared animal, one you would see in a zoo where they neglect them " not try to trick me with kindness.." she said but before he could answer he felt megan touch his should, surprising him, her arm was red but it was not just her arm, different parts of her body had been mark, but not by words but beautiful vine like tataoos, they covered all the scared left by Xera

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