Here be Dragons 3

Erik had tears in his eyes. Gently, he hugged Meghan to him, then looked at River.

"Despite everything you said," he replied, "thank you. Now, the mark of evil is off of her, beauty covers her." He held his wrist to her again. "This is more than a way to save your child. This is now a way for me to show my gratitude for this gift."

River growled "I did not do it to be nice....I....I did it because the design was more painful..." she said knowing Draiden knew she was lying. She took a step forward towards his wrist

"Stop! dont let her!" Rasputin yelled out of no where "her bite its not normal..I remember that"

River took a step back from Erik , looking more then upset "keep your blood..." she said and started to turn "lets go home Draiden" She said in almost a whisper, sounding tired

Draiden said, "River, I'm going to have to go into a Carpathian sleep. If I don't..."

"I know...Ill carry you.." she said turning into her dragon and bending down and moving her wing so he could climb on "hurry and sleep" she said in to him

Draiden climbed on, blood flowing over her scales. He shut down his heart and lungs, hoping he would stay on.

"My offer still stands," said Erik. "Should you have need, I will gladly offer my blood."

She was silent for a moment "give it to him...he is the one you wronged...." she stayed bent so Erik could climb up and get to him "please.." she said not looking at him

Erik went to Draiden, cut open his wrist, and let the man drink. It was difficult because Draiden didn't want to come out of the Carpathian sleep, but Erik was firm and Draiden weak. When he was finished, Erik closed the wound on his wrist and Draiden went back to sleep. Then, he noticed the chain marks on River's neck. Anger swamped him.

"Who did this, River?" he asked so that only she would hear.

The dragon growled as a warning, the large beast breath and body were strong , the scales were beautiful and multi colored, such a strong beast had so many deep scars, the beast moaned in pain as another wave hit her stomach, it flinched, the beast tail came around and covered draiden softly so he would not fall

Erik said, "Allow me to aid you. I will not allow your child to die. I am a healer of our people. Please, let me do this for you."

you claim to be the healer and yet you harmed my lifemate.....I am losing my strength I must get him home....since you are the healer of these people I do not see any reason why you all would call upon me again she said nudging him off of her, her wings expanded and lifted high into the air, with a powerful swing she lefting her and Draiden into the air and started to fly away. They hand just made it over the forest by the house when River was hit hard in the side by lightning, the beast hollered and start falling towards the earth, right before she crashed river used her tail to tuck draidens sleeping body safely to her chest, using her wings to shield him as she landed on her back hard.

River shifted back into her human form in the crater her dragon made, she didnt know what hit her but with her last bit of strength she opened the earth and pushed draiden inside it covering him up "hello I could get your attention...its been a while " said lucian as he came into view

Erik didn't like the lightning, nor the sound on the wind. Once he made sure everyone was safely inside, he put safeguards up. Antony looked at him, shaking his head. Erik smiled then took off after River. He feared he would not make it in time.

River put her hand on her side, blood seeping between her fingers, the lightning had made a big gash up her side "lucian...and here I thought you would have been a rotten corpse by now" she said through gritted teeth

Lucian chuckled "on the contrary Im doing better then ever in fact my luck as lead me to you" he said stepping towards her

"Would you really call that luck? or a death wish" she sad glaring at him

"oh come now river why so hostile...remember all the good times we have had" he said and was right in front of her with inhuman speed, her looked down towards her side, his arms wrapping around her, pinning her to him, he placed his hand over hers and lifted it to his mouth, licking her blood from his hand

"what you call good times I call pathetic endeavors" she said with disgust

He smiled and leaned in close to her face "I know someone who has been looking for you" he said squeezing the wound on her sighed making her groan in pain but she still looked him in the eyes

"oh yeah? tell me so I know who to kill" she said unable to hid the pain in her tone

He chuckled "you know I dont care for such things...but I am hungry and you are useful to have around when needed, so.." he said and turned her, pinning her against a tree face first "let me make sure I can find you again...relax" he said in a hypnotic tone and leaned down, he slowly removed her hand from the wound and licked up the legnth of if, taking a mouth full of her blood. she struggled against his grip but was too weak and had to hand onto the tree to keep standing up "you disgusting leech...Im going to kill you for this" she said weakly

He made a moaning sound "I had forgotten how good your blood was, even better when your mad" he said licking at the wound more, feed from it, her naked body paling the more he did

Erik pulled the man off River. He clothed her, even put a bandage around her wound. He stood between her and the vampire.

"I see you seek the justice of our people," he said. "Allow me to oblige you."

Lucian licked rivers blood off his lips and smiled "Erik my river you sure have made some new friends" he said sarcastically

River collasped to the ground uunable to stand any longer "Bite me Lucian...go die in a hole somewhere"

He chuckled "we both know I have done the first one many times river and I will soon again as for you Daratrazanoff if you wish to die this night I will oblige you or you can run back to your scared little prince since he is housing the wolf I am after and second now he will have some company" he said with a smile

Erik didn't move. "I see you like games. Tell me, why are you after this woman who is under my protection?"

He laughed loudly "under your protection that is....well thats the funniest thing I heard in a long time" he said looking at river "it seems you have gotten desperate little dragon, it wont help though and you know it, they cant protect you from whats to come" he said plainly "you have no Idea who she really is do you? even if you did know her true name you have no idea what you are up against" he said with humor in his tone "it matters not to me...." he said turning away and walking towards the forest "When they strike only then will you know and by then it will be too late" he said disappearing into the night air

Erik didn't have the luxury of going after the vampire with River so wounded. He went to her. He smiled at her.

"I'll heal this," he said. "What did he want from you?"

"why are you here Erik..." she said as hunger beat at her "wait.....don't come closer..." she said not able to help her fangs lengthening

"I saw the lightning and came to your aid," he said. "All I want to do is heal your wound. Will you allow me to do this?"

"how do I know its not a trick? that you wont hurt me since Im weak?...dont move!" she said almost loosing her control on her hunger, just the smell of his skin was making it worse, the sound of his blood pumping in his veins

Erik said, "You don't. I know trust is hard for you. I am asking you to give me a chance to show you we are not the monsters you think we are. The first impressions you got from us were not our best, and for that I apologize. But we were working on a clock and we felt we didn't have time for niceties."

Her hand went to her throat and she turned her head, looking away from him "Erik....If you come any closer I wont be able to stop myself" she said with a growl and a warning, with her neck turned he could fully see the chain mark on her neck, glowing underneath the skin

He sat down and said, "I don't have to be next to you to heal you. I will stay right here. Will that work?"

Her breathing was ragged "if you tell anyone what you see in there...Ill kill you" she said in a painful grown

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