Here be Dragons 4

Erik nodded and became pure energy. He had to fight to stay outside of his body. Her body was riddled with scar tissue. He had never seen the like before. He closed off the wound in her side, healing it from the inside out. Then, he set to work on the rest of her body. He had no idea how she had survived. He dealt with the most problematic scars before he went to her womb. He got rid of the black substance attacking her child, brought the baby back to full health, and healed her womb so that she could carry more children should she wish it. He didn't notice how much time passed. When he returned to his body, he was gray, nearly translucent.

"Take your lifemate and go," he said. "Antony will be here soon and he will ask questions."

She didnt trust herself to move "Dont move until I tell you to...dont argue with me just do what I say" she said and inched closer to him until she was right infront of him, she turned around, facing her back to him and moving her hair aside "hurry up and drink alittle will go along way so you wont need much, I might not be ancient but I was used to its potent...just do it ok so I can leave" she said still as a statue

He took her wrist and said, "You are wasting time." Still, he bit down and took a couple gulps before closing the wound. "Now, go. This is going to be hard to explain as it is."

She stood up without looking at him, her hunger beating at her like a beast, she went over to where she had put Draiden but as she neared the grave she noticed something was off. She whipped her head to the side just as the vampires emerged, three of them, they all looked at her and got down on one knee, bowing to her, she shook her head and they went into hiding "you should go first...Im going to let him rest a while longer while I hunt" she said knowing he did not see the vampires, but she knew he must have sensed them being as strong as he was

Erik noticed her odd behavior but said, "Alright. I won't push you."

He became mist and disappeared. He masked his power. Antony, doing the same, met with him. They watched River, wondering what was going on and if they should worry for her safety.

Once he was gone the vampires appeared again, two males and a female, they walked up to her and bowed once more, she looked down at them like they were dogs and she their owner "Marcus, Vivian,Lastat " she said down to them "Mistress" they all said at once "Marcus bring the man underneath my feet to my home, use the tuneels to keep him from the surface "yes Mistress" he said opening the earth and throwing Draiden over his shoulder "with your life" she said and he nodded disappearing from view "Vivian go with Marcus....with your life" she said once more "yes mistress" she said and the female disappeared "Lastat...." all she said was his name "yes mistress" he said and bared his neck, she bent down and bit in deep, the smell of vampire blood filled the air, After a moment she released him and closed the wound "go feed and then join the others I aspect you all to arrive safly to my home....with your life" she said calmly "yes mistress" he said and disappeared. After they were gone River sat down in the dirt, She pulled her legs up to her chest and hugged them, her nails digging into her legs, suddenly she yelled and started punching the ground, blood red tears flowing from her eyes as she silently cried

Antony couldn't stop himself. He solidifies and pinned River to the tree.

"Explain," he ordered.

Erik appeared behind Antony and said, "Calm down. Let her explain without feeling trapped. She will explain what is going on because if she is aiding vampires, we need to understand why."

"I will not have our people at risk because you have grown fond of a woman who was tortured like your lifemate," said Antony.

"I will take responsibility," said Erik. "She and her lifemate are under my protection."

Antony sighed and moved away, but only enough that he could easily get to her should she try to run.

"River, please tell us what's going on," Erik said in a calm voice. "This is something new and frightening to us. We are worried for our people, which includes you and your child."

For the sake of Draiden she knew she needed to give them something "My job....part of my job...was to train new one point I had no less then a hundred vampires under my command.....those three where my generals...loyal to a fault...mostly because we grew up together...I thought they had died with the rest when I left but apparently I was wrong...they are not like the others, I have never had them kill anyone.....I did everything in my power to keep them from becoming mindless beast like the others...and they only way to do that...." she said looking away from them "was to take away their will, I compelled them every chance I got, no killing, no raping, no this no that.....they have never killed, never raped, never done anything other then what I told them to do.....I know females...females come out deranged...broken...but I cant kill her...I wont....just forget you ever saw them...its best if you do...if they are here then something worse is not far behind" she said finally looking at them her expression blank

Erik said, "You have the method to save them. And it isn't with compulsion. It will be painful for them and for you. I want you to wait until the baby is born then try and turn them into Carpathians."

"That is impossible," said Antony. "I want them destroyed before she loses control and they attack our people."

Erik said, "You used to be indecisive, now you act out of fear. I can't decide which is worse." Antony growled and left. "Idiot. You can save them. You did it with Rasputin. Try. Give them a new life. And whatever is coming, we need to be prepared for it. I will contact you tomorrow. For now, join your lifemate. You need him just as much as he needs you. I will need your help protecting our people."

He left then, knowing she would do the right thing.

River was confused on why Erik suddenly treated her so different but for now she wanted to be with Driaden, she left heading home, hoping things would be ok

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