Second Chance

Antony arrived home just as Anastasia woke up and floated out of the ground in a panic. He went to her instantly.

"I'm here, my love," he said. "I had a meeting, but it's over now."

She ran into his arms and wrapped her arms tightly around him "dont leave me please...I was so scared when I woke up without you..." she said shaking

"I will never leave you," he said with a soft smile. "I always come home to you. I should have told you I had a meeting. I thought I would be back before you got up, but it didn't go as planned." He kissed her neck. "I want to make love to you, Anastasia. Then, you can go to your friend and talk of womanly things. Give her a second chance. Perhaps she has come around to the truth." He found her core with his hand. "Always so ready for me. Yes, making love first is a good idea."

He pinned her to the dresser, lifting her legs as his clothes vanished. He entered her slowly, wanting watch the lust and desire play across her face.

She moaned loudly and bit her bottom lip "Antony...." she moaned his name like he loved

He began moving then, hard and fast. All control was gone. Using his teeth, he pinned her in the submissive, taking her as he wanted, rough yet tender, hard yet loving.

Ana cried out "please...more....give me what only you can...your my everything!" she moaned exposing her throat more

He closed the wound on her shoulder and went to her neck. He drank from her like she were a fine wine. He closed that wound and slashed oped his chest.

"Feed from me, Anastasia," he said. "I have fed well this night. I need you to feed from me."

She did as she was asked, she bit down deep and hard, her core tightening around him as she did so.

Antony threw back his head. With each thrust, he went deeper and deeper into her. When he came, it was large, flowing from her as he removed his body from hers, making her stop feeding.

"Now then," he said. "I have some business to attend to. Go visit your friend."

"wait....I....I dont want to leave your side..." she said in a sad tone

"I know, my love," he said, caressing her cheek. "I want you in my sight always. I would have you chained to my side if I could. But some things require we be separated briefly. I wish it were not so, but it must be done. I must see to the security of our family. If you were with me, I'd get distracted and our enemies could attack. I will not have you in danger, Anastasia. Stay inside, visit with your friend. I will never leave your mind, I promise."

She groaned but nodded "hurry back...I dont feel safe without you beside me"

"I know, my love," he said. "I will be as fast as I can."

With that, he left her, but she felt him in her mind, protecting her even when he was out of her sight.

Ana decided to clean up before she went to see beth, her body was sore so she decided on a hot shower

Adam stretched softly, trying not to wake beth in his arms, he knew what this was but for right now he didn't care. He gently placed her on her back and kissed his way down until his tongue stabbed deep inside her core, where he was rewarded by a gasp from her

Bethany's hands found his hair as she said, "Good morning, Adam. This is the best way to wake up. Forget coffee. I wish I was healed so that we could do more. I feel like I'm cheating you."

"your pleasure brings me pleasure little one" he said and continued to tease her with his tone, as he sucked her clit she would feel two fingers slowly enter her

"Adam!" Bethany gasped. "I need to help you too! Please let me bring you pleasure too!"

"this is all we can do for now, if you do anything to me my control might not hold up little one" he said honestly and continued to pleasure her one finger went in her ass and instantly found the g spot in there making her pleasure double

Bethany screamed with pleasure, never knowing such a thing existed. When she fell, she fell hard. She couldn't move, after shocks rocketing through her.

He cleared her with his tongue, making the pleasure last and then laid beside her, his large erection pushing against his pants as he laid on his back

"I wish I was well again," she said when she caught her breath. "Let's go back. I need to feed the baby and maybe Stasia will help heal me. I just hope she sees how Antony is trying to control her."

"give me a second little one...guys are different then girls if Im not careful this could become very painful for me" he said gesturing to his boner and closing his eyes

"I offered to help," she said. "But you said no. I'll wait, but not too long." She looked at his bulge. "That does look painful, though. I... I can go back alone i-if you want."

"No it is not safe...." with a sigh he started to get up "its fine ill deal with wont be the worse pain I have ever felt" he said honestly "its your fault you taste so good little one and your so beautiful...Im surprise its not worse..though the pants help with that" he said winking at her as he tried to adjust

She laughed and said, "Don't torture yourself on my account." She took his arm, her breast accidentally brushing him. "Thank you for this. It makes me feel... I don't know. Beautiful. Loved. Cherished. I don't know if there is a word for it."

He groaned "your not helping little one...." he said looking away from her since she was still naked and moved his arm slightly so she would know what her meant but the movement rubbed her nipple sending pleasure through her chest

She gasped and looked down. She retrieved her clothes and quickly dressed.

"I am so sorry," she said blushing, unable to look at him as she rejoined him. "I forgot I was naked. It seemed so natural, I didn't think."

"its ok.." he said standing up and adjusting himself though it didnt help much, her began walking but she would be able to tell he was uncomfortable

"No, it isn't," she said as the house came into view. "You aren't comfortable right now because you can't do anything about the big bad wolf in your pants! And I'm not helping by forgetting my clothes and rubbing my body against yours! I want to help, I really do! I like you a lot, Adam, and it isn't right that you are suffering this way!"

"calm down little one I knew It would happen but I found you worth lets go care for your little one" he said but his next step he had to grab onto a tree and stop because his shaft rubbed against his zipper the wrong way sending a pain through him

"Are you hurt?" Bethany asked, alarm setting in. "Should I go get someone?" She went to leave. "This is all my fault."

He grabbed her arm and pulled her to him "I am fine...just my zipper do I have to make you feel better?" he asked leaning close to her face til his lips were inches from hers

She lightly brushed her lips to his and said, "No. Knowing you are well is enough for me." She look at him, her big blue eyes filled with an emotion he couldn't name. "Are you sure it's safe to walk in those pants? Maybe they should be looser. I'm not trying to do anything. I just want you to be comfortable."

"I have no other clothes I left everything when I decide to help you...I will be fine " he said wrapping an arm around her and walking with her back to the house

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