Small Talk

OOC - Does Suzy have the Dragonseeker tattoo? If so where would it be?
Alana smiled and said, "Jack, not even space can hold the love we share. I finally know happiness and peace and it's because of you."
"Can you two stop being gross?" asked Alex.
"Alex, leave them alone," said Faith. "Look, a shooting star!"
Alex looked up and said, "I wish to be a dragon and to always be with Jack."

Jack chuckled at Alex and Faith as he kissed Alana's hand.

Jack: Well your brother bears the same mark as I do so the odds are in your favor Alex.

Derek: I was surprised to bear it when I first awoke. I figured it would be a blood line thing back then but its different now that I have the knowledge of the Ancients.

Alex: So you think I can become a dragon too.

Derek: Like Jack said the odds are good for all four of us.

Jack: So don't stress about it Alex. You and Faith are far stronger than your brother and he made the cut so I have faith you both are qualified.

Derek: Really Jack?

Jack: I am just reassuring them that greatness runs in the family.

Derek: Funny how your insults and compliments sound very similar.

Jack: Sorry about that.

Faith: So if we become a dragon will we be red like you Jack?

Alex: I want to be a red dragon like Jack.

Jack: It varies depending on fate. Derek and I are different colors so that should tell you a lot.

Derek: It will make more sense once you meet your inner dragon when you become a Carpathian. There is a lot that is hard to explain in mere words.

Alex: Awesome! So I can be an awesome Carpathian Dragonseeker like Jack?

Jack: Sadly I make a better dragon than a Carpathian because of my warped personality. As Carpathians go I am a failure, which is why I depend on Alana so much. She is my anchor to the Carpathian people. As it is I don't fit in to well with them. In fact I think I am only on good terms with Erik and his kin since I saved his family from my psycho Aunt Xaviera.

Alex: What did you do?

Normally Jack didn't like to talk about that but he found it hard not to tell Alex so he spoke up without hesitating.

Jack: Well she had branded Erik's lifemate with a nasty burn spell on her back to act like a receiver for her magic like a telephone. She also used magic to make her twin girls grow faster. To punish the Carpathian people she was going to kill all the female Carpathians who were trying to help her deliver her twins in a hot spring. She was going to turn her into a magic bomb of sorts.

Faith: How terrible. How did you stop it?

Alex: You reversed the signal didn't you.

Jack: You are so smart its scary Alex. yes I redesigned the burned tattoo to send instead of receive. Its an old trick to stop Golems my mum taught me. Anyhow with the help if the twins I was able to protect the women while reversing the signal and giving my psycho Aunt a very bad day.

Faith: Were you hurt by that?

Jack: Just a little, but I got to get back at Aunt Xaviera and save Erik's family. Of course I tried to play it cool like I didn't do anything.

Faith: How did he know you helped him then?

Alex: The twins ratted you out huh Jack?

Faith: The twins? Seriously Alex?

Jack: No she is right. The sold me out and now Erik holds me in high regards. However I took that chance to get away from Romania and take Alana to America since I was not fond of the meathead prince.

Derek: Why do you refer to our prince like that Jack?

Jack: He has a might is right attitude and acts before he thinks. I fear he would throw out punishments on a whim depending on his mood. To be honest I could see him as the type to control his mate and minions. Since fighting him is a bad idea I prefer to avoid him. Just watch how you all talk to him since he gets angry to easy.

Alex: Can you beat him up Jack?

Faith: Alex??

Jack: Let me put it this way Alex. If something happened to the Prince it would cause a domino effect and lead to the downfall of the Carpathian people so we just have to deal and bite our tongues. Kinda like pulling the bottom piece of the Jenga game right at the beginning.

Faith: Oh my.

Alex: That bites.

Jack: Yeah well life ain't fair. So we can either run from it or learn from it.

Alex: Is that why you come up with new ways to kill vampires?

Jack: Something like that. I like having more options in case the situation calls for a different plan.

Derek: So that is why you don't rely on the knowledge of the old.

Jack: Pretty much. Like I said I make a better dragon than a Carpathian. And right now I am a greedy dragon surround by my family which is my greatest treasure. I only hope you all visit us now and then after you leave the nest.

Alex: Well I am not leaving you Jack.

Jack: I said the same thing too Alex and I learned that time changes things so whether you stay or go I will still love you all. I want you all to live a happy and rich life.

Derek: Thanks Jack. Well you are stuck with me for another nineteen years at the very least.

Alex: I am with you forever.

Faith: I don't know what will happen in the future but I am glad to know I have a home to come back to no matter what.

Jack: We are so lucky kitten right?


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