Second Chance 2

Bethany helped him to the couch before going to feed her child. She turned around as she picked up her child and saw Anastasia. She jumped, clutching the baby to her.

"You scared me, Stasia," she said.

Antony said I should come and see you...where have you been?" she asked looking around "where is adam?"

"Adam took me out for a walk," said Bethany. "He's in the other room, trying to get comfortable." She blushed. "Speaking of Adam, I need you to do something for me. Can you... heal me? I don't want to wait six weeks to heal."

She looked at her and was silent for a moment "sure I one condition...promise me youll listen to Antony...he is only trying to keep us all safe...if you promise that Ill heal you" she said sincerly

"I agree it's dangerous out there," Bethany said. "I also agreed never to go outside without Adam." She finished feeding the baby and putting her back in the bassinet. She took Anastasia's hands. "Please, Stasia. I'm falling for Adam so hard right now, I can barely think for wanting him. He's done so much and asked for nothing in return. I want to be with him. Please?"

"adam? you have fallin for adam? oh beth sweetie that would never work....Adam is a alpha...he could never take a human mate...he has to be mated with one of his own kind" she said in a tone laced with pity

Bethany said, "You weren't Carpathian, and Antony is able to be with you. I could happen for me and Adam. At least let me try. I need to know. Please. I don't care if he's an alpha or if he was at the bottom of the pack! I still want him!"

"beth thats not how it works with wolves...when a alpha is born their mate is already chosen for them, technically adam was engaged the minute he was born...." she said softly "Im sorry will never happen, you can enjoy your time with him but adam would never go against his pack or duty....eventually he will return home" she said with a sincere tone

"I don't care!" Bethany said, crying. "Maybe they got it wrong! Maybe I'm the one for him! They can't know two people will love each other or not when they are just infants!"

Ana sighed "I guess we will have to see" though she knew she was right, she wanted beth to be happy so she did what she asked "Im new at this so.....I cant do the white I cant let me go see if I can find something that will help...the only thing I know of is my saliva and thats to weird beth" she said jokingly so she would laugh

Bethany chuckled and said, "Really? Well, what about Antony? He could do it, right?"

"yes but dont tell him why you want it.." she said and asked antony in his head if he could heal beth

I can, he said. I need to take a break anyway. Then, he was next to Anastasia. "Stay in my mind but don't do anything to distract me. I want to show you how it's done so you can do it next time someone needs healing."

He shed all sense of self, becoming healing energy. He went into Bethany's body, healing her from the inside out. After an hour, Antony was back in his body.

"Anastasia, there is some blood in the cabinet in the other room," he said as he slumped to the floor. "Get it for me, please."

"Thank you," said Bethany.

"Just don't hurt Anastasia," said Antony.

Bethany nodded.

Ana did as he asked and brought him the blood, she was so distracted because he was so weak she dropped one on accident, the sound of the shattering glass echoed to the other room where they were

Antony was instantly by her side, asking, "Are you hurt? Anastasia, did you get cut anywhere?"

Bethany grabbed a broom, a mop and a bucket. She began cleaning up the mess, since Antony and Anastasia were in their own little world.

"no im fine...I just...I hated seeing you that tired it worried me" she said hugging him tightly

"I'm fine, my love," he said. "I just need to feed." He took the remaining bottle from her and downed it. Then, he smiled. "See? All better."

Adam came in then "everything ok? I heard a glass break" he said then looked at beth "you should be resting not sweeping" he said calmly

"everything is fine I was just worried about antony...but he is fact he is so fine he is going to come to our room with me and finally do something with that light fixture in our room " she said giving him a naughty smile only he saw

"Stasia!" Bethany said. "I haven't seen you since yesterday when we fought!"

"I still have work to do," said Antony. "I promise to help with the light fixture later. I came because you asked me to, and I'm not finished with the safeguards."

Ana sighed "Fine...." she stood up and whispered to beth so only she would hear "I was trying to give you alone time with adam " she said teasingly and nudging her playfully

Bethany blushed but Antony was already gone.

"I'm so stupid!" Bethany said. "I totally missed your hint! Now that I'm healed, I can actually do the things I want to, and I screw it up!"

She laughed "Its know I think I am going to go get something to eat may take a while though...Im a picky eater" she said with a smile and left the room, leaving adam and her alone "what was that about?' he asked raising his eyebrow

Bethany smiled and said, "Antony healed me. Now, I don't have to wait six weeks! Isn't that great?!" She ran to him and hugging him. "I can finally make you feel as good as you make me feel."

He didnt know what to think, he gently pulled her back so she could look at him "I am happy you are healthy little one....why dont you make sure your little one is alright and Ill go grab us something to eat" he said and left the room. He caught up to Ana and grabbed her arm "why are you doing this? avoiding me" he asked making her look at him "you know why...look lets not do this now ok...go be with beth" she said walking away again "you cant ignore me ana we have to talk about this" he said in a stern tone "we will...but not right now ok..besides...beth is waiting for you" she said before leaving the room. Adam groaned and went into the kitchen and fixed a sandwich for beth and returned to the room

Bethany smiled at him, but then her face fell as she asked, "Are you okay, Adam? You look angry. Did something happen?"

"Im fine...this damn place doesnt have any good food...I know they dont need to eat but damn would it kill them to have some ham or pizza" he said handing her the sandwhich and sitting down in the chair next to the bed, all he could think about was Ana and how she kept avoiding him

She took a bite and said, "You know, I don't think they think about complicated foods like that. It's sad. Now that you mentioned it, I could go for a nice three meat pizza right now."

"see a woman with good taste" he said with a soft smile winking at her

She giggled. She finished off her sandwich and looked at her plate. Her face darkened slightly.

"Does it feel like Stasia has changed?" she asked. "She used to be so strong, not letting anyone tell her what to do. I admired her because she would protect everyone and not care if she stepped on someone's toes. Now... it's like the real Anastasia is gone. She barely even talks to me, and I'm like a sister to her."

"from what I heard something happened to her after you were taken...but no one will say what....maybe she has her reasons..." he said softly "are you still hungry?"he asked

She smiled and said, "Only if we are going out for pizza."

"hmm the closest pizza place is in town a few miles from here...I suppose if you really want it I can go get some, though I cant garenttee it will make it here" he said offering and chuckling

Bethany laughed and said, "Well, we can't have you too stuffed for dessert, now can we?"

He raised his eyebrow "oh? is there brownies here? I would kill for some brownies" he said teasingly

"Not yet," she said, slightly upset. "But I have the best family recipe for brownies you will ever taste."

"hmm well until then I guess Ill just have to keep snacking on you " he said with a wink and a tone that send delightful shivers through her body, he stood up like he was going to leave "so shall I go get the lady her pizza?" he said softly

She wrapped her arms around his neck with a smiled that seemed to light up the room. "I think the lady wants you more." And she kissed him deeply.

He grabbed her waist and gentle pushed her back with a groan "Careful little dont know what you ask of me" he said in low tone that sent her skin on fire

"I'm asking you to take a chance on me," she said breathlessly. "Take a chance to see if you could love me. Because..." she looked deeply into his eyes, "because I'm starting to fall for you."

"beth....I cannot give you want you deserve....not in that way.....I can bring you pleasure of the physical sort....but I have obligations to my people...If you can accept that I will rip your clothes off right here and ravish you until the sun rises" he said in a low fiery tone

Bethany's face fell. "Adam, Stasia told me you were engaged the day you were born. But that is wrong, Adam. You should be able to go out and find love. I read in books that wolves mate for life, and they won't be with one they don't have a bond with. You can still have the chance to find true love, Adam. When did your people throw away the ability to find a true mate?"

His eyes darken "please do not speak of things such things little do not understand...I do want you beth...but I also have to think of my people...I will leave the choice in your hands" he said removing his hands from her and waiting in front of her

She said, "I want you happy. Your people should too. I want you to give us a chance." She picked up his blanket and gasped as memories hit her. "Your parents found love the natural way. He was upset you had to be given a woman you may not be compatible with. Why are your women dying, Adam?"

He growled though she would know it was not at her " should not worry about little one" he said turning away from her

"I'm sorry," she said, tears falling for him and his people. "I have this ability to read memories of people in the objects they have touched. I won't mention it again."

"its fine...Im going to go get something to drink do you want anything?" he asked softly

"Forgiveness would be nice," she said under her breath as she shook her head.

"nothing to did nothing wrong" he said and left the room

"I hurt you because I couldn't keep my mouth shut," she said. "Stasia!"

She ran to her best friend. She hugged Anastasia, crying. She told her everything that had happened.

"How do I fix this?" Bethany asked.

"I tried to warn you beth....." she said patting her back "you need to accept that adam will not be in a relationship with you...but that doesnt mean you cant enjoy each others company....why dont you just enjoy the time you have with him.." she said calmly

Bethany said, "After everything, I want love, Stasia. I want to be with a man who cares about me and the baby. All or nothing. I won't settle for a part of someone."

"then adam is not the one beth..." she said honestly "and you need to let him know that"

"It hurts," Bethany said. "Even when the vampire raped me, it didn't hurt this bad."

"Im sorry beth....look I hear adam in the other need to go take care of this" she said opening the door for her "its whats best"

Bethany glared out of the door and said, "I can't face him right now, Stasia. I can't. I love him and he is living in the dark ages! He is refusing to take hold of his own life and find love! I don't want to see him until he is willing to come into the modern era!"

She slammed the door shut and sat back down. She wasn't going to apologize for her feelings.

Ana growled "you know nothing of his kind and even less about him beth! you dont love him you love how he made you feel, you are in the wrong here not him, his loyalty and love for his people is not something to be seen as a bad thing but yet you are here trying to make it such, you are being selfish beth and to be honest adam deserves better then someone as selfish as you are being now" she said opening the door back up "now get out of my room I have enough problems of my own then having to deal with a selfish person like you!"

Bethany said, "I didn't mean..." She looked down at her hands. "I never meant to make it seem bad. It just seems wrong that he is forced to be with someone he doesn't love. I want him to give us a chance, but... I'd never ask him to throw away his values or his love for his people." She went out of the room and went to Adam. "I'm sorry for the way I've acted. I understand if you don't... want to be around me for the things I said." She gave him a sad smile. "I admire your desire to be of use to your people. I hope you are happy with your future endeavors."

She turned to go back to her room. She was proud of herself. She held back the tears and pain. She did the right thing. She gave up the one man she loved so that he could be happy. And it was killing her.

She would see Adam walk past her room towards Ana's room

Bethany put her face into a pillow and silently cried. He... love Anastasia. And how could she compare to Stasia? That thought made her pain worse. Then, an idea hit her. It was cruel. She couldn't. But Antony would know, wouldn't her? He would know how to help Adam get over Stasia and have him love her, Bethany? She went outside.

"Hey, Antony," said Bethany from her window. "About Adam..."

"Anastasia told me you like him," he said.

"Did she tell you they have history?"

Antony growled and entered Anastasia's mind. and listen to what him and Ana were talking about

Antony would hear the conversation between

"what did you say to beth?" adam asked

"nothing that was not the truth" she said honestly

"did you tell her about us?" he asked sitting down

"no...there is no need...but I know we have to figure something out" she said sitting down across from him "how is everyone?" she asked with concern

"scared....we thought you were dead...and the attacks have gotten worse" he said rubbing his head

"Im sorry...alot has happened" she said in a sad tone

"I can see know I cant stay long Ana.....But we need help and things between us need to get settled" he said in a tired tone

"I know and they will I promise and Ill talk to Antony maybe he can help...he knows how important my people are to me" she said softly

He sighed "Im glad you found someone Ana....I just hope you dont forget where you came from" he said in a sad tone

"I would never!" she said taking his hand "you are my family adam and Iw ill do what I can to help our people....and as for not worry I will take care of her after you leave" she said softly

"thank you Ana...Im glad you are alive and well Im sure everyone else will be too" he said patting her hand "I should get going before things get more tense here...Ill be back as soon as I can" he said standing up

"please be safe....I love you adam" she said giving him a hug

"I love you too Ana" he said hugging her back

Antony sucked in his breath. Bethany went to Anastasia's door and listened. She gasped. She knew it he had to have loved Stasia. She was frozen, unable to move with realization, the pain his words caused.

Adam released her and opened the door to leave, he stopped when he saw beth "beth....did you need to speak with Ana? I was just leaving" he said softly

"N-no," Bethany said, failing to keep her tears at bay.

She ran to her room, locking her and her daughter inside.

"She may have misinterpreted something," said Antony.

Adam sighed "Ill the way thank you for having me in your home I will be leaving soon" he said politely and went towards beth's room. Once he was there he knocked slightly "beth? open the door little one" he said softly

"No!" she said. "Just go! Adamina and I will be just fine!"

" you must let me in little one you really what me to leave with things like this?" he said in a soothing tone "Ill show you my fluffy tail.."

Bethany opened the door and said, "I'm fine. Everything is fine. You have things to do. Thank you for..."

He stepped in and kissed her, closing the door with his foot, his hands held her face, so she could not pull back, he turned her and pushed her up against the door, his body pressing into hers, slowly he pulled back, still holding her face, his eyes were soft and dark "do I have your attention now little one?...." he said in a low silken tone

She was breathing hard, nodding. Her heart skipped a beat and her temperature rose. "But..."

He quickly kissed her again to stop her from talking "but nothing you and ana do love each other but its not a romantic love...we grew up together...she is like a sister to me" he said softly rubbing her cheeks

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