OOC - Dragonseekers

(OOC- No. Derek is the only one that would get the Dragonseeker mark. Females born into the Dragonseeker clan would have the mark over their left ovary, and the men have it in the same place. Derek was brought into the family as a male, so the ancients gifted him with the mark.)

Since we have time till Megan catches up I was hoping to get more clarity on the story Arc. Okay I get that Derek is an official Dragonseeker and bears the mark with the knowledge of the Ancients since we did the ceremony in Romania.

Jack: Dragonseeker Executioner
Alana: Carpathian Angel of Mercy
Derek: Dragonseeker Ancient

So to make sure I am on the same page on this topic can you tell me how it will effect the girls?

Suzy: I know is a Carpathian, but does she have a dragon?

Faith: Will she be like Suzy?

Alex: Will she be like Suzy?

Hope: Will Hope become an official Dragonseeker?

I am trying to get a better grasp on this topic so I don't post something incorrect again.

Also you might want to add info like this to the game info page for those like myself who have not read all 50 of the books. I noticed someone was under the impression that superman existed in this storyline. He obviously misunderstood the story Arc.


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