Second Chance 3

Bethany's relief filled her. She had to grab hold of Adam to keep from falling. Then, the baby started crying.

"Oh, Adamina!" she said. "You seem to be so hungry." She began breast feeding in front of him. "There you go. Feeling better?"

He looked away politly "I do have to go little one...I must return home...I have things I must take care of" he said softly

She said, "Okay. I won't be selfish this time. I'm sorry if I made it seem like your duty to your people was a bad thing. Go, but hurry back, okay?"

"I may not be back for a while little one...Im afraid this is goodbye " he said still not looking at her

Bethany gasped and said, "But... I..." she put Adamina in the bassinet after burping her. "Make love to me. Adam, if this is the last time we see you, at least let us have something good to remember it by."

"beth...I wouldnt be fair to deserve someone who...isnt in my position" he said still not looking at her

She said, "We are just making a memory, Adam. If nothing comes of it, we will always have our friendship."

He was silent for a moment, he could hear Ana's voice in the other room, her lovely voice that he always wanted to hear. with a groan he went over to beth and picked her up in his arms, kissing her once more as he laid her on the bed

She moaned, needing him.

He did not spare her clothes but ripped them of of her and unbutton his pants, his need so strong he only pulled them down enough to pull himself out before he thrusted into her, his size stretched her to her peek

She gasped. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply. She moved her hips slightly and she was instantly lost.

Adam moaned in her neck as he started to thrust harder and deeper "will you submit to me beth....let me show you how my kind takes care of their woman if they submit" he said in a exotic tone

She moaned, her head flying back, and said, "Yes, Adam! Please, don't stop!"

With a groan he flipped her over on her stomach and trusted in her once more, she would feel him bit down on her neck keeping her in place, but his bite pierced no skin and only added to the pleasure, his arms went under her and he began massaging her breast, his cock seem to grow bigger in this position

She moaned loudly. She met him thrust for thrust. "Don't stop! Please! Don't stop!"

Hearing Anas moans from te other room made him groan even more, his hand went underneath her and started playing with her clit while he pounded into her, making her bottom lift so he could go even deeper

She gasped and said, "Adam! I can't last much longer! I feel like I'm going crazy!"

"come with me...little one" he said into her throat

"Adam!" she said in a begging tone. "Yes! Just... I can't... I'm coming!"

With a low growl he pulled out and came on top of her as she came, his seed shooting so strong it hit her breast and face and covered her stomach, there was so muc of it there was no doubt he would have filled her completly if he would have came inside her, he collasped on thhe bed next to her

She couldn't move. She looked at him, smiling. She managed to lace her fingers through his before passing out.

Hours later, Adamina's cries woke her. Bethany sat up and saw that Adam was gone. Her heart started to sink until she saw he left behind a bracelet. She smiled, holding it close for a moment before she went to care for her daughter.


Ana looked to Antony "Antony...I should tell you something" she said in a worried tone

"What is it?" he asked.

"remember how I told you I was raised by a pack who found me? well it was Adams pack, they decided that since I had alpha blood in me that him and me would make a good pair...we grew up knowing we were engaged" she said honestly "but right before I was to have the mating ceremony I met you..." she said sitting down "and now I have been gone for so long...things have gotten worse for my pack...I fear for my people Antony...I need to help them" she said tears forming in her eyes "they are being hunted..."

"Then we will go," he said. "But you will not go without me. It isn't safe. I will be the air around you so that I can protect you, but you will be able to do what needs to be done. I know you don't feel safe without me, so I will go to protect you."

Her eyes got big "I cant! its not safe outside...I cant leave..." she said curling up in the chair

"It's not safe without me," he corrected her. "I will be with you. You will be safe in my arms. Okay?"

"no! you said I can never leave the house...I trust you...your the only one I can antony would not want me to leave.." she said and looked up at him and growled "who are you?" she said in a hostile tone

He smiled and said, "You are so smart. But your people won't come here without cause. Meaning, we would have to give them more than just you living here for them to visit. I was trying to meet in the middle. What will make them come here to talk, Anastasia?"

She still glared at him like she didnt trust him "first...prove to me you are my antony"

He said, "Want to help me with the light fixture?" She already felt his hands and mouth on her body. "Does that sound like a good idea?"

her breath left her and she became instantly wet , the scent of her sweet arousal hit him like a train

He went to her and lifted her. "You know what to do," he said, ripping their clothes from them. "I need to be inside you, Anastasia."

She grabbed onto the light fixture and wrapped her legs around his waist

He thrust into her hard and fast. He merged their minds so they could share the moment. He wanted her to beg for release, beg him to keep going. He wanted her to not care if the world was destroyed around them, as long as they were always together.

SHe cried out his name "more! please! dont stop! filll me with your seed! impregnant me I dont care just dont stop!" se begged

He pinned her to the wall with his teeth. His hands held her hips tightly, holding her still for his invasion. He pounded into her hard and fast and deep, driving every thought from her. He filled her with his seed, sending her over the edge in a free fall.

"Now, any ideas on how to get your old pack here?" he asked as he laid them both on the bed.

When she could catch her breath she looked at him "tell them Im alive and Im here" she said "but one more pack is being hunted by a vampire...."she said in a pain filled tone

"That means meeting them is dangerous," he said. "And I can't let you be in danger."

"ok" was all she said "as long as I ave you nothing else matters right? people die all the time" she said in an emotionless tone

"Erik, River, vampires, targets of vampires," he said, "they are all dangerous, Anastasia. If you read another man's mind and he wants to lay with you, he is also dangerous. You know these things. No man other than me should touch you. Don't go near Erik or River, or their lifemates, without me, do you understand?"

She nodded "what do I do now?"

"Trust me," he said. "I will be outside the barrier and will tell your pack everything. You will be safe. But they cannot see you. If they do, the enemy after them may also see you and try to destroy you. Do you know where Adam is? Perhaps he can bring your pack to the edge of the clearing."

"im not sure.." she said softly "If its so dangerous why dont we just not do anything"

"Because your friend intends to bring your old pack to the door anyway," he said. "He is going to tell them you are alive. If we had caught him before he left, we could have set up a meeting place. He has brought danger to you. What does that mean, Anastasia?"

"that.....that he is bad?" she said in a shaken tone

"That he is suspicious," he said with a smile. "He may not even realize the danger he brings to you. Be careful. You can't be alone with him. He can't touch you. And if he has impure thoughts about you, stay away from him. He is your friend, and you deserve friends. Did Bethany ever come around to agreeing to never leave the house without a male escorting her?"

"yes" she said nodding "antony? " she said getting up and rolling ont top of him

He smiled and asked, "What is it, my love? Not fully satisfied?"

"Im hungry.." she said licking the side of is neck making him hard again, her thoughts werre only of him, his skin his scent his body

"Feed from me, then," he said with a smile. "Take what you need from me."

"I need only you and the chilldren....." she said biting deep

His hand found her core and moved his fingers in and out of her.

She cried out, releasing his neck, she licked it closed quickly beffoe she cried out again "Antony...Im so sensitive!" she gasped and clung to him

"Ride me, Anastasia," he said. "I need you to ride me."

She did as she was told and began to ride him, her cries echoed the room, he had been using her so much she was very sensitive "antony! please...more !" she begged even though her body was sore

He pounded into her hard and fast as he gripped her hips. He filled her once more, letting her collapse on his chest. Because their minds were melded, he kissed her and said, "You are in pain, little one. I am sorry for my rough use of you. I find myself unable to think when I am touching you. Tomorrow, we will simply hold each other. Now, rest. I will care for the children."

She did as he asked and fell asleep on his chest, his cum and him still inside her

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