Erik stretched, bringing him into contact with soft skin and silken hair. He smiled. He would always be amazed at his good fortune in finding his lifemate, and to have two lovely girls. He kissed Meghan taking her first breath.

"Good evening," he said. "I love waking up next to you. I wish I could show you what you mean to me, but we need to save Anastasia. What Antony has done... it's an abomination. She is a puppet, not a lifemate. Even in my worst, most protective moments, I never took your free will from you. Will you help me, my love?"

She kissed his neck teasingly "I will help you and support you in anyways I can" she said into his thraot

Erik groaned and said, "I need you to sneak into Antony's home and talk to Anastasia. I know I said I wouldn't bother her, but we will need River to help us as well."

River, I am sorry to bother you, said Erik in a sad voice. But we must stop Antony. He will not release Anastasia easily. I only need you to break the compulsion on her. You will not have to leave your place of residence. You can use me as an instrument. Once I see Anastasia through a window, you can save her.

I will one one condition......I will need your assistance afterwards

Meghan bit gentle into Eriks neck before he had a chance to answer her

Erik growled. He had to fight to find the link to River again. Of course I will help you. As long as I have your assurance that it will not harm the Carpathian people, you have my word. Tell me what it is after we free Anastasia.

"Meghan," Erik growled. "We are... in a... hurry..."

ok...and for god sakes I can feel her need from here man...just give it to her River said and broke the connection

Her hands wrapped tightly around him, her hands playing with his shoulder blades as her tongue teased his skin

Erik growled. He pinned Meghan beneath him and said, "I knew you would be trouble the moment I saw you." His tip teased her entrance. "What am I going to do with you?"

She smiled "Love me forever" she said in a tone filled with love as his tip was greeted with warmth and her sweet juices

Erik laughed, kissing her neck. "That's a given, mon amour. I mean anything else." He rubbed against her. "Think hard, ma petite, because I'm on fire."

Her lips parted as she gasped softly "make love to me every morning and every evening so no matter what happens during the night we will know that the last thing we did was make love to each other....If today is going to be our last day together....then set my body and soul on fire with your love so we will both go out burning together" she said with much emotion in her tone

Erik smiled, hiding the moister building in his eyes against her throat. "I can do that. I'll make love to you whenever you want... as long as we are not busy at the time." He entered her. "Thank you for loving me so much, though I do not deserve it."

She gasped and cried out as he entered her, she gripped his back "you are more then deserving of my love Erik Daratrazanoff" she moaned

He began moving with long sure strokes. "Meghan, at every turn, I have brought danger to you or hurt you. You have only suffered since I found you. No, I don't deserve someone as smart," he kissed her neck, "beautiful," he kissed her collar bone, "and perfect" he kissed the swell of her breast, "as you are, Meghan."

He was driving thought from her mind so she decided to try something new, she had been practicing her ability, suddenly he was flooded with emotions and memories of their time together, he would feel how from the moment she saw him she wanted to be near him, with each memory he would feel her love grow. To the point he would know the only thing that got her through her time with Xera was him, everyday, every second she thought of him, not once did she ever blame him, the only anger she had was towards xera and it was not for herself but for him, if she would have gotten the chance she would have killed xera not for what she was putting her through but because she knew by her being gone that he was suffering, and for that she wont forgive anyone, not even the prince if he hurt Erik

Erik kissed Meghan deeply. He merged their minds so that he could share the intense and deep love he held for her. No other could have brought him from the darkness as she had. No one had cared about him or worried for him. He didn't want to lose her, not to an enemy or the possessive demon inside.

"I will always love you, Meghan," he said. "For eternity."

Meghan cried out as her pleasure rose with his, she felt as if her body was on fire and her soul was soaring And I you Erik

Erik threw back his head, chanting her name as he filled her. He had to prop himself up on his elbows so that his full weight did not crush her. He didn't want the moment to end. Yet, the world outside of their own barged in. Their children called out to them.

"Shall we go take care of our girls?" he asked.

She cletched tightly around him teasingly, taking the last drop of his seed from him "you go...I have something I need to do" she said kissing him passionately

Erik smiled and said, "Then, I will hurry so that I can help you."

He dressed them both before going to his girls, who tackled him. He laughed at their antics.

Meghan smiled and disappeared into the living room

"daddy are we going out today?" one of the girls asked

"can you teach us more today about magic?" the other one asked

Erik laughed and said, "No, little ones. No magic today. I need you to stay safe at home. Mommy and I have to help someone and I don't want you hurt. Can you be good girls for me and stay with one of the other Carpathians until we come back? Then, I'll take all of us to a special place and have fun."

They both sighed "fine " they both said at the same time

Erik kissed their cheeks. Meghan, come visit the girls.

I cant right now my love I will when I get back, go ahead and take them to their sitter and I will meet you there

Back? Erik asked calmly even though fear was coursing through him. Where have you gone? With vampires out, it isn't safe. Stay connected to me. I've called the sitter to me. I will be with you shortly.

with you with me in my mind I can do anything my love she said and he could see through her vision Antonys house

Erik met the sitter half way and sped towards Meghan. Meghan, I'm supposed to be with you!

If this ends badly one of us has to stay alive to make sure the girls are taken care of....I love you Erik she said before shutting her mind to him

Erik landed behind her and said, "That's not how it works, Meghan. If you die, I either let another hunter kill me quietly or I turn vampire. Those are my options. Our daughters will be without both parent. If I were to die, you would live a half life until you could take the loneliness no longer and followed me. Either way, we both die."

She sighed " im sorry...guess I just ...couldnt concentrate if you werr in danger and.....I mean....look at the other woman....they habe useful abilities...and are strong....I deserve a lifemate who could support you amd are just as talented as you are..." she said as she approached the clearing and stopped

Erik smiled and said, "Meghan, you are far more talented than I am. You are an empath. You can help keep the calm while we try to save Anastasia. You had this ability before I even met you, and it is stronger now."

She didnt say anything instead she pushed her way in Anas mind, Her eyes were closed and Erik would see sweat start to fome on her and her breathing quicken as she started to try an manipulate Ana, suddenly before Erik could do Anything Ana comes running from the house towards them as megan started to sway

Erik wrapped his arms around Meghan. He knew she had worked a miracle but is was temporary. If Antony started talking to her or kissing her, Meghan's cure would be useless. But Meghan had done her part and he was extremely proud of her.

Antony grabbed Anastasia and said, "What's wrong?"

Now, River! Erik said.

A rush off power went through Erik and Ana's screams were heard as she grabbed her head and fell to her knees

After a moment , she turned to Antony, tears falling down her face "you.....I wish.....I wish I had never met you monster" she said and bolted towards Erik

Erik put himself between Anastasia and Meghan. Antony was fuming. Erik had taken his lifemate. He was River's puppet.

"You turned your lifemate into a puppet," said Erik. "River may control some vampires, but she never forced the person she loved to become a doll for them to play with." He looked at Anastasia. "I need you to go get the babies and your friend from the house. We cannot leave them here. You are welcome to stay with Meghan and me. It would be an honor to have you help protect my family."

Ana and meghan turned to mist, meghan got bethany out and Ana got her children

"Is one woman not enough for you?" Antony asked. "You must kidnap mine as well."

"No, I'm setting her free," said Erik. "You turned her into a prisoner, a puppet. At least with me, she can move freely."

"Anastasia, I was keeping you safe!" said Antony, hoping she would hear the pain in his voice. "I don't want to lose you! Please, come back!"

"you said there is no such thing as divorce for your kind...well here take this as my personal divorce papers" she said and completely closed her mind to his. And turned away, ignoring the pain of not being linked to him

Antony growled and tried to grab her. Erik grabbed his hand and stopped him, shaking his head.

"She needs time," said Erik. "As her lifemate, you owe her that. Spend your time hunting, or learning how much you hurt her. If we had come a day later, your compulsion would have become permanent. You would have erased the very person you were supposed to protect. Yet, the one monster you couldn't protect her from was yourself."

Erik let him go and Antony fell to his knees. Erik walked away with Anastasia, Bethany, Meghan, and the children.

Are you ready to keep the end of your deal? Rivers voice said In Erik's head

Yes, answered Erik. I will take the women to my home and meet with you.

Erik carried Bethany while Anastasia and Meghan carried the babies. In no time, he had them home.

"Anastasia, I'm putting up safeguards on the house," he said. "You can leave at any time, but once you do, you will need Meghan to let you back in. Is that okay?"

She only nodded and went into the room they gave her

After only a few minutes of being at the house Erik had to put Ana to sleep because of the pain of separation, Meghan put her children to rest in the same room with her. They put beth and her baby in a guest room near the kitchen which was fully stocked.

I will meet you by the lake River said just as he was leaving the house

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