Intervention 2

Erik left. He flew through the air and waited by the lake in the form of an owl. He knew River would know he was there, but anyone else doing a scan would only find an owl.

River's head popped up from the water and only showed he neck up "please come out" she said in a tired tone

He landed by the water and said, "River. What is it that you need my help with?"

She sighed and slowly came out of the water in a black dress that showed her legs and arms, all the veins in her body were black, showing vividly against her pale skin "I need to feed on something thats not.....dead. But.......My wont like it" she said coming to stand in front of him

"Why do you not feed on humans?" Erik asked. "I would like to know. You are Carpathian, River. It is natural to use humans as prey. So, why do you refuse to?"

"Its bite can easily kill a human....and....I mean not that I care its just....a bother you know....having to clean up the bodies and all" She said looking away from him

"Shall I look into that for you?" Erik asked. "I can heal your body and allow you to do what is natural to our people."

"Its not something that could be healed....anyways my child cant withstand the vampire blood like I can...I just need blood that wont hurt him and you offered" she said still not looking at him

Erik was suddenly wary. "Yes, I did offer, yet you always refused. You and your child were fine then. Vampire blood would have effected you and the baby immediately. What changed now?"

"they have to eat done they? feeding three vampires is not easy" she said plainly, he would then notice the deep bite marks on her neck and arms

"What happened to you?" he asked. "This is not normal. I would rather not put you to sleep to heal you, River."

"are you going to let me feed or not....I will sleep when I go back home" she said in a more hostile tone

"You don't seem to be the River I know," said Erik. "I know this may seem awful of me, but I need proof that you are River and not someone else."

She growled "ok your an ass hole and so is the rest of your kind and frankly I would rather give up my wings then have to rely on you to eat but since that is not a option here we are and here you are waiting my time" she said crossing her arms and looking at him like he was an idiot

"I need to know why I would not like you feeding from me, how you became wounded, and if you will allow me to heal you," he said.

"Im not wounded just....drained, anyways the reason you will not like my bite is one its painful and two it messes with your head..." she said honestly

"Fine," said Erik. "I would still like to heal you. It will be just between you and me. If I can allow you to feed from humans, and even your own lifemate, without harming them, then would you allow me? I would like to merely examine you after you feed."

She growled "it cant be fixed! its not an injury its not metal its something that was breed into me ok " she said swaying a bit "now are we doing this or not?"

He said, "Of course." He held out his wrist. "And something like this isn't bred into someone, River. It's introduced. Since I know that it isn't something that will stick out, I will simply look for abnormalities that don't disrupt your abilities to function. Will you allow me to look after this is over?"

"No....I dont like someone messing with me or in my head...and Im too tired to fight you if I need to and too tired to keep you from being in sorry" she said looking at his wrist, he would then notice her fangs, but it was not natural, instead of just her caines becoming sharp, are her teeth grew and became sharp

He stopped her a moment. "My grandfather told me of a spell... it can return you to normal... it's just something that should never be used unless it's an emergency. I will perform it and make you into a normal Carpathian so that you won't harm others while feeding. Nothing else will change unless you wish it. Think about it while you feed."

River didnt answer instead she took his wrist with he hands and held it up to her lips, they were soft and cold, her tongue licked his skin, when she bit in his whole body felt a wave of pain shoot through him, enough to make him drop to his knees, the area around him started to spin and morph until is was new all together, he was in a cave, he could smell Meghan, he rounded the corner to a arch way and there inside a room was Meghan, naked with her arms open to him " you want to join them?" she asked with a smile on her face but had no life in her eyes, suddenly the room started to go dark and red eyes appeared behind her, shadows grabbed at her and images of what he had seen when he had found Meghan the first time in xera cave started to play out in from of him, her begging screams echoed the room as she reached for him, begging him to save her but he could not move, only watch for what seemed like hours. Suddenly it was all gone and everything went black, he felt the grass underneath him and a cool breeze wash over him as he slowly opened his eyes and was looking at the night sky "your finally awake..." said river someone near him

Erik sat up, shaking. He looked at River for a moment, and smiled.

"That's some power," he said. "I am sorry such a thing was forced upon you to bear. Now that you are better, do you wish me to do the spell my grandfather told me about? It will make sure that you can feed from humans and your lifemate without harming them, and they will never have to relive the most traumatic moments of their lives. Every other ability will still be there, if you wish."

"Im fine....its useful when I need it" she said standing up "sorry......I dont get to choose the memory......its something in my saliva....messes with your brain.....I could have spared you if I was at full strength" she said in a emotionless tone "anyways since your up Ill be taking my leave" she said and started to turn away

"I can change that so that you can feed normally and only use that ability when it is most useful," he said. "Wouldn't it be nice to be able to feed from your lifemate and enjoy the sensation without having to shield him from his darkest memories?"

She stopped "you seem so eager to help me and mess with me Erik....why?" she said suspiciously

"Because of your memories," he said honestly. "I remember hunters being drawn to the mountain you were being held, and the vampires that kept us out. We knew someone or something was inside and we had to get them out. Then, three years ago, when we found you, hunters stopped going to that mountain. Whatever drew us there was gone. After looking at your memories, I realized you were calling to us. And the whole of the Carpathian people failed you. I want to make up for that and offer my help now so that you can live happily with your lifemate and your child. Is that so wrong?"

"yes....I will not ease your guilt for should go back home....your prince is on his way to your house" she said and disappeared into mist

Erik sighed and hoped one day, he would get the chance to help her. He made his way home to his lifemate and those in his care.

Just as River told him, Antony was trying to get Anastasia to open the door. Erik created a small hole in the safeguard so that he could fly in. Once inside, he sealed the hole and made his way to the women.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Ana is still asleep and Antony is freakin out" Meghan said hugging Erik

"It's the separation," said Erik, holding her to him. "They need each other's mind touch to feel comfortable. In his mind, we have taken her from him just as she was taken before. The sun will rise soon. He will have to go to ground and so will we. We are safe as long as we don't open the door for him. It will be alright."

Meghan cringed and hugged him tighter as Antony's pain was being felt through all the Carpathians mind "Erik I dont think I can take this much hurts to much" she said with tears in her eyes

"If we give Anastasia to him, it will only get worse," said Erik. "You, me, the girls. We will be hunted for trying to save her and all of the Carpathian people will listen to the prince because he leads us. I am sorry to put you through this."

I cant...I cant take this anymore!" she said and Erik would feel a surge of power, suddenly Antony's cries and anguish would stop.

Erik looked out the window. Antony had sat down on the porch, head in his hands. He appeared to be mumbling to himself. Then, he suddenly left.

"Whatever you did," Erik said, returning to Meghan, "it worked. He's gone home."

She looked at him and gave him a soft smile "I...didnt..." she said before she started to fall, passing out

He caught her and took her to ground, knowing Bethany would care for the children until they rose again.

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