Intervention 3

Erik woke to knocking on the door. He scanned his surroundings. He growled. Antony was back. He got up. Bethany hid with the children in her room.

Erik said through the door, "You have no business here right now."

"My lifemate is inside," said Antony. "I need to speak with her."

She is still under...if we wake her now she will wake to the separation Meghan said to Erik from the other room

I know, said Erik. Perhaps if you talk to her, comfort her and fill her with companionship, she will hold off on the misery of the situation. But he will not get in our home.

"She doesn't want to talk to you, Antony," said Erik. "One day is not enough time to get over what you did to her."

"Damn it!" Antony said. "Let me in!"

"No," said Erik.

With a sigh Meghan woke Ana, her instant pain caught her off guard, after a moment she was able to try to comfort her but it was barely holding She's up meghan said unable to hide the discomfort in her tone

Does she wish to see Antony?

If beating him beyond Reconstruction means see then yes....

"Anastasia!" Antony called out in a pained voice. "Please! Come back to me!"

Please make him leave...I cant hold it much longer and his voice is making it worse Meghan said to Erik

Erik said, I am trying, but it is hard to do when he is on the other side of the door and opening the door to throw him off my porch allows him inside.

"You are causing her pain," said Erik. "Leave."

"You have cut us off!" accused Antony. "Why can't I enter her mind?!"

"You really think she is going to let you back in?" Erik asked. "Just so you can make her a puppet again?"

Antony was silent a moment. "No... I really did just want to talk."

"Leave," said Erik. "She needs time."

"How much?"

"She will contact you when she is ready."

Antony left.

Meghan put Ana back to sleep after she cared for her children and then joined Erik in the other room, She was pale and looked tired "she sleeps..."she said in a tired tone

He put his arms around her and said, "I'm sorry to have asked you to do such a thing. She needs us to help her but it has only been one day. The pain for both of them is great already. I fear for them both."

"I know the pain...." she said softly thinking back to the cave "Ill be fine...I want to help" she said with a soft smile

"Still, it is a large burden. I fear what it will do to you. You need to feed, more than you did before. Take what you need from me."

"IM ok Erik I promise besides you need your strength in case he comes back....there is a reason Im this weak and its not anyones fault..I choose it" she said in a tone that meant she was hiding something

"What does that mean?" he asked in a worried tone.

"well Antony is the prince....we cant lose him....and he is your friend and I know you and many others care for I have been helping him too" she said honestly

"Megan, that is too much for you," Erik said, worry in his tone. "How have you been helping him?"

"same way I help Ana...making it bearable.." she said sitting down "But his....they are much stronger...and he doesn't sleep until he has too.." she said with a sigh "the only luck I have had is that his is so distracted he doesnt notice im there in his mind"

"That is dangerous, Meghan," Erik said. "My uncles would agree, you should leave him be."

"I cant....he is going crazy with my help...if I dont help him he would kill you just to get to her..." she said in a worried tone "I just need to balance it..can you bring me a bottle?" she asked

"Did you not see what he did to his own lifemate?" Erik asked. "He turned her into a puppet! What do you think he will do to you?!"

"I trust you would know if he was messing with my mind" she said tiredly

"Meghan, I didn't recognize it in his lifemate, and I've battled beside her. Please, let someone else balance him out. Like me."

"Can you control emotions? " she said raising her eyebrow "no you cant...besides if he takes control of you...thats scarier then young...not that are not young and are powerful....please Erik let me do that I can do this...if you dont I dont think I can" she said in a sincere tone

"Alright, I trust you," he said. "But the instant he starts to take over your mind, you must tell me."

She nodded and swayed slightly in the chair "blood...please" she said sounding more tired then before

Erik brought her three bottles and said, "Here. Drink all of them."

She nodded and started drinking, by the second bottle she had some color back in her cheeks but it didnt last long and she had to finish the third for it to stay "why dont you go play with our daughters...Ill watch over Ana and beth"

"No, they will survive," said Erik. "I will watch over you this rising. We will play with them together."

She sighed "I knew I should not have said anything" she said in a pouting tone

"I'm glad you did," he said. "Otherwise, I'd be even more worried. Now, I know what I'm up against."

sure you do.....please your so distracted even I could take you right now she thought to herself unware he could hear her

Is that what you think? he asked, making her feel his mouth on her breast and his hand at her womanhood.

She gripped the chair and gasped, closing her legs as heat started to form there "Stop...dont distract me you naughty man you" she said with an uneven tone

"I'm not distracted," Erik said, smiling. "Admit it. I caught you with your pants down."

"I admit nothing and you cant make me" she said stubornly

She felt his mouth move down to her womanhood, sucking and nibbling on her bud and his tongue stabbing deep. "You know you were the one so distracted, I got a way in."

She cried out "Erik stop! if you dont Ill lose my control on his mind" she said breathlessly "im afraid we cant have....anything until this is resolved"

Erik cursed and stopped. He sat down and said, "You go enjoy time with the girls. I have... business to attend to."

She nodded and with her cheeks still flushed she went to the other room

Bethany looked tired but still smiled at Meghan and asked, "How are you this evening?"

"frustrated.....but better then others" she said glancing were Ana slept in the ground "you?"

"I had three infants and two toddlers to look after," she said. "I'm tired, but I can't find the energy to fall asleep. Too much work. Oh, and Antony tried to get into my head, but he realized he couldn't when I was focusing on five children, two of which are his own. He gave up pretty fast."

"you rest I will care for them" she said sitting down next to all their cribs

Bethany sat in a chair opposite her with a smile and said, "I can't leave you to do this alone. How is Anastasia this evening? She isn't hurting is she? I know Anastasia can be stubborn, but we must help her."

"what do you mean by help her? meghan asked suspiciously

"You know, make sure she is okay with the break up between her and Antony," said Bethany, a hitch in her voice. "It must be painful, everything that has happened and all. I mean, they have children together. It must be so hard on Anastasia, knowing the man she loves did that to her. I know we can make her feel better."

Erik check beths mind....I think something is wrong

"How do we do that?" she asked

"Talking to her," Bethany said, "having a girls night out. You know, have fun!"

Get the children and stay away from her! Antony is controlling her!

"that actually sounds like a good idea...ok how about you go get some blood from the pantry and ill wake her up, that way she can eat when she wakes" she said with a smile

Im sending her to get blood you know what to do when she gets there she said knowing the cells were there

Bethany nearly ran to the pantry, a triumphant smile on her face. However, Erik shoved her into a holding cell before she could grab the blood.

"What's going on?!" Bethany asked. "Why are you doing this?!"

Meghan focused hard on Antony, she let him see how wrong it was to use beth like that, how much it would hurt Ana to know he was using her dear friend

"I just want to talk to her," Bethany asked, though they both knew it was Antony speaking. "Is that so wrong?"

"Yes," said Erik.

"Please, I have to see her." She sat on the ground. "I will not leave Bethany's mind until I do."

Erik maybe if he agrees to hide that its him this might be a good thing, he will see how muc he has hurt her see that she is fine...i might lesson my burden

I can see his plan, my love. He will go into her mind and make her come back to their home. Beyond that, I do not know.

She sighed and focused more on him, making him go completly numb so he could once again see the wrong in his actions

Bethany screamed in pain, gripping her head. Erik said, Stop, Meghan! He's making a stand right now! Her screams will wake Anastasia!

If you wake her Antony you will never see her again is that clear? you will never see her or your children again so think right now what you want to do because if you wake her I promise that's what will happen she said into his head with a tone so sincere he knew she was telling the truth you think I cant make that hapen? HUh? she tld me herself she would rather die then see you so I have her permission then and I will do it ....wake her now and her and your children wil be lost to you forever

All I want to do is explain. Is that really so wrong, Meghan?

WHats wrong is turning your lifemate into a puppet....whats wrong is not giving her the space she needs....whats wrong is she cant trust you not to try to mind fuck her to the point she cant take care of her own children and goes through te seperation! for fucking sakes Antony back off!

That's why I need to explain! Yesterday, I thought it all over! I was selfish and cruel! I did let my fear control me! I know I can't promise it won't happen again! I have to tell her that... that I'm going to disappear. That no one will see me for one year while I train in solitude in Russia. The lycans have given me a spot that they need help protecting, so she will be free from me for a while. In our home, in the basement, opposite of the holding cells, there is a spell Ivory gave me. If she performs it, for one full year, she will not feel the separation. I wanted to tell her in person, Meghan. I was wanting to personally give her that time.

Meghan looked to Erik to see if he thinks they could trust him

Seeing you in person will only make this worse, Antony. But I will tell her. You should leave now. You will make good timing. She and I will know if you come to harm. Go. Train. I will take care of our people until then.

Bethany started crying. They knew his answer then. Antony left.

"I... want to leave," Bethany said. "I'm not cut out to live near Carpathians."

Meghan side and helped her from the cell "Ana will be sad to hear that....she will be left alone then" She said walking her back to her room

"Stasia isn't a Carpathian," Bethany denied. "I'm scared. If he could get in so easily... then the vampire could... could..."

"I know you are scared, but we will protect you," said Erik. "Actually, I need your help."

Within an hour, Bethany was in a car and going to Antony's house.

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