Lifemates 2

It doesn't hurt me. Before, I didn't have a name for my fear, and that was terrifying. Now... I don't know. Knowing your name, you don't seem as frightening. And your name doesn't bring up the memories. Actually, when I looked at you, I wasn't scared like before. It was a different kind of fear.

Do not say such things....I do not deserve them....what do you need, I will do anything you ask of life is yours

You said you want to stay nearby? Well, why not here, at this house? Just promise not to come into my room while I sleep or to take Adamina from me, okay?

If that is what you wish of me it will be done

Bethany suppressed a smiled and said, Don't sound so thrilled. Erik told me I have to learn to be with you. Think of this as one step closer to...

NO! I told will not come to that.....I will live until the darkness comes and then I will greet the dawn....Until then my life is yours and your childs

I was told that you greeting the dawn and leaving us behind is actually worse. I would be incapable of caring for my own child because of the loss. I'm trying to cope but I'm still human. We can at least get to know each other.

I see....then I will do what you need of me, I am back in my cell I will remain here unless you say otherwise

Thank you.

Bethany looked at Anastasia. "He's staying here. He sounds... so lonely."

Ana hugged her "I Know come on lets..."but she didn't get to answer, something grabbed her from behind and ripped her away from beth, Beth tuned just in time to see the vampire bite deep into Ana's neck

Before anyone could react beth saw a blur go past her, suddenly Rasputin was there, he grabbed the vampire by the back of the neck, making him release Ana, once she was free Ana ran towards beth "Run!" She yelled and grabbing her wrist making her start running with her

"But what about him?" Bethany started to say, but tripped with a scream. She looked back and said in a whisper, "Rasputin." Fear gripped her. She didn't want him hurt. "No!"

She got up and ran towards Rasputin, trying to knock the vampire away from him. However, the plan backfired and she soon found herself as the vampire's hostage. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks. Not again. Please, God, not again.

"Beth look at me" Rasputin said "Keep looking at me" he said in a calm tone, when she did she would hear the vampire cry out and drop her, Rasputin was instantly in front of her, hugging him to her and taking flight into the air towards the house, beth would look back just in time to see Erik do the finishing blow while Meghan tried to help Ana.

He set her down in the living room and stepped back "Im sorry I left my cell without you telling me too Ill be going back now" he said and turned and started walking away

Erik said, "You thought of your lifemate's needs above your own. That is enough to show me you have started to change. I will keep an eye on you, naturally, but you can stay here. Clearly, trouble finds your mate and she needs your protection."

He nodded silently and left to his cell without another word

Ana came in, her shirt full of blood but the wound closed, Meghan was helping her walk and gently put her in a chair, Beth would tell she was angry at her by the way she looked at her "Damnit beth have you learned nothing! running towards danger is how you got kidnapped in the first place! you promised you wouldnt do that anymore and honestly I cant stay here with you if you do I dont want you putting me and my children in danger because you make dumb decision! me and my children are leaving" she said in a harsh tone "Im done with you and your stupidity!" she said and despite Meghan's efforts to keep her seated she got up and went to her room with her children and slammed the door

Bethany ran to the door and said, "I'm sorry! But... I couldn't let him get hurt. I couldn't. I know it was stupid but I couldn't stop myself. Stasia, please stay with me! I need you right now! Everything is changing around me and I can't keep up! Please! I'll... I'll stay in the house! Then I can't do anything stupid anymore! Please!"

"the only reason he would have gotten hurt was because you ran in like that! you when it comes to lifemates if they know your safe they are able to concentrate on the fight if you put yourself in danger they will loose focus and get hurt or worse! Im sorry Beth but I have problems of my own I need to deal with and just dont seem to be able to be the strong woman you once were and I cant take the risk of you messing up anymore" she said through the door.

Bethany said, "I'm still human, Anastasia. I don't understand what is happening. And my human mind says I have to help or I'd never forgive myself. I can't change that. You know I've always been that way, getting hurt trying to help others. I know nothing of lifemates. How was I supposed to know he would be hurt by me trying to help?"

"you and I both know even if you would have known you would have stepped in...Im sorry beth your to much of a risk to be around right now, until you can learn to use your head and not make stupid decisions I cant risk being around you or have you being around my children" she said and the door opened her bag was in her hand and her children were in their stroller "I hope to see that strong woman again some day but until then....goodbye Beth" she said and walked past her towards the door

"He's out there, waiting for you," Beth said. "You would risk him taking over your mind again because I felt I had to step in? You would risk becoming a puppet? Now who is being stupid?" Bethany blocked Anastasia's path. "I may jump in and cause people to get hurt, but at least I'm honest about what I've done. You go out and do the exact same things over and over, trying to get a different result. You were his prisoner once, and now you are handing yourself and your children over again. And as I recall, if I hadn't of tried to help you all those years ago, you would be dead right now. Did you get more hurt because I stepped in, yes, but you also lived. Just like Rasputin will live. I didn't give up on you, and I won't give up on him, despite everything he put me through. I don't know why, but I have to help him, like I have no choice and it scares me. I wanted to run away, but I couldn't." She looked at Anastasia, fear in her eyes. "Could he have done to me what Antony did to you?"


She dropped the pillow and hugged him."I'm free. I've gotten away and now," she looked at him, eyes full of hope and life he had never seen before, "I don't have to hide from myself." She kissed him. It was soft and tentative, but without fear. "Make love to me. Please?"

He laid her down on the bed and covered her body with his "are you sure this is what you want?"

Xaviera smiled and said, "Yes, it's what I want. For months, I haven't been able to want anything more than freedom. Now... I want you. You are my freedom, Caldwell. I see now that you are what I wanted all along."

Their clothes were gone with a thought, she would feel his tip at her core, his warm skin against her, he started kissing her neck "I will try to be gentle and take it slow...." he said in a silk tone

Xaviera wrapped her arms around his neck and said, "Do what you need to do. I'm not afraid anymore. So, just make love to me however you need to."

"do not say words so lightly darling....." he said with a growl as he slowly entered her, his teeth grazing her neck as he did

She gasped, squeezing around him. "It's so different from them. Better." She looked at him in awe. "Is this what if feels like to have a lifemate?"

"NOt even close darling" He said and merge his mind with hers as he started pounding hard and biting deep into her neck

She screamed with pleasure, her toes curling. She chanted his name, her nails digging into his back to anchor herself. She met him thrust for thrust.

He released her neck "let your instinct take over you...drink from me Xera" he said threw clenched teeth as he kept surging deeper and deeper inside her

Xaviera looked at him a moment before kissing his neck. She made her way down his chest until she was right over his heart. She teased his skin with little nibbles, using her tongue to ease the pain. She smiled when she heard a growl of satisfaction. Then, her teeth sank deep.

He growled and started pounding into her harder, he lifted her butt with his hand to goo deeper inside her, she would feel the click of the bond being completed

She closed the wound and hugged him to her. "Caldwell! It's too intense!"

"Trust me...let go I will catch you" he said in a silk moaned tone into her neck

She gripped him, the friction like heavenly pain as she shattered around him.

He filled her to her max, his seed running down her legs while he was still cuming inside of her, He rolld them so she laid on top of him so he did not crush her with his weight

"Caldwell," she said, looking at him, "I want to... I want to go outside. I want to feel the wind on my face. Please?"

He cleaned and dressed them both "stay with me do not wonder" he said taking her hand and headed out the cavern

"Why would I want to?" she asked with a smile.

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