Lifemates 3

Ana glared at beth "figure it out yourself.....I have enough problems in my life I cant deal with your reckless behavior" she said and moved around beth and walked back towards the house.

Beth grabbed Anastasia by the wrist and said, "I'm scared and confused about what is happening! Can you blame me?!"

She ripped her wrist from her grip and bared her fangs at her making her fall to the ground "dont touch me! dont speak to me! deal with your own problems as fair as im concerned we are no longer friends and if you keep pushing me beth just know I haven't feed yet and young and stupid is my favorite!" she said looking at her with threatening look before storming off

Bethany started crying. I don't know what to do anymore! she thought, not realizing that Rasputin would hear her despair.

your pain beats at you need my assists? he asked in a soft tone

Why would you want to talk to me? She asked him, oddly surprised that she was happy that he was talking to her. I got you hurt. I said some hurtful things. I...

I have done worse...he said in a sadden tone what is wrong...

Because I jumped in and tried to help you, she thinks I'm dangerous. Anastasia wants to leave because I couldn't stop myself from trying to save you.

Even I did not like the idea of you jumping in but maybe she needs time.....though I know I do not know her well from what I have heard....being controlled....does things he said in a deep lost tone like he was thinking about something

Bethany hugged herself. I know she has been through things. I know she is on edge. But... I'm not dangerous. I just have a need to help people, stranger or otherwise.

Did you ever think that maybe by putting yourself in danger you make the people you are trying to protect be more in danger? why do you think males do not take their lifemates with them to battle? because the distraction they cause by being there and in danger is enough to get them both killed

I get it! When it comes to lifemates, I'm an idiot! But I'm human! No one told me I would have a lifemate, so they never told me! I don't know anything about lifemates or Carpathians or anything like that!

the concept is still the same if you are human to know your loved one is in danger is a distraction....since you dont know how to fight and me and Ana do it would have been better if you did not interfere

Then, I guess some mistake has been made. I can't be with someone who tells me to fight what I know is right. It doesn't matter if I can't fight. If I can help in anyway, I'm going to try.

its one thing to help its another to be stubborn enough were you do not help but do the opposite and if you can not see your wrong doings in this situation I can not help you but I will say this, earlier you did not help but you did put me and Ana in more danger and until you admit to yourself that you need to start thinking before you act I fear one day you will get yourself or someone you care about killed...that includes your daughter.....if you immature interference today had gotten me and Ana killed and then you who would your daughter have? would the vampire have spared her? taken her? killed her? you wouldn't have know because you would have been dead he said in a plain tone

Bethany gasped and said, I just... I didn't... I had to try and save you. I don't know why but the thought of you being hurt... I didn't want that. I normally think things through before I jump in... but I couldn't do that with you.

He was silent for a moment you should go rest....he said in a soft tone

No! I want Anastasia back! I don't want you to have this power over me! I want things to go back to normal!

Sometimes we cant get what we want but if we are lucky we can get what we need and right now your daughter needs you

Bethany went to Adamina and fed her. I feel... so alone right now. She didn't realize broadcasted her need for someone to love her and hold her close to Rasputin. And at that moment, she didn't care who it was as long as they didn't ask anything of her, just to hold her to make her feel... cared for.

Suddenly strong arms wrapped around her from behind "I know you dont want me out of my cell but I cannot sit still when you feel such a way" he said in a low tone.

She looked at him, tears in her eyes, and said, "I just thought I could distract that monster enough for everyone to get away. But he was going to hurt you... I don't know why, but the thought of that happening scared me. That's why I..."

He suddenly stepped back away from her and looked away "Dont talk like that.....other wise yo u make me want to do things that will upset you" he said in a low tone

"I'm just being honest," she said. "Something in me didn't like the idea of you dying, despite everything you put me through. The thought of him killing you was too painful. I had to try and stop him from..."

He growled "Stop!" he said in a upset tone "Do not talk to me like a lifemate I do not deserve it my death would have been more then justified though if anyone should kill me it should be you" he said and suddenly walked out of the room closing the door behind him

She put her sleeping child in bed then followed him, shutting the door so she didn't disturb her.

She started yelling, "Why did you come to me if you didn't want the truth?! I hate you but I don't want you hurt! The thought of you dead... I don't even want to think about it because it hurts me! You don't know what it's like, being tormented by your voice in my head for six months, taunting me, only for you to do something to change me!" She stopped in front of him. "I want to get away from you, but I can't! I'm confused by these feelings, but it doesn't change the fact that I can't bare you being hurt! I... I just..."

She saw his expression. It pained her. Without thinking, she kissed him. When she realized what she was doing, she backed away, shock on her face.

"What am I doing?" she asked herself out loud. "I shouldn't have done that. Adam will be..."

His fist slammed into the wall so hard the whole house echoed, his head was turned to the side so she could not see his face "Do not speak of me and your change Beth and especially do not speak of other are not the only one going through change though you like to act like it....." he said in a cold tone "Do you know why you were so easy to manipulate...its because you are was lick manipulating a always want someone to come to your rescue or to figure out your problems for you, you act without thinking, you ignore other peoples problems and at the end of the day you are just as selfish as a child. If you had truly not wanted me to get hurt then you wouldn't have acted without thinking, your action was selfish us both a favor and keep your thoughts to yourself I do not want to hear them anymore" he said and disappeared before her very eyes


She went back to her room, locked the door and curled up into a ball. She felt like her world was falling apart. She had only meant to save him... now, it felt like her heart had been ripped out. She heard a wolf howl outside and looked out her window.

"Adam..." she said aloud, "I'm so sorry..."


Meghan looked to Erik "Erik.....Ana is not handling things well I fear she is going to do something dangerous" she said in a tone full of worry

"I won't let her leave," Erik said. "Not with everything that happened. Besides, she needs Bethany just as much as Bethany needs her."

She went up to him and held his hand softly "Be honest....did you ever have the urge what Antony did to Ana to me?" she said meeting his gaze

"No," he said. "I could command it all I like, but I know you wouldn't listen. Besides I would never force my will upon you in such a manner. I like that you have a mind of your own. It makes you who you are, and I don't want you to change."

She hugged him "I hope what you say remains true in the future..." she said not able to hide the worry from her tone

"Trust me, after seeing Anastasia violated like that... I never want you to look like that. Ever."

She pulled back to look up at him "Erik...." she said with eyes filled with love and tears

He kissed her deeply, with all the passion he held. Then, he looked up. "We need to convince Anastasia to stay here. Can you handle it, my love? I'm afraid that I'm not good with women, other than you."

"I will try....why dont you go hunt...." she said with a soft smile

"Okay," he said. "Just... try to get her to stay in the house some how. I will be back soon."

She gave him a kiss "please be safe no matter what you must come back to me and the girls" She said in a sincere tone

"I will always return to you," he said before kissing her one last time and leaving.

Once he was gone he went and knocked on Ana's door "Hey its Meghan can I come in?" she said softly, when there was no reply she opened the door "Hey Ana can we...." but suddenly her world went black

Once Ana had knocked Meghan out she laid her on her bed and shut the door and finished packing. She put her children in the scarf like holder that went around her torso and chest, one on each side and quickly left out the back door, She had grabbed the keys to Eriks car earlier when they were not looking, first she put it in natural and pushed it until she was far enough away she knew they wouldn't hear. Then she got in put the babies in their car seats and started driving.

Antony appeared on the road in front of Anastasia. I want you back home. I need you and the children. Please.

She swerved to avoid hitting him but kept going no! leave me alone Antony or I promise you will never see any of us again

He caused the earth to split in front of her, giving her enough time to stop before she wrecked. I can't do that. It's been hell without you. Please, come home.

She slammed on her brakes and checked on the babies and saw they were safe Antony stop! I dont want to see you and if you dont leave now you will force me to do something drastic!

He opened the door and said, "I need you. Please. I can't function. I have my sister playing body guard, I have Erik acting like he can command me, and I am losing my mind without you. Please, come home."

She punched him hard in the face, his nose cracking under her fist making him stagger back and she slammed the door shut and slammed on the gas going around the hole.

He got up and followed her. He appeared in the passenger seat. "I don't want to relapse. I want you to come home for one night so we can talk. My sister, Suzianna, she will be there to keep me in check. Come by tomorrow... please."

She stopped the car and took a deep breath not looking at him "Antony......the more you crowd me the more I dont want to see you.....I need time"

"That's why I asked my sister to keep me in line," he said. "Hell, she's stronger than I am and she scares me. So, I promise to keep the room between us and if I cross a line, you can watch as my older sister kicks my ass."

"Antony...get out of the car" she said in a tired tone

"Just say you will come by," he said. "You can even bring Eric! I only want to talk, nothing more!"

Suddenly, Antony was pulled out of the car by Erik. Antony sighed and walked away. Erik got in and said, "We are returning to the house. This is why we didn't want you to leave. So you didn't have to see him until you were ready. Leaving the land it is built on leave you open to him. You are lucky. You still had ten miles before he was able to use compulsion on you. Now, home."

"Erik...I need to be alone with my children...I need time to myself...I am grateful for all you have done but...."

"There is a cave system under the house, Anatasia," he said. "If you needed time alone, you could have asked and I could have showed them to you. Without my guidence, anyone going into them would never find you. But running away into his arms isn't the answer. And you just saw that that's exactly what would happen."

"stop!" Anan yelled gripping the wheel so tight her knuckles turned white "I dont need to be reminded that I have to hide from the man I....loved" she said in a uneven tone "just take me to the tunnels" she said whipping the car around so hard he hit the passenger door

"Ow," he said mockingly. "Just be careful. There is a vampire stalking our people this night."

She suddenly pressed the gas all the way down and the care jerked forward " was not a wise choice then to knock out your lifemate...." Ana said bitting her lip


Suzanna listened to a oldies station as she drove down the street towards the inn she was staying at, she worried about her brother and tried to figure out a way to help him. As she drove she wondered if if should eat first before heading up into the mountains to visit her brother.

Dante crashed to the ground. His battle would end in defeat now. Just then, a car stopped next to him.

The passenger side door opened "Get in hunter" Suzanna said with urgency in her tone, she could tell by his build that he was a warrior and his scent let her know he was of her kind, which meant if he looked this bad there was a vampire not to far behind

With difficulty, Dante did as she told him. He couldn't stand, so he had to crawl into the car. When he got inside, he passed out. He didn't have time to shut down his heart, betraying how weak he really was.

She sped off towards the inn, warding the car so they could not be followed, when she got there she pulled around back and got out, her senses on over drive as she went around to the passenger door "Alright big with me" She said opening the dor and trying to get the big man out, he was rock solid and all muscle which meant more weight. With a sigh she went inside the in and asked some of the workers there to help her get her drunk friend to her room which they happily agreed to. Once the managed to get him into her room and put him on her bed she thanked them and tipped them and locked the door behind them and warded the room. She then bit into her wrist and put it to the hunters lip and pushed into his mind willing him to wake up and drink

He began drinking deeply. A moan escaped his throat. Dante finally looked at Suzianna. Colors exploded around him. Lifemate.

Suzana was mentally kicking herself, she had not been intimate with anyone for a long time but still it was a bother for her body to react like this to a stranger, the second his teeth sank into her skin her body ignited "Easy hunter...I still need to feed myself "She said in a uneven tone unable to look away from his handsome face

He closed the wound and looked at her, "Thank you for saving me. But I must destroy the vampire." He tried to sit up. "He may have..."

He gasped in pain and fell back to the bed, blood flowing freely from him once more.

She growled "your not going anywhere hunter at this pont you will just be binging him a snack which will be you" she said reopening her wrist "Now hurry up and drink do not waste my precious blood again" she said in a stern tone

"Yes, ma'am," he said with a salute before drinking some more. When he was done, he closed the wound, shut down his heart, and went to sleep.

When he was asleep she went into her bag and poured the bag of healing soil she had brought from home over him making sure in covered the woulds he had as well, she then went around the room making sure everything was warded and secure and sent a message to her brother that something had come up but she will see him tomorrow nigh and to be careful because there was a vampire out there

You don't have to protect me. I'll be fine, he said in her mind.

you would do the same for me so tell me you love me and ward your home and go to bed

But I'm a male. That's expected of me. You should have to take care of me.

Dont make me beat you up like I did when we were kids She said jokingly Now be safe my brother I will see you tomorrow night She said cutting the link and going over to check on the hunter

You shouldn't have to protect me either, said the hunter. I can still take that vampire.

Why are you not asleep.....

I don't want you to be alone this rising.

Im fine hunter it will help me if you rest and heal

Sweet-cheeks, you are in danger because of me.

The way he said it made her heart jump and....and why would I be in danger because of you

Because that vampire held me captive for two months. He can track me through your wards because of a spell. He was trained by Xavier himself.

Without a word she went over to the dresser and pulled out two bags of blood and started to drink them, within a minute they were gone, she walked back over to him and sat down on the bed beside him good I haven't had a good fight in a while now come hunter its time for you to heal quickly She said moving her hair to the side and leaning down towards him, her hands on each side of his head "drink" she said softly with her neck right by his lips

He grabbed her and drank deeply. Sweet like apples and tangy like mint. I've never tasted the like before.

SHe was surprised by the moaned gasp that escaped her lips when he bit into her neck Hunter...your hands she said in a almost shy tone as his hands were gripping her waist and starting to wonder

Can I help that you have silken skin that is begging for my touch?

She growled Mind your hands hunter you are not allowed to touch me as you please

Spoil sport. Though, your body keeps arching towards me, wanting my hands to find every shadow and hollow. And when you decide to be honest with yourself, I will gladly take hours exploring your body.

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