New Beginnings 2

Dante smiled and said, "I said nothing. I'm just a stray, remember?"

"well at least you know" she said teasingly. suddenly she heard a moan echoed the halls "grea...come one children lets go for some ice cream or something" she said and handed one o the twins t Dante "guard them with your life " she said walking past him

"Of course I'll guard them," he said. "I may have been week a couple days ago when you found me, but I'm still a hunter. None of you will be harmed while I'm here. And if I do fail, their aunt will protect them. Right, Auntie?"

She glared at him "see that kids its called a mans ego, nasty thing isn't it" she said in a fake sweet tone smiling at him as they loaded them in the car

"You wound me, princess," Dante said. "I have no ego. If someone is a better fighter than I, let them do it." He gave her a smile that sent her heart pounding. "But I have yet to find someone better than me at anything."

She rolled her eyes and cursed her heart for betraying her "maybe one day Ill show you that you have already met your match" she said getting in the driver's seat and starting the car

Dante got in and said, "It will be fun to see you try, princess. Now, let's get these kids some ice cream!"

She stopped on the gas catching him off guard as she quickly stepped on th brake before he got his set belt on making him jerk forward "call me a princess one more time and next time you are going through the windshield" she said before slowly driving away at a normal speed

Dante quickly got his seat belt fastened and said, "I thought it fit you. Sorry. I guess I'll just have to go with Auntie."

Her low growl told him that was not acceptable

Dante smiled and said, "Then how about Pixie or Pet? Oh, what about...!"

Suddenly she grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back, exposing his neck "my name...that sounds like a lovely idea" she said knowing for a male exposing his neck was a big thing, but still she found herself looking at him with his next like that a little more then she would have liked to the point her hearted started to beat faster

He smiled and said, "So, you finally touch me willingly, and not to heal me. See, making progress already... sweetheart."

She let go with a jerk to his head and looked away from him "sweetheart is not my name..." she said not looking at him, her fangs and enlarged and she was not about to let him see that

"Come on, there has to be some pet name I can give my lifemate," he said.

" not use such languages in front of the young ones, a nasty word that is" she said still not looking at him

"Since when was pet a nasty word?" he asked, a smile on his face.

"I meant lifemate" she said in a low tone like she was whispering a bad word


Antony let out a warning growl. Mine, was all he got out.

he hands dug into the ground when he said that and he felt her get tighter around him, her fight to break his grip lessened but did not stop. He could feel her fight the urge to submit, but it was there, the smell of arousal was coming over her skin strongly stop this! she said in a shaken voice, though he would feel she did not fully mean it

Enough, Anastasia! he growled. You wanted me to prove myself to you! Well, I'm doing just that! This is me, taking my woman as she wants and deserves!

who said I wanted this! she said but her body betrayed her as she cried out in pleasure, the more he pounded into her the more the wild magic settled and was replaced by other things, he could feel her resolve to slip as instincts took over and she started to submit. But being the woman he loved he knew she would fight him til the very end

You! he said as he rolled her onto her stomach and pounded into her from behind. You attacked me first and awoken my beast!

your beast is nothing but a tamed dog! she said as her body betrayed her by bringing her close to an earth shattering orgasm

If that's true, then what does that make your wolf? He asked, moving his hips just right to nearly send her over the edge, but not quite, proving his point.

She growled and tried to through him off but failed and yelled out in anger and pleasure, she reached back and grabbed his hair, knowing it makes him go crazy a predator that knows you little-tamed dogs weaknesses she said before moaning his name out loud in a low seductive voice, something else she knew drove him crazy

He growled but did not stop. In fact, he pulled her up so that her back touched his chest, using one hand to massage her breasts and the other to expose her throat. You love me and you know it. Then, he bit into her neck gently, feeding on her so erotically, colors swirled around them.

SHe couldn't answer, the world around her shattered and she went limp as her body was rocked with the intense orgasm, her breath shot out of her lungs and she fell forward into an arch taking him deeper inside her

He climaxed with her, having to catch himself before he landed on her. He closed the pinpricks on her neck, but left his mark. He rolled so that he could simply hold her. He didn't even have the energy to talk.

after about ten minutes when she could breathe normally again her voice broke the silence "it was my mother.......the picture" she said in almost a whispered tone

Antony looked at her for a moment and said, "I see. I am sorry. Can you tell me her story?"

SHe didn't look at him "not....yet...but I'm have figured out now who the vampire was..." she said in an uneven tone at the word vampire

"Many vampires lie to live," said Antony. "However, this one didn't try to save his life. I saw that he had pushed himself onto your hand, letting you kill him. From the fact there was a shrine dedicated to your mother, I have a few guesses. One, he was obsessed with her, but that doesn't seem likely. Two, he was a relative of yours but fell for your mother, but that wouldn't explain his actions either, so also unlikely. Three, he mistook you for her and let you release him from his hell, but no one mistakes lifemates like that, that is ruled out. And four, he is your father, which explains everything. And if that is true, then something happened and caused you to be raised with lycans. Do I have that right?"

"you could have just said that first..." she said trying to make a joke though it did not help "but are unfortunately right" she said in a heart breaking tone

"I'm sorry that he became a vampire," Antony said, sincerity coloring his voice. "I'm sure he was a good man and honorable hunter. It is sad that things turned out as they did. But you saved him, Anastasia. He knew you lived, and that gave him peace in the end. Right now, he back with your mother, happy to be reunited with her once more. You gave him a gift when no one else could."

"it doesn't take away his suffering or change what happened..." she said sitting up with her back to him "and things are not over......But I will finish them" she said standing up


Emily shook her head and went downstairs. She had the front desk call a taxi and waited. It seemed like it was taking forever. When it finally arrived fifteen minutes later, she texted Megan.

"Cab's here."


Once she left she sat down on the bed and waited for the room to stop sinning while holding her head "what is wrong with me..." She said in an uncomfortable tone, SHe laid back on the bed and tried to get her stomach to settle down, she didn't know how long she stayed like that. Suddenly her phone buzzed, it was Emily saying the cab was here. with a sigh she got up and left the room and went to meet her, putting a smile on her face


Emily looked up, feeling eyes on her. She looked around and saw Megan step out of the elevator.

"About damn time!" Emily said. "The cab took forever, right?" Then she saw Megan's face. "Are you sure you're up for this? You still look..."

"Gorgeous? I know right! so lets go" she said smiling and grabbing her wrist and pulling her to the cab

Emily worried still, but she couldn't help the excitement coursing through her. "I wonder if the legends are true."

"Dracula was a hero, miss," said the driver. "He fought our enemies and gave us a home."

"I know, but the tales that those enemies wove are just as exciting as him being a hero!" she said. "Drinking the blood of his foes, that he was a vampyre! It's amazing! Sure, he did cruel things, but then again, the people he was fighting were also cruel. He had to show the enemy he wasn't weak."

"You know your history," said the cabbie.

"No, I know my myths," Emily corrected. "I just happen to have learned the real history along the way."

Suddenly the cab stopped on his breaks making the car lurch forwards, Megan hit her head on the seat in front of her, Emily was quick enough to put her hands out to keep that from happening "bloody hell!" Megan said looking up running her head "why did you..." she started but then saw the reason, in the middle of the road, was a large black wolf

Emily saw the cabbie start to pull out a pistol and said, "Wait! It may not want to hurt us!" She got out of the cab. "Stay put."

"What are you...?!" the cabbie started to say, but could only watch as the woman ignored him.

Emily knelt down and got to the wolf's eye level. "It's okay. We aren't going to hurt you." She looked up at the wolf, projecting peace despite her fast beating heart. "You aren't trying to hurt us, right? You are so beautiful, you don't want to let your pack down, right? You should get out of the road so that you don't get hurt." Her posture said she was being submissive, showing the wolf he had nothing to fear. "That's right, you can just go back into the woods. It's alright. We are not trying to disturb you or your pack."

Megan got out just as another wolf showed up and then another until there was about six of them "emily back up slowly" she said swaying slightly and leaned against the car. The wold she was near suddenly started to growl and slowly bare his teeth

Emily slowly backed up, but she soon found herself pinned to the driver's door. She heard the window roll down and said, "Don't. You have two women out there, exposed. You fire, and we die."

The wolves started to close in around the cab, "I'm going to move over into the passenger seat when I do you need to get in the car do you understand" he said and slowly moved over to the passenger seat "ok get in now" he said in a frantic tone "Emily...." Megan said making her look towards her, that's when she noticed a wolf had snuck up behind her and was inches away from her, making a retreat into the car impossible. Suddenly the window of the passenger side door shattered and the cries of the cab driver were heard as a large wolf had him by the throat and was dragging him out of the car, with a sicking snap the drivers cries stopped "Emily run!" Megan said grabbing her wrist and started running

Emily ran until they were deep within the forest before saying, "Climb! As high as you can! We have to move within the trees so they lose our scent!"

She went to the nearest tree and began climbing. The higher she went, the more nervous she became. Don't look down! she kept telling herself.

Megan was trying to keep up but she had no energy and she felt weak and sick, she started to climb the tree with Emily but she was slow, suddenly she cried out as one of the wolves jumped up and bit down hard on her leg and started to pull and she was losing her grip as it started thrashing her around "Emily my bag! pepper spray!" she cried out

Emily quickly dug around the bag and found it. Rather than drop it and risk it not getting to Megan, she climbed down a couple of branches and sprayed the wolf, forcing it to let go. However, the branch she was on was weak and broke under her weight. She had to grab hold of a branch below her and climb up. With no way to climb higher, she was trapped.
Megan barely had enough strength to get onto the branch, But still once on she forced herself to get close to Emily "here take my bag.....our cellphones are in there and so is another can of pepper and extra will be dark soon....which means...snow" she said in almost a defeat tone, her breathing was uneven and her blood covered the tree and was dripping to the ground and the wolves were catching little drops as they fell

Emily took the bag and looked for the pepper spray. She was panicking. The wolves were snapping at the branch and it would break any second. One almost got her foot and she dropped the bag. She began crying. It can't end like this! Somebody... anybody... help!

"hold on I have an idea!" she said looking at her friend" her leg was bleeding badly and she knew it was bad and in a few minutes she might pass out from blood loss. She quickly took off her shirt, the winter air hurting her skin, She tied it to the strong branch near Emily and started to descend, When she got close enough she reached out her hand "Hurry and grab my hand!" she cried out, once she did she pulled her hand pasted her and made her grab her shirt so she could pull herself up because she did not have the strength to help pull her. But she knew her shirt would not hold them both so with her friend in mind she let go. She landed hard on the ground next to the purse, She grabbed it and threw it up to her and it caught on a branch next to her "call for help" she said and started to run as best she could because she was bleeding the wolves followed her until she disappeared from Emily sight

"Megan!" she called out, but silence was her only answer.

Emily tried to look for her phone in the fading light. She found it and tried to call for help. Just as someone picked up, Emily couldn't speak. Fear coursed through her and she looked up.

"Hello darling" a demonic looking man with red eyes and black wings, sharp nails and fangs hovered about her "let's have a chat shall we," he said and grabbed her by her legs and took off into the air, hanging upside down she saw them go higher and higher into the sky

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