New Beginnings 3

Dante laughed and said, "I knew what you meant. And it's not a bad word. Just one you aren't comfortable with yet. But you will be."

She scuffed "oh yeah? what makes you so sure?" she said as she pulled into the ice cream parlors parking lot

"Because the word implies all sorts of things you are uncomfortable with sharing at this time," said Dante. "But I will show you it's true meaning when you are ready to be with me. I won't push you. You push back way too hard."

SHe couldnt help by smile at that last part, of course she hid her smile "well at least you know that much" she said turning off he car and getting out

"Well, I got bored and took around that sexy mind of yours," he said. "So, tell me, why do you hate cotton candy? You woke up and I had to end my fun before I found out. It almost borders on fear, which is silly because it's just sugar."

She smiled sweetly at him "Hey kids why don't you go ahead and go play in the playground, I will get your ice cream and bring it to you" she said with a smile and a sweet tone. They were all too happy to go and play in the fenced in playground that was attached to the parlor. She sent out a call to one of the Carpathian families she knew that lived by that had a kid themselves. A few minutes later they arrived with their kid and the kids wasted no time to start playing with each other. She then went around to the passenger side just as Dante got out, only before he went far she tackled him to the ground behind the car out of view from the kids and punched him hard in the face "how dare you mind rape me while I slept!" she said with a growl

"I did no such thing," Dante said. "Mind rape implies that I changed things, compelled you to do things, and even plant seeds of doubt and hate. I simply looked around, nothing more."

"without my permission its the same thing as my rape to me" she said straddling him and gripping his shirt with her fangs enlarged out of anger

"You are splitting hairs," Dante said. "So, now you are going to feed from me? How bold of you."

SHe growled "you will never be that lucky unless it was a life or death circumstance and Im not splitting hairs you just dont want to admit you were wrong in doing what you did" she said as her hair fell over her shoulder and brushed his chest, the smell of Lavender filled his nose

Dante groaned and said, "You know, this really hurts. Maybe I didn't heal enough."

She looked down at him like she was confused "what do you...."

Dante laughed and said, "Well, I did get up to be with you, even after nearly having my internal organs scrambled. It's just slow healing, is all. I'm fine."

Slowly he would see her fangs retract and her grip lossen "so much for all powerful Carpathian male" she said looking away from him, but not before he saw the pink in her cheeks, she slowly started to get up

Dante laughed and said, "Powerful, but injured. Even Superman got injured at times."

He waited until she was inside and lifted up his shirt. There, a deep bruise remained, refusing to heal. He covered it back up. I won't claim her... because I won't be here long enough to give her everything she deserves. I just don't understand how this won't stay healed. For some reason, I start bleeding internally every hour or so! If I don't figure it out... He looked at his lifemate through the window. I refuse to give up. I will continue to look until the day I leave this world.


Antony sat up, fear filling him, and asked, "What are you planning?"

She didn't turn towards him as she got dressed "those butchers....those humans" she said with hate in her tone "are still out there...I'm going o find them and make them pay for what they did" she said and then stepped out of the hole they were in

"Don't do it!" Antony said, running after her. "Please! They could take you from me! I don't have the strength to follow you quietly anymore!" He growled. "I can't let you go!"

She whipped around with a growl and looked at him with a fierce glare cant?! what are you going to do? take my free will again? cage me? lock me up?" She said in a harsh tone

Antony looked at her and said, "No, but you are heading to your death and I refuse to lose myself because you want revenge for people you didn't even know!"

"How do you know what i know! and your one to talk! if one of your people die even if its someone you dont know you take revenge!" she said knowing he knew she was right

"We do not seek revenge," Antony said. "We bring justice. Hunters don't care if our enemy is a human butcher, a vampire, or a senga rau, we fight regardless because we know their evil taints the land. If we fail, we pray the next hunter will not. If we prevail, we saved thousands of lives. Revenge implies it is personal. A hunter never seeks revenge until his lifemate or children are targeted."

"so the same thing I am doing....they not only targeted my family but killed them and by killing them I could be saving thousands of families from meeting the same is this any different then what you just said" She said hoping he would see reason

"Did you know them?" Antony asked. "Were they the people who raised you? Cared for you? Cried with you when you were sad? Nursed you when you were sick?"

"did you know half the people you have killed for? and what I know is they were my family and thats all that matters" she said and started to walk away from him again

"I didn't know the victims, but I did know the enemy," he said. "Everyone of them that I fought, I knew. All of them friends. I have yet to dispatch someone from my family."

"Well I know the victims and the enemy, and I know exactly where to start looking for them" she said almost reaching the property line

Antony took hold of her arm with a shaking hand, but his voice was strong, "You can't go after them like this. You aren't thinking. And it's too dangerous. Human butchers have a poison that can leave us paralyzed, unable to speak or us our mind link. You have to..."

"Who are you to tell me what I have to do!" she said ripping herself from his grip and turning towards him, her eyes that of her wolves "you still don't get it do you...what it felt like...what you was as if you have made me into I was dead....telling me what to to feel" SHe said walking towards him "making me into something I wasn' I was not good enough for you the way I am!" SHe said unknowingly calling on powers she didn't know yet "I wish you knew how it felt! how you made me feel! the betrayal...the pain! I felt dirty! soiled! like you had dirtied my very soul! you were no better then the vampires you choose to hunt!" she finally reached him and grabbed his throat "See yourself through my eyes!"SHe said as she flooded his mind with the memories she had during the time he compelled her, how she felt he had rapped her, caged her, how dirty she felt when it broke how she was unable to look at him the same, he was a monster to her but the only difference that made it worse is that she couldnt hate him, it was like she was bonded to a vampire and she couldnt escape. His action made her feel the separation constantly, even now as she stands in front of him she was feeling the separation because of how bad he had hurt her

Antony collapsed to the his knees. He felt... empty. Like he was on an ocean without a life raft and no land in sight. He looked at her. It was still the woman he loved beyond life itself, but it was like she was morphing into a vampiress. It scared him, but... he couldn't leave her. He tried to connect with her, but he couldn't feel her. It was as if she had died or he had. He didn't know which, but he didn't want to keep going. I did this to her? Am I so far gone I missed this suffering? He stared at her, waiting... but for what? For her command? For her to tell him what to do? He didn't know, but he couldn't move. He wanted to run from this cage he was in. This is the worse kind of cage, and I did this to her! If I get out of here, I'll give the rest of my life to make up for this hell!


Emily screamed and said, "Pull me up! Please! Don't let me fall!" She looked up at the guy and without thinking, said, "Whatever happens, I'm not going back to that cave! I nearly killed him once, I'll do it again! Your master is too scared to come out of his hole! Now, pull me up so we can talk properly!"

"I don't know who you speak of my dear but I assure you I work for no one but myself now scream some more for me," he said and dropped her only to pick her up the next second

Emily couldn't help the scream. She felt sick and blood was rushing to her head. If this man wasn't working for the Evil Prince in the cave... then who was he. She had to get away. But the fall would kill her. Her son that made her laugh everyday... her family that drove her nuts... she wanted to go back to it all. Tears fell as hopelessness took her. Just before she fainted, she thought, Please... help us...


Megan didn't make it far, she was too sick and on a bad leg, the wolves nipped at her, one managed to trip her and they all started to attack, biting her arms and legs, she curled up to protect her neck, kicking them and hitting them with her free hand, she managed to get lose, she saw a cliff up ahead and heard water, it was better then being eaten alive even if the fall killed her without a second thought she jumped off the cliff. SHe hit the ice cold water hard and struggled to get to the surface when she managed swam towards the shore and she crawled her way halfway up the bank, it was there she could not take it anymore and her world went black.


Ambrose awoke to Emily's fear beating at him, with a growl he shot out of his resting place and without a second thought took flight into the air.

Ambrose followed her scent to a cave and cursed to himself, He knew this vampire, and this was not going to be easy. But one thing he did know was no matter the cost he would get you out alive.


Nicanu rose, sending earth into the air like a geyser. Megan's pain beat at him. He had to find her. Nothing would take his woman from him, not even death.

He found her scent and followed it. He knew she had left her friend and then fell off the cliff. He cursed the heavens because this meant he had little time to save her. Between rough, cold waters, and god knows what else, she would be seriously injured. Where are you, woman?!

He smelled it then. Blood. Her blood. He went to his woman and heard her heart stop. His world seemed to spin out of control. He cleared away the snow and began working on her. He healed her wounds, noting how anemic she was. He cursed himself for not realizing it sooner, what his lack of control had done. He cut open his chest and forced to feed while stimulating her heart.

"You have to wake up, little one," he said. "You must."

The first thing she felt, the first sensation that came back to her was a spicy sweet taste in her mouth, weakly her hands came up and wrapped around his neck, bringing her body closer to his. Her heart began to beat at a stronger pace and a soft moan tickled his skin. He would feel her urge to get close, her body reacting to him like only lifemates does, He would feel her hands slowly tangle in his hair but to his surprise, she stopped taking his blood before he got weak and moved her lip up the tender skin of his neck

Nicanu couldn't stop the growl that echoed his throat from her touch or the sigh of relief. She would live. He closed the wound on his chest and said, "Cisitri, where is your friend. You must wake up."

Am I dreaming again? Am I dead? I must be.... he would hear her soft voice in his head for the first time Im so cold...I hate the cold.....but.....there is a burning in my stomach..... it's nice

That is the effects of what harmed you, he said. I have done my best to heal you. I had to do something you might not like. First, we must find your friend, then I will take both of you to our leader. Is there anyone else with you I should bring along?

He would feel her fear at his voice but also the way she touched his mind told him she felt other things to, He would feel her need for him a need she did not understand, a need that called to him to answerwho are you.....are you god....or death...

I am neither, Nicanu said with a laugh. Actually, I'm a teacher. Go to sleep. You are in my care... always. He groaned aloud as he was unable to censor that last word.

wait! scared....and your me feel....better....please dont leave me...its dark...I hate he dark..... she said and could feel her soul crying

I will not leave you, he said. I will see if a friend of mine can rescue your friend. I will not leave your side this night.


Emily woke up with a start. She looked around. She had a thin blanket that couldn't keep her warm laying over her, the room had only necessities in it, and the torches barely gave of any light. She was just glad there was light. She wasn't happy to find she was in a cave.

She got up and grabbed one. She had to find a way out. She headed towards the door when she fell. Around her left ankle was a manacle. She tried pulling on it, but it was bolted to the wall under the bed.

"What is going on?" she said in a hopeless tone. "Why is this happening?"

"because love you are the perfect bait" A dark voice said echoing the room but when she turned there was no one there

Emily looked around and asked, "Bait for what? Who are you?! Where the hell are you?!"

"Depends on you who I am, I could be your Friend..... your master... your pain....but one thing for sure is..." He said and the lights went out in the room "I am inevitable your death" a almost demonic like tone said right in her ear

Emily jumped away from the voice, saying, "That's not an answer. What are you after? I have nothing to give you."

There was no answer, suddenly arms came around her, one covering her mouth the other holding her by her waist Do not make a sound might be the death of us both if you do The voice was soft and gentle, it called to her very soul

Emily was scared but, she knew these arms, this voice. It was like a dream coming to life. She started crying. Where is Eli? Is he safe? Please, let my son be safe.

He is safe love now dont make a sound and close your eyes and do not open them until I tell you too, Promise me, for my safety and yours you must do this

Emily let her fear take over. Whatever happened, she didn't want to see what was to come. She shut her eyes tight.

She would feel him pick her up bridal style and hold her close to his hard warm chest, she felt like she was moving but yet she did not feel or hear him walking

She tried to get as close as she could to him. He smelled of cider and pine, the forest in it's purest form. He inhaled his scent, taking it deep within her to keep always. She held on to him as if he would disappear. A name formed in her mind, one that had popped into her mind almost a full year earlier. Ambrose.

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