New Beginnings 4

Megan felt cold in his armswhat.....what are you to me? I dont understand but...I feel you are very important to me Her voice was soft just like the touch on his mind, her soul was so bright and warm it was as if it was the day itself touching him

I'm... Nicanu sighed. One day, little one, you will find me. But neither of us is ready right now. When the day comes when we can be together, we will know. And I will court you as you deserve.

Her sweet laughter echoed his head what do you mean find you, your hear now, you are already found and who said you had to court me? maybe I want to court you....if that's a thingHe would feel her happiness turn to sadness before he could respond your so....sad...and lonely.......dont be so hard on yourself.....Im here I wont let you be lonely.......Even if you are Death I will accompany you

You cannot. Your life has barely begun. How can I take that away from you? For me, being sad and lonely is temporary and short lived. Our life together will not be so, if I can help it. But I want you to experience life a little longer, to grow into who you are meant to be before I enter it. Do you understand? I do this for you.

why? I don't understand...I She groaned in his arms, she was starting to wake but her body was still in the process of healing and the pain was still there. Her hands tightened on his shirt, with her clothes still wet she had hypothermia and the pain from the cold was almost unbearable. Suddenly a twig snapped behind Nicanu

He put a coat around her, making her instantly feel warm, but didn't warm her up so fast that it hurt. He put himself between her and the threat.

Don't make a sound, little one, he said. I need you to find your way to me. Right now, if I were to claim you, you would hate me. I'm giving you the chance to figure out who you want to be. Do you want to be a wife? A doctor? A soldier? Find out who you are, then I will claim what is mine. Until then, don't look for me.

wait don't go....I don't know what I want to be...because I dont know where I belong...Ive never felt like I have belonged anywhere.....Honestly I dont want this life sometimes I think about ending it so maybe I can start a new life in a different time...I hate this world, its sad and corrupted and I hate what we have done to it....but you....make me feel like im close to finding where I belong...if you go.....where would I belong then?

The smell of ghouled wolves filled his nose as well as her blood, he saw one step out, his snout was covered in her blood

You will always belong with me, he said as clouds rolled in. But you are not ready. I can't be a good lifemate to you at this time, and you feel lost. I cannot give you what you deserve until you figure out who you are.

He cut the link between them and spoke aloud, "You may as well show yourself, Gilbert. I know your touch well."

A man stepped out, blood covered his mouth and neck "Nicanu it has been to long" he said in a dark tone

"Yes," he said. "Have you come to seek justice? I will gladly give it. After all, you sent your demons after my woman."

"Is it not the other way around?" he said with a sadistic smile "But enough about out past....I hear you will not be claiming her" he said licking his lips "that does make things easier on me after all I got quite a lot from her...." he said using his finger to lick her blood from his face


Suzi watched the kids play and waiting for Dante to join her, she looked at him from the window and mouthed "Are you coming in if not I'm going to eat your ice cream?"

Dante smiled. She was beginning to fall for him. He walked in, trying to hide the pain. However, just as he walked in, a human bumped into him, making his head go white.

"Hey, man, I'm sorry," the human said.

"It's alright," Dante said, gasping for breath. "I get motion sickness when in cars sometimes. I should have watched where I was going."

The man helped Dante up, but when the Carpathian looked at Suzanna, he saw the look on her face. He was confused for a moment until the human asked, "Dude, what happened to you? Did you but a rib or something?"

Suddenly Suzi stood up "watch the kids!' she said and ran out of the parlor and disappeared into the woods

Dante got into the car. Running was not an option at this time. He nearly broke the speedometer trying to keep up with Suzanna. What is going on?

I cant explain right now


Ana paced, not looking at him as he stood up. "SOme days....I wish you would have killed me, that I would never have met you, it was better than feeling the torture I felt, it was unbearable and I was trapped behind the face you commanded me to have!" she said stopping and finally looking at him as he looked at her, a face of stone and authority, almost like the face she wanted to see on him at all times. "Don't get on your knees like your sorry, you said you were sorry but now you are telling me what to do once more! you might as well kill me now if you plan to compel me again! go on kill me!"

No! Antony said, fear and pain ripping through him. Anastasia, take it back! Please! Don't ask me to do that! Anything but that! But it was too late. Agonizing loneliness ripped through him like a knife as he was unable to connect with her mind. He was unable to do anything to save her. Suzi! Please! I can't... her power is out of control! She has compelled me to kill her and she doesn't seem to realize it! Please, help me!

He launched himself at her, trying to kill her. His eyes empty as they looked upon her. Every move he made aimed to weaken her, get her on the ground, so that he could rip out her heart. Bones could be heard breaking, sounding more like thunder in the quiet of the night.

Im on my way but I'm not going to make it in time, Antony you have to break the compulsion if you don't you are going to kill her!

Ana cried out as he shattered another rib, He kept knocking her breath out of her making her unable to talk but only scream, the last hit was to her leg as he bent in her knee cap and she went down and he was on her with the perfection of a hunter, his hand slammed into her chest and wrapped around her heart, the look on her face would forever be etched in his mind, he could see his reflection in her teary eyes, she grabbed his arm with both hands but he knew she was not strong enough to stop him

Antony's hand started shaking. Anastasia could feel him one second, then nothing the next. His eyes flashed between clouded to full of determination.

"I... won't..." he grunted out. "I... won't... do... as... you... COMMAND!"

As he yelled the final word, he released her heart and fell backwards, his arm coming out of her chest. He landed on the ground. She could see he was still fighting. He was slow, but he eventually combined enough soil with his saliva to begin healing her. Then, he went still. His body became stiff, his eyes dead. An internal struggle took place within him. His body wanted to kill his lifemate, but his mind, heart, and soul refused to let it. I'm so sorry I did this to her. Suzanna, tell her I don't blame her and I will always love her and the children... but to stay far away from me until I can control myself once more. I don't want to hurt them. Tears began falling. God, I never meant to hurt her like this. There is no way to make up for it.

No you tell her yourself self, this is you're doing Antony now take responsibility, the compulsion is wearing off because she is so weak right now, your soil is not enough I can feel her fading from her

Antony had to fight to find Anastasia's mind. He couldn't talk. He managed to get his body to go to her. He reached for her, but she tried to move away. It felt like a knife had twisted in his chest at the fear in her eyes. He removed the useless soil from her body just as he found the correct link to her mind.

Anastasia... he said, honesty and remorse dripping from every word, I... beginning to... understand. I... I can never make up... for this hell... I put you through.... I almost... couldn't stop myself... from doing as you commanded.... I'm glad I made it... before I ripped out your heart... I will always love you... and our wonderful children... and I don't blame you for hating me... or for doing this.... I deserved this torture, after what I did to you. His voice became stronger as the compulsion wore off. It was wrong of me to try and chain you up. I feared someone taking you away so much, I never realized what would happen if I tried too hard to put you on a shelf. You are far from fragile. You are a warrior, an alpha wolf. I can't tame you, and I shouldn't try. He became healing light, going in and healing every wound he inflicted, being so careful that nothing went amiss. I'm the biggest idiot on Earth for thinking I could keep you locked away. I have a long way to go before I am a good prince, but I will never be worthy of you, Anastasia. What I did to you, it is proof of that. You are a goddess and I'm just a worm. When you heal... I'll be off to train. I never did go to Russia to train like I said I would. I kept trying to say goodbye. No, that's wrong, I was trying to get you to make me stay, get my claws in you again. And that is wrong of me. You will wake up and I will be among a wolf pack in Russia. I will only touch your mind to ease your suffering, but I will leave you be. I will wait until you say I can come home. The Carpathian people will be in better hands than mine. I hope they follow you like they followed me. He reentered his body, swaying. He held her close to him for a moment. "Find who tore your family apart, Anastasia. Let that drive you while I'm giving you the space you need. When you are ready, no matter how long it takes, call me home and I will come."

Suzi appeared then and put her hand on her brothers shoulder "I knew you could do you need your strength and I wont take no for an answer" she said offering him her wrist

He looked at his sister and said, "I will be fine. Nothing like what she went through. Feed her first. She deserves it more than I."

Dante pulled in, but did not get out of the car. It seemed as if everything was alright, but he was ready in case he was needed. He continually scanned the area to make sure the enemy didn't catch them off guard.

Suzi glared at him "did I not say I wouldn't take no for an answer, you need your strength there is a lot of blood here and it might have drawn attention to unwanted visitors now drink" she said leaving no room for him to argue

Ana's heart stopped as she went into a Carpathian sleep

"Always so bossy," Antony said. "Fine." He bit into her wrist, took two large gulps, then closed the wound. "Happy now? Leave me be, Suzianna. I must put my lifemate in the ground then go to Russia. I want to understand her better. The lycan pack there is willing to give me a home and to train me. Their alpha is a Guardian of All, and so it all works out since I've become one as well."

"be safe on your travels brother I hope you find what you need, " she said in a sincere tone hugging him "go.....put her to rest and share your last moments," she said "I will guard your home while you do so" she said and disappeared into the woods


A cold wind fell over her skin and she smelled the fresh air of the outside Almost there love keep your eyes closed his voice of blacken silk spoke once more inside her head. Suddenly there was a loud crashing sound like the mountain had been broken and a lightning strike that sounded close, she felt a growl echoed in his chest "leaving so soon? how rude Ambrose" the voice from earlier said

Emily stiffened. She didn't like the other voice. She wanted to open her eyes, to see if Ambrose was really holding her. Green eyes... with silver streaks... Before she could stop herself, she opened her eyes. She didn't gasp, even as shock registered on her face. The man from my dreams...

She looked at the man blocking their path. He was a true monster. Emily could handle a monster over a beautiful man any day. She blushed. Where had "beautiful man" come from? Why was she even thinking that when she was trapped in an unknown cave god only knows where? She forced herself to not look at the man holding her so tenderly in his arms. She had to focus on getting out, on what was happening in front of her. I have to get out and protect my son. That was the only thought in her mind, the only thing driving her, the one thing that kept her from looking at Ambrose.

your eyes close them now or we both die!

I'm not looking at you, idiot! Just the one person between me and my son! And I'll be damned if I die here because of this motherfucker!

close them now he said dominating her, Once she closed them he smiled at the other vampire "now-now Nicholi you and me both know the reason I am here is because you took what was mine....whether I tell the prince or not is depending on how you react at this very moment" he said in a voice that made her feel sick, it sounded just as dark as the other mans "well you never come to visit how else was I supose to get you here" he said taking a step closer

I hate you! Emily yelled in her head, trying to get away. Put me down! I'll get out myself! I won't let you demons have me! I may not be able to see right now, but I will soon! Then, you will never find me again!

I will always find you love, now lay still he said making her do so "there is a reason for that...I don't like you" he said in a dark tone and she felt him walk forward "that's not surprising given that I was the one that turned you into what you are now by killing that pathetic thing you called a mate" the other man said. She felt him growl "watch your words Nicholi" he said in a tone that scared her "why does this female mean so much to you?" the man asked "why does that matter to you?" he answered "Answer the question Ambrose " he said in a low tone "OR what" Ambrose answered matching his tone

Emily started shivering. Not from the cold, but from fear. Something's coming. From the shadow. It always comes from the shadows. Tears began falling. I don't want him to hurt you again. Don't let the Evil Prince hurt you again. Please.

She felt a gush of wind just as there was a loud sound of lightning, she felt him turning and weaving in the air, the sound of lightning getting closer

Put me down, Emily said, anger and command in her voice. Let me move and see. I'm taking this son of a bitch down once and for all. He will not have you or my son. I will find the man, my special one, I trapped in those caves over a decade ago. But first, I have to kill this asshole. And I won't stop by just chopping of his head this time. I'm going to do it right.

A lightning bolt went off near them and she felt him jerk and growl Damnit woman sleep! he commanded and her world went black

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