New Beginnings 6

it does not help my confidence that that is what you are thinking about right now SHe said back, he would start to feel her emotions of feeling unattractive come forth, she felt like he didn't think she was good enough and she started to get self-conscious about herself, she felt as though she was ugly to him

I'm thinking of all sorts of things to do to someone as beautiful as you, he said. However, it is not safe here. Above all else, you must stay safe. If I felt we both were ready, I'd claim you here and now, and be damned of the consequences later. But you have so much life left to live before I claim you. I want you to experience that life, not steal it from you.

Her hands slid up his side, her nails teasing the skin through his shirt, hitting just the right spots like she knew what drove him crazy even though he didntmy deal.....if you want me to want then you let me remember you and this night, I need to know your real...its the only thing that will keep me in this world she said, suddenly he would see in her mind though she tried to hide it her reason for coming here, she was going to have her friend go back without her on the excuse she wanted to stay a couple more days and when she left she had planned to end her life right here in these mountains

He pulled away from her, fear in his eyes "You cannot do that! Why would you want to end your life?! You are too important to lose!"

She pushed against his chest "you make no tell me to forget you not come looking for you and now im important? " she looked at him then like something clicked in her head "what am I doing?! I dont know you why am I kissing you like this is not right! get off me!" she said pushing harder the nights events came rushing back "emily...the wolves...the wolves..." she looked at her arms "how..." he felt her fear rise and she got up even though he knew it caused her much pain to do so. She was going into shock, her breathing was quickening as she looked around. She saw the large bloody circle in the snow where he had found her. She gasped and covered her mouth

"It's okay," Nicanu said, hugging her close. "I simply healed you. You are alive and your friend safe in the hotel. I will take you to her. But you must live. You must. I can't be without you in this world. If you believe nothing else, believe that. Your friend and I will be lost without you in our lives."

She pushed at his chest, her whole body shaking, she was scared, of not only him but what she was feeling"stop...stop saying that...." She said in a panicked tone. The jacket he had put on her fell to the snowy ground, revealing the tattoos that were on her back, one was a picture of a black wolf with a black half moon on her left shoulder, the other was a large realistic buddha covering her mid back and a start with a tao symbol in it near the base of her spine

"I will not stop telling you how much you are loved," Nicanu said. "I need you to calm down. Tell me what these pictures represent. Tell me your name, hobbies, everything. You can stop when you aren't shaking anymore. I won't touch you in any way that scares you."

"stop!" she said fighting his grip even more, though it was only tiring her and making her pain greater "you dont know me I dont know you...I dont understand...the wolves...the blood....these feelings....ive seen you dreams....the cab driver...oh god! the sound he...he ....if we hadn't of called him...oh god its my fault...the wolves..they....I could hear my flesh bones cracking...." the world around her started to spin

"It's alright," he said, putting a compulsion on her. "The wolves attacked and the cabbie ran to get help but got into an accident. You managed to get away without getting hurt, willing to sacrifice yourself for your friend. You are in a little pain from the river, but nothing too bad. I found you, passed out on the river bank from exhaustion. Do you understand?"

He would feel the compulsion kick in and her body become heavy from exhaustion, she leaned into him more, not fighting his embrace, her hands clenched at his shirt,.because she was not fighting him anymore he got a better view of her back. under the large tattoo, he would see scars of abuse, her wrist and ankles held old marks of chains. Her arms and hands would have needle scars inside and out, but the scar tissue inside said the trama was done for years though he would know it was not drugs. there was a scar on her left wrist on the top, it was right in the middle and looked like a flower bud with tight roots

He ran his thumb over every scar, tears burning his eyes. He hadn't protected her when she had needed him, and now, they weren't ready to be lifemates. No, he wasn't ready to face her as a lifemate. She had lived through hell. He was using her age as an excuse to prepare himself. But he would not stray from that course. He would give her time to grow into herself, but for a selfish reason. He picked her up, whispered lovely words to her to give her hope, and took her to the hotel.


After Antony left Suzi waited for Dante to come back with the kids, once he arrived she put the kids down for a nap and came out inot the sitting room where he was " off your shirt" she said with her hands on her hips

"Now you want to jump my bones?" Dante said with a laugh. "Too tired tonight, babe. Maybe some other night. How's next Tuesday?" He turned to make a hasty retreat. "I'll be free then."

Suddenly his shirt disappeared and she was in front of him already looking at the bruise "sit down now" she said in a demanding tone

He sighed and sat down, ignoring the pain in his body. "What is this about? It's just a bruise that will..."

SHe gentle straddled him and placed his hands on her waist catching him off guard "dont let me fall" she said and became a healing light and went inside his body

"Um... okay," he said, suddenly acting like a schoolboy with a crush. He was blushing, but he held her tightly.

I know what this needs but it will hurt she said before coming back into her body, she swayed and fell forward, her hands by his head to catch herself only left her face and his inches apart

He looked at her and said, "I've been healing this wound ever since we first met. What can you do that I can't?"

She cleared her throat and moved her face back "well for starters I can burn you....dragon fire gets rid of nasty magic like you have right now" she said brushing his side softly with her finger tips

"Hey, I've heard of your power, dragon lady," said Dante, hoping to get her to focus on something else. "Didn't you take harmful magic and use it to heal while your mother carried you? Yeah! And it caused you to grow faster than normal! Because of the left over magic from your mother's C-Section, Antony was able to be born just a year later! How did you do it? Let's talk about that!"

"or you can stop trying to distract me with a overexaggerated story and lay on your good side and go into a Carpathian sleep, you will need it" she said

"Everyone knows that story, Suzianna," he said. "The miracle you performed while in your mother's womb... It's almost a legend at this point."


Ambrose groaned "when your ready to ask me why I stayed let me might like my answer," he said before the doors shut, before they went into the barriers Ambrose sent out a call to the hunter who lifemate he just put in danger

What is it? Nicanu asked.

He quickly told him that the prince would be after his lifemate, he did not tell him why but he did ask that for risking to speak with him to warn him that he get Emily to safety

You are an idiot, he said, his voice promising retaliation for placing both of their lifemates in danger.

There was no answer


Emily woke up and looked around the room. She turned on the light and looked at her feet. Nothing abnormal. She sat up crying. Why? What was happening? She turned the light off and curled up into a ball next to her son, crying. Where are you? I need you. Please. If you are in danger, then let me come to you.

There was no answer

Emily gave a humorless laugh and said, "Why did I think there would be an answer? There never was one before." That's when the door opened. "Megan?" she called out in a hopeless tone. "Why are you back so late?"

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