New Beginnings 7

Megan had fallen asleep in his arms, when he got to the hotel and she slightly woke up she looked at him "its not much....but its all I got...thank you for saving me...." she said and handed him her bracelet, it was no regular bracelet it was one she never took off, not since she was a kid.

there were little bells on it and the sound had always been sweet to her, almost called to her and comforted her "I never got your name..."she said in a soft tired voice. Her blue eyes shyly looking into his

"My name is Nicanu," he said, almost unable to let her go. "May I ask for your name as well?"

"now I don't want to say... it's not fancy like yours" she said chuckling softly "but...its megan" she said blushing slightly even though she didn't know why, he would sense she was shy. "um...if you want you can have my email...or number I mean I would like to thank you properly more so than with a old bracelt..." she said mentally kicking her self-knowing she must look like a weirdo, guys who look like that would never be interested in a girl who looked like her she told herself

He held the bracelet tightly in a clenched fist by his side and said, "You have done more than enough. It is I who should thank you. You have saved me in so many ways, there is nothing I can do to repay you."

He looked into her eyes and suddenly pulled her against him, her body molding to his. His hands ran over her back. He put every emotion he had into this one kiss to last him ten long years.

Megan felt like the whole world just disappeared, all her other senses vanished with her thoughts, all she knew was his touch. She felt so alive that up until now she must not have been living. When he pulled back he had to stop her from moving forward to continue the kiss. Before she could say anything he turned her around to face the hotel door and when she turned back he was gone. She looked for him down the hallways but he was nowhere to be found which scared her a little, enough to make her go inside the room


She started to help him lay down "like I said over sleep" she said in an unreadable tone

Dante sighed and said, "Who knew dragon women were so stubborn." Then he went to sleep.

Suzi rolled her eyes and once he was asleep she gently used her nail to cut open the skin over the bruise and quickly began to work, she had to put effort into keeping him asleep because her fire cause so much pain it would have woke him up, once her fire had burned all the magic away she quickly became healing light and started fixing the rest. Suzi had learned a few things from her uncle Gregori and she put that knowledge to good use. She double and triple checked her work and then went back to her body, but unfortunately the thing about her uncle Gregori was he was the best healer there ever was and she was in no way his equal, the strength it took to do his tricks was enough to make her pass out.

Dante woke sometime later. He was about to ask if it was over, but found her laying on top of him.

"Suzianna!" he said, sitting up. "Come on, wake up!"

He could slowly tell she was in a Carpathian sleep, when he checked her body she had no injuries

He sighed with relief. "Woman, you'll be the death of me. But..." he kissed her deeply. "You can expect me to pursue you seriously."

His hands began to wander, going under her tight shirt to find her breast. His thumb teased her nipples into stiff peaks. He began kissing down her neck towards her satin mounds.

Suddenly her knee came up and caught him in the face, making him roll over, she followed and straddled him, one hand on his neck the other over his heart, her nails digging into the skin over his heart hard enough to make him bleed "you darn touch me like that, especially when I was sleeping" she said with anger and enlarged fangs, her eyes were that of her dragons a red and orange black, like molten lava to match her hair

He smiled and said, "I dare, because I care. That and I know you would never really rip out my heart." He took her bloody had and began cleaning it. "Not when you already hold it."

She growled at him "your cheesy lines make my stomach turn" she said removing her hand from his grip and started to move like she was going to get up

"And if I mean every word?" he asked, using his tongue to finish cleaning her hand.

She growled "Give me back my hand and let me up"


Emily woke up and looked around the room. She turned on the light and looked at her feet. Nothing abnormal. She sat up crying. Why? What was happening? She turned the light off and curled up into a ball next to her son, crying. Where are you? I need you. Please. If you are in danger, then let me come to you.

There was no answer

Emily gave a humorless laugh and said, "Why did I think there would be an answer? There never was one before." That's when the door opened. "Megan?" she called out in a hopeless tone. "Why are you back so late?" She then saw the look on her friend's face. "Oh, did something happen? Spill it!"

"" she looked like a spaced-out zombie "I need....a shower," she said and hurried off to the bathroom

"Oh, come on!" Emily said. "Dish!"

SHe would hear the water start "no! i dont even know what about after my shower I run downstairs and get us some breakfast.....we can talk about what happened last night after" she said before getting in the shower

"What do you mean?" Emily yelled over the water, confused.

"we will talk about it when I get out...I need time to think" she said "why dont you pick up the room abit and wake your son up" she said in a tired tone

Emily sighed and began straightening up. Eli was already up and watching his phone. Emily got dressed and noticed a mysterious and painful scratch on her stomach.

"What the...?" she asked aloud.

Before she could examine it more the shower stopped and the door open, Megan came out without a towel soaking wet looking not amused "so...we are out of towels.." she said putting on her robe "Ill be back " she said heading towards the door, her silk Asian style robe firmly sticking to her feminine body

"Megan, how did I get scratched up like this?" Emily asked.

"Probably from the tree...Ill be back" she said and just like that she was gone


Xaviera awoke. Every night, knowing she would never have someone come in and hurt her was a blessing. She looked at Caldwell and smiled. He was always so stone-faced when awake, but in his sleep, he looked at peace. She had to touch his lips with her finger tips. I could see myself falling for you soon.

Suddenly without opening his eyes, he grabbed her wrist "if you keep touching me like that I cant guarantee I won't touch you back" he said in a silk-like growl tone

Xaviera laughed and said, "Maybe I just want to admire you for a bit."

"oh I have something for you to admire woman but I dont think you can fully appreciate it by just looking," he said as the sheet rose between his legs

She laughed and said, "You are insatiable. We have made love everyday." She kissed him softly. "Not that I'm complaining. This past month has been the happiest time of my life."

"well lets make sure I keep you from complaining," he said before rolling on top of her and started to kiss her neck

Xaviera moaned and said, "There is no chance I would ever complain about how you love me."

He growled a deep sensual growl and slowly entered her, his girth stretching her until he filled her completely

She gripped him tightly, her nails digging into his back. "Caldwell..." She kissed him deeply, needing an anchor as he took her soaring.

He nipped down both side of her neck and gripped her hair pulling her head back, exposing her throat to him while keeping a slow pace that drove her crazy

"I can't last much longer if you keep teasing me like this," she said in a begging tone. "Please..."

Her begging only made him tease her more, his fangs teased her skin as he picked up the pace, suddenly he flipped her over on her stomach without exiting her core, he gripped ehr hair and pulled ehr head back making her arch up and he began playing and teasing her breast


Draiden woke and went to the library. He took out a book and began reading. It seemed they had gotten into a routine since they were unable to leave. Somehow, their blood stores had been replenished as he had lain in the earth to heal. Still, he sat by the fireplace and began reading over some notes as he waited for River to return to him.

River came back covered in blood "well....we are full stocked now on blood, it should last us a while" she said like it was no big deal and started taking off her clothes while she headed towards the natural springs in the cave

"How is it only you can leave this blasted cave?" he asked with a laugh. "I'm starting to get cabin fever. So, have a nice hunt?"

"no it was fish and bait, I cant leave either, I call them to me.." she said sounding annoyed "by the time the freaking get here im super annoyed" she said trying to rig the blood from her hair before she got into the water "Ill admit the last one I killed......not only did he take three hours to get here but I was so tired my compulstion broke and he pulled out a gun...the fat bastard" she said with a growl "he wasnt even worth the engergy....his blood tasted like a liquor store" she said before diving into the spring

Draiden sighed and said, "And you didn't invite me to the party? I feel so left out. You have turned me into a house husband, River. Not that I'm complaining, but you are taking too much on by yourself."

"your still recovering plus you are reading and catching up on things....I dont mind" she said resurfacing, her naked body shining through the clear water

Draiden's dragon eyes flashed and said, "You know I'm perfectly fine. You are the one carrying a child. You should be resting, not providing for me." He leaned against the doorway, failing to hide his wince. "Tomorrow, I'll go hunting and you can stay home."

"you fool no one....besides it a way for me to let off steam and I feel better knowing her are mean this cave that means so much to me is well protected" she said turning her back to him and start slowly dripping th ecool water down her back, she moved her hair to the side and arched her neck to clean it though the movement was more sensual than she realized

Draiden growled and said, "I've fought with worse injuries, River. This is just a flesh wound." His clothes vanished and entered the water and began to wash her hair for her. "I will survive this."

He ran his fingers through the silken strands, removing every tangle. Then, she elbowed him, causing him to go to his knees as pain blinded him. He knew she hadn't even meant to elbow him, yet the pain that went through him was intense.

She turned quickly and helped him up "just a flesh wound huh...ok time to do this the old fashion way...." she brought her body up against his gently, one arm wrapped around his waist the other around his neck and gently pulled his face down to her throat. Slowly in that position, she emerged them both completely in the healing water feed Draiden.... I have feed enough you wont hurt me or the child but you need my blood so dont argue, I will tell you when to stop

I should have healed by now, he said, feeding sensually from her. I don't understand. Why is it not healing properly, River. Like this, I'm just a burden to you.

you are no burden now concentrate on feeding and let the healing water do its job, hang on tight and dont stop feeding, nice slow sips and whatever you do don't startle me she said right before he started to feel her slightly change in his arms, he felt her dragon scales form on her back, he could feel her nails grow on his neck and waist, her blood became more potent, sweet and spicier, her body grew warmer and tougher. he heard and felt a growl echoed in her throat as he continued to feed her arms tightening around him but not in a painful way, he felt the change in her mind and soul as her dragon came forth more, he knew it was a hard balance to keep in a half human form, her dragon was fighting to take on her form, feeling her human form was to small and cage-like, but she was doing it all the same

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