New Beginnings 8

Dante smiled and took a finger into his mouth and said, What if I want to show you what you mean to me? Now that I'm not slowly dying and all.

She pulled her hand away from his mouth and got up "your not that lucky hunter....especaially since you hide that you were hurt from me"

"I didn't want to get too close and claim you because I was dying," he said. "But you cured me of that, so now, I can court you like you deserve." He stood up and bowed to her. "It is a pleasure to be in the presence of the one woman who means the world to me." He stood up. "I may sound cheesy, but I really mean it."

She glared at him "look the kids are asleep and you need to eat, there is blood in the wine cellar, I'm going to go take a shower, I'm all sweating from saving your ass" she said and turned to leave the room. She stopped in the doorway and without looking at him said "And dont ever keep things from wont end well"

"I thought... if I left you with memories of me being happy and a smart ass and didn't claim you, then when I left this world, it wouldn't hit you so hard," he said. "I didn't want you too attached when I was dying."

"well you were wrong..." she said and left the room

"Sorry," he said. "I thought that there wasn't a way to heal me, even though I kept trying to find one."

well that was your mistake, one of us is going to get killed if we don't communicate with one another, keep that in mind

Yes, ma'am. he said. I'm going to find a place to go to ground. I will see you tomorrow.

sleep well, i will sleep when you wake

He didn't say anything. He walked out of the house and found a place along the property line. This way, he could warn her if anything nasty was coming her way.


"Tree?" Emily asked herself. "What the hell happened yesterday?"


Megan was shy to go out like this but she couldn't have put clothes on wet, she tried to hurry because she was cold. It seemed like the people at the desk were taking forever, people were looking at her and it made her feel uncomfortable, especially one guy who was sitting in the corner by the lobby, it felt like he was looking a little to hard.

The man walked up to the desk and said, "I've been waiting all morning. They are too slow." He tipped his hat to her. "Nice to meet you. I'm looking for someone. An acquaintance of mine says that this person is missing. Do you happen to know anyone by the name of Megan?"

She looked at him like she was unsure, pulling her robe closer to her "um...." before she could answer the clerk came back "I'm sorry for your inconvenience ms Megan, someone is bringing towels up to your room now, will you need anything else" the clerk asked "n-no thank you" she said and the clerk walked away

"I see," he said with a smile that reminded her of a shark. "My acquaintance will be please. Can you meet him outside the hotel after sunset? He isn't allowed here at this time and would very much like to talk to you."

"um what is this about?" she asked crossing her arms since she was cold "I had a really rough night and I am exhausted...I was not planning on going out tonight" she said

"He simply wants to reunite you with someone special," said the man. "Sparing five minutes will not kill you."

"someone...special..." she said with a thoughtful look, her chest filled with nervousness and excitement, could it be the man who saved her has come back to see her, she blushed "ok.." she said "what time?" she asked

"Seven o' clock," he said. "In the alleyway next to this hotel."

"o-ok" she said unsure why the alley, she left and went back to the room, and not to her surprise there were still no towels "seriously....ok then damp clothes it is" she said to herself and started getting dressed

"Make sure to wash the scar," said a doctor as he exited the restroom with Emily and her son. "However it happened, it can still get infected."

"Thanks," said Emily. "Sorry for cutting into your vacation."

"It's quite alright," he replied before leaving.

"Hey, Megan," said Emily. "Can we talk about what happened last night?"

"sure lets do it over starving," she said finishing getting dressed

Emily agreed and took them to the cafe across the street. As they waited to be served, Eli played with his Hulk and Iron Man toys.

"Now," said Emily. "What the hell happened last night?"

"you....dont remeber?" she asked taking a bite of her toast

"Not at all," said Emily. "At least, not like you remember. We were on our way to Dracula's Castle and then nothing. I do remember having a weird dream thought."

maybe she is in might be best to have her slowly remember it on her own after she swallowed she looked at her "I don't remember either.....ok no more drinking on this trip" she said in a joking tone "I vote for a nice calm day in the hotel room, we can watch some tv and just relax" she said taking another bite of toast

"Okay," Emily said.

Suddenly, there was a dog growling. Emily's eyes got big and she started shaking. She looked at the dog. It wasn't looking at her or Megan, or Eli, but a strange man across the street. However, Emily was having flashes of large wolves, someone screaming. She stood up fast, knocking her chair over and causing everyone to look at them.

Megan stood up with her "come on lets go to the room now, grab your son and lets go" she said in a tone that let her know she was serious

"O-okay," she said, grabbing Eli, holding him close to hid her fear. Once in the hotel, Emily started to relax. "Sorry. I... I don't know what came over me. I have four dogs. I know that dogs growl sometimes."

"maybe it had to do with the dream you were talking about, look I have a headache so while you pick a movie Im going to run to the store next door and good something for it do you want anything while Im out?" she asked grabbing her bag

Xaviera met him thrust for thrust, but it was still not enough. "Caldwell! I need more of you! Please!"

his fang sunk deep in the hollow of her neck as he started to pound harder and deeper inside her, reaching the back of her core, his free hand slid under her and started massaging her clit

She lost all train of thought in that moment. She couldn't sit still, even if he had compelled her to too. She kept chanting his name over and over, never wanting this moment to end.

He released her neck and closed the wound but left his mark, he came inside her filling her with his seed the same moment her earth shattering orgasm came

She held on to him as she slowly fell back to earth, aftershocks still rocking her. "I will never tire of this."

He slowly slipped out of her and laid beside her "nor I " he said and after a moment got up after giving her a kiss "I am going to hunt, you need to feed and I will provide" he said getting dressed

She put on her favorite pink dress that she had worn before she had been put to sleep. She looked at Caldwell and asked, "I know I've been asking this a lot, but when can we go out somewhere? I love our home, but..."

"you cant..." he said sternly "you are a smart woman after what you did you are a big target to the Carpathian people, and neither you or I can blame them for that, Until I settle things with them I need you to stay here to be safe"he said softly

Xaviera sighed and said, "I understand. I'm just getting cabin fever."

"I know....I have a plan to start us on a good path into redemption, I will tell you when I return" he kissed her cheek and left

Stay safe, she said as she went to find a book she hadn't read yet.

he returned about an hour later come to me he said sensually in her head before she even saw him, she knew he was in the bedroom waiting for her

She smiled and walked to the bed room. "That was sooner than expected."

"what can I say I do what I do well and I missed come," he said patting his lap

She shook her head with a provocative smile on her face. "I was busy when you came in doing womanly things. I need to finish up."

"you cannot lie to me just like you can not deny me or your urges...come now and feed" he said in a more demand seductive tone that made her shiver

Xaviera laughed playfully and turned into mist. Catch me first.

He smirked and suddenly he was naked, he leaned back onto the bed "why put so much effort in the chance when I can get you to come to me" he said in a dark sexual tone while slowly moving his right hand down his solid ab stomach

Xaviera suddenly solidified and landed with a hard thud, almost hitting the corner of the coffee table. The wind was knocked out of her for a moment.

"You don't play fair," she gasped out.

He chuckled and went over and picked her up bridal style "its not my style " he said and sliced his neck knowing she wouldnt be able to resist


Draiden did as she said, but that didn't explain why his left lung and surrounding muscles weren't healing. After all, Erik didn't know how to use magic of any kind, so it should have healed. He wanted to ask her what she was doing, but he kept quiet. River...

River arched against him, her back bending in a perfect arch, pressing her body hard into his stop! when he did and pulled back slightly because she was arched her breast were right in front of his face, her breathing was hard making her breast bounce, slowly her scales started to disappear

"What the hell just happened?" he asked. "Don't get me wrong, it was amazing and awe-inspiring, but why did you do that?"

"I told you not to startle me...." she said out of breath like she had just been in a fight "my dragon is better at seeing things I cant sometime, I think the soil in our bed chamber is tired you should be able to heal normally when I change it " she said slowly releasing his waist and neck "you can stay here in the healing waters if you like while I go do that" she said looking away from him, her cheeks were red and he had not let go yet

"I'll do it," he said. "There is fertile soil about two miles below the wine cellar. You rest. You have been busy this rising."

He sat her on the ledge and went to get up, but he still couldn't move without pain. He groaned as he stood up, but still smiled at River.

He then said, "See. I can still take care of myself. You rest, okay?"

Suddenly she was in front of him "keeping busy helps my mind, go back into the water....ill take care of this" she said having a silk robe appeared on her body

"I'm fine," he said with a smile, lines of strain around his mouth. "I have gotten lazy with you taking care of me. If this keeps going, soon I'll be a fat pet dragon instead of the warrior you love."

She got real close to him almost like he was going to kiss him "who said I love you..." she said in a low seductive tone right before she pushed on his bad side to prove her point about him needing to rest

He groaned like she had punched through him though she had applied barely any pressure. He fell into the wall, breathing hard, sweating, and all color leaving his face.

"River..." he gasped out. "I... I just..."

"look we are a mated pair, there are going to be times when we need to reply on each other, it should not matter who the male or female is...just let me take care of you like you would for in the water" she said with her hands on her hips

He just nodded and tried to slowly get into the water without hurting himself. He laid his head back on the rocks, still breathing heavily.

After she turned the soil for an extra measure she slit her wrist and mixed her blood into the soil. She then decided to move the vampires deeper in the cave to a place they could not get out without her but it was still nice. She feed them and returned to him about an hour later, she looked pale and tired "come....your bed is ready" she said in a tired tone

I... his voice came, sounding distant. I can't move, River. The pain... it hasn't let up at all. Every breath feels like a knife twisting. I checked and there isn't any bleeding, but... the pain remains.

River went to him "ok.....listen shut your body down and got to me ok" she said gently holding his arm so he did not sink into the water when he did so

"I... don't want to," he said. "I don't want you to have to treat me like I'm dying anymore. It feels like it, but I'm not. If I have to, I'll use the one arm on my good side to drag myself to bed. Just not yet."

She growled "sleep or I will put you to sleep " she said in a aggervated tone "I am tire too and need to rest and only can do so when you are in the ground with me " she said sternly

He gave a humorless chuckle and said, "Okay. Until, I'm healed, I'll be the trophy husband."

She rolled her eyes "if you will not sleep then what is about to happen is your fault" she said and her eyes turned into her dragons, scales formed on her body and talons grew in place of her fingernails, tone muscles formed and even her legs still human though covered in scales broke and bended into the shape of her dragons, as gently as she could she picked him up bridal style and lifted him from the water with a growl

I had agreed to do as the beautiful doctor instructed, he said. I just told you I'd stay in the cave until I was healed so that you wouldn't worry. I guess my guilt over making you take care of me didn't let the joke sink in. Draiden then passed out in her arms, unable to stay awake through the pain.

SHe place him in the new healing soil and dropped in next to him after double checking the caves security, the last thing she did after she covered them was place her wrist over his mouth, he would be unbearable hungry when he woke and aawaking to him feeding on her did not sound like a bad way to wake up.

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