New Beginnings 9

Emily nodded and suddenly said, "Don't leave the hotel after dark. I... I don't want to lose you too."

"stop be so dramatic this is not like the books we read this is real life, just calm down and relax, Ill be back soon" she said and left

Emily was scared. Images of wolves chasing her and Megan were sharp in her mind. Fear and adrenaline coursed through her. She wanted to climb a tree and hide. Maybe it's from the tree, Megan had said.

"What the hell happened last night?!" she yelled.

about twenty minutes later Megan came back "honey I'm home," she said jokingly

Emily looked at her and said, "You know why I have these scratches and why I was terrified of that dog growling. I need to know what happened. Please."

she sighed and opened the wine and took a big sip then began to tell her, leaving out the part about the man, aying she found the main road "you must not have rember because of the shock"

Emily sat down and said, "But... my dream.... I saw a man being lowered into a pool of lava. He got burnt and I felt it. I woke up and I had to make sure my feet were alright. It felt so real. There was no way I could have..." She shook her head. "I have this need to go find him, but I'm scared to. Like, everything will change if I do."

"I dont know about your dream but it could be your brain trying to deal with the shock of yesterday" she said taking another sip of wine

"Maybe," Emily said, looking out of the window. "If not, then I hope I make it in time."


When Megan got to the store she felt like she was being watched but tried to act normal and not paranoid. She hurried up and bought what she needed as well as a bottle of wine. On her way out she suddenly felt dizzy and had to lean against the wall to support herself, she thought back and realized she only had a couple of bites of a piece of toast and had not eaten anything else. But she was not hungry, she waited until the room stopped spinning and started to walk again but she didn't make it far when she started to fall over

The man from earlier appeared and said, "We just keep running into each other. Come on. The guy who hired me isn't here yet, so let's get you back to your hotel before you get sick."

"im fine....Im sorry to bother you" she said and moved away from him "ll be heading back now, thank you for your help" she said with a soft smile

"The person who hired me cares for you deeply," he said. "If you get hurt, then I don't get paid. Simple as that. So I have to make sure you are okay. Do you understand?"

She could only nod as her face turned red thinking about the man who kissed her

The man escorted her into the hotel lobby and left her without saying a word. It was clear Megan was only a job to him. With only that on his mind, of course, he looked like a greedy shark.

Megan hurried to the room.


Xaviera looked at him, her eyes filled with love. She started teasing him, her tongue dancing along the cut, each movement designed to inflame him more. When she got a growl out of him, she bit down deep.

He sat down with her and placed her on his lap and held her to him as she fed now the plan I mentioned, the first thing we need to do is get rid of those nasty things you released

Aside from burning down the whole forest, she said, there is are only two ways: blood magic, or reversing the spell. I... I used blood magic to bring those things to life, and using blood magic will kill all the trees that are infected. That won't help. But reversing the spell, if instead of killing, we use life to carry our banishing spell to every tree.

what are you proposing exactly

Instead of killing animals or people, we release a flock of doves to symbolize life. Because they are birds, they can quickly fly to the infected trees. They need only brush a leaf to heal the land. But it will take some time before I can perfect the spell. She closed the wound on his neck. "I want to make sure no one gets hurt because of me anymore. I will need a year at least before we try to get the other three girls in on this."

"please tell me the girls you speak of are not who I think they are" he said in a unsure tone

Xaviera didn't look at him as she said, "They are Anastasia Delarus, Riverlynn Dragonseeker, and Meghan Stone."

Cadwell groaned and fell back onto the bed dramatic "yep...of course that's who it is" he said sarcastically

"Meghan is Earth," Xaviera explained. "Not only is her last name Stone, but she is immovable like the mountains when she sets her mind to something. Anastasia is the wind, fierce one moment and gentle the next. Riverlynn is fire, always raging with passion or anger. And I am water, adapting to things as they come to me but staying the course until I am forced to change it." She became saddened. "Of course, that is what got us into this mess in the first place, isn't it?"

He sighed "since it will be a year I will find us a better place that you will feel less crowded in" he said pulling her back to lay with him, wrapping his arm around her

"I don't feel crowded, Caldwell," Xaviera said. "I feel stuck. I can build a lab, no big deal. It that... the whole world changed while we slept. We were born in different times. I'm more than happy to let you fight while I stay home. I will never contest that. But... I want to see everything this new world has to offer. Don't you feel just a little out of place when you leave our home? I look outside the cave and I see nothing familiar to me. It makes me feel... stuck."

He pulled her closer "then everytime I go out I will let you see it through my eyes, we will explore this world together in a way that is safe for both of us" he said in a soft tone

"I hope one day, it will be safe enough to join you out there," she said with a smile. "Until then, yes, please let me see the world around you so that I can learn about it. Then, it won't feel like I'm left behind while you move ahead."

"will do about that teasing you were doing earlier" he said near her ear before biting it "let me show you how its done" he said throwing the covers over both of them.

Xaviera giggled, knowing the night would never be long enough for either of them.

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