New Beginnings 10

Megan only realized at the end of the movie, one she had finished the whole bottle of wine by herself, and two Emily and her son were asleep. She looked at the time and saw it was seven twenty "Shit" she said and quickly got up. she grabbed her coat and her bag and looked back before she left, she smiled at her sleeping friend and her kid and hoped they would have pleasant dreams "Be back soon Em's" she said and left, but part of her didn't feel that was true as she entered the Elevator.

The man from that morning was waiting with a shifty looking person. He felt uneasy as the woman kept staring at people as they passed.

"When will she be here?" she asked in a raspy voice.

"We will give her until eight," he said. "By that time, we know that runaways have left."

Suddenly Megan came rushing around the corner out of breath "I'm sorry I'm late ....I" she said leaning against the wall, running had made her a little more than tipsy from the wine but not so tipsy she didn't notice the woman "who is she?" she asked in a slurred tone

"The young master," said the woman, her voice sending shivers through Megan, "he told me to look for you. He said he wanted to be with you forever and he made a mistake not taking you to his home. Of course, he is quite forgetful and could only remember you were in a hotel, but not which one. Isn't that darling?"

Megan took a step back but staggered a bit "um...." she was starting to feel lke this was a bad idea "I dont think...can you not call him here now that you found me?" she asked

"He requested I take you to his mansion," said the woman, reaching for Megan. "He wishes to marry you straight away."

"So, this girl is a bride with cold feet?" the man asked.

"Afraid so," said the woman. "Thank you, detective."

"I... She doesn't look like a runaway bride," he said, suddenly feeling protective of Megan. "It would be best if your employer come to pick her up."

It's alright, Nicanu's voice entered Megan's mind. The investigator will protect you. I am on my way. Do not go with that woman.

Megan thought she was going crazy listening with a voice in her head how...I don't understand but yet she knew that voice but it was more than that it filled her with emotions she didn't understand I don't want him to get hurt because of me... "Its ok detective she is right I not only have clumsy feet but cold feet, you can....leave now Ill be fine," she said with a fake smile

"Are you sure?" the investigator asked.

Don't, Megan! She is nothing compared to the one controlling her! You are in danger! Get back to your room and do not leave! Don't let anyone inside!

"yes I'm sure," she said ignoring the voice in her head, she must be drunker then she thought. She then looked at the woman "I'll go grab my bag and we can leave" she said to her once the man was gone

"We will pick it up later," said the woman, grabbing Megan's wrist in a bruising grip. "We must hurry."

Megan winced "let go of me" She said "Ill hurt yo if I have to" she said in a serious tone. She had trained in martial arts since childhood, she knew many different kinds and she would use them if it was necessary

Before she could do anything, the woman was dragging her into a car. Once inside with the doors shut, the doors locked and were unable to be unlocked.

"We don't have time," said the woman as she began laughing. "We have quite a long drive ahead of us."

The farther they drove, the more the woman laughed. It got to the point that it was disturbing. Nicanu's voice said, Break the windows! Anything! Just get out of there!

with shaking hands, she retrieved the knife that was in her bra. She quietly opened it and without giving herself time to hesitate she leaned over and started kicking at the window, preparing to stab the woman if she tried to stop her

"You can't get out," the woman laughed. "It's warded. Don't want you hurt after all!"

The woman was laughing so hard, she was crying. At this point, she started to look like she was in pain. She threw her head back, laughing at the top of her lungs. Suddenly, she stopped. The smile and tears remained but... the woman was gone, having laughed herself to death. On the next curve, the corpse landed on top of Megan, the lifeless eyes staring right at her.

Megan screamed and threw her off of her, she started to cry but when the car started to swerve she hurried to the front and tried to get into the driver s seat but it was too late the car hit a tree and flipped and started rolling down the mountain path. She was thrown around the car like a rag doll, as it rolled the knife that was in her hand went straight into her stomach above her left hip, the car came to a hard stop as it slammed into another tree forcing it to stop as it reached the bottom of the cliff hill.

From a nearby cave, two people emerged, a woman and child. Their teeth were stained black, their movements jerky, and the moved fast. They were almost on her before she could react.

Megan couldn't see right, her vision was blurry and red from the blood coming from her head down her face. Every inch of her body felt broken and the world was spinning. Suddenly she was painfully ripped from the car, she cried out and glass and broke metal dug into her skin. She screamed and looked up and saw a kid no more than six years old dragging her like she was a feather. His eyes were red and he had fangs fear took over and she reacted without thinking, she looked around for anything that could be a weapon and that's when she noticed the knife in her side. With a hard pull she ripped out the knife and with a cry, she stabbed the child right in the heart, the child dropped but she had no time to get to her feet before the woman jumped her

The woman held her like a vice, licking the blood from wounds. She then bit into Megan, tearing a large chunk of flesh from her. Megan could hear the woman eating her.

Look at her, Nicanu said. Let me see her through you. The boy too. He will be getting up soon. I must save you. Please.

Her strength was fading as she was close to losing consciousness and she couldn't answer him, she forced herself to look towards the woman tears fell hard down her face and she screamed but coughed up blood, the woman was eating her skin, her blood dripping down her face and neck, the sight was worse then death

Nicanu struck then, forcing Megan to keep her eyes locked on the woman. The woman was forced back then flames engulfed her. Do not look away from her, Nicanu commanded. The woman kept coming towards Megan, but fell to the ground as ashes right at her feet. Nicanu then had Megan look at the boy, who was now getting up. The knife fell from his chest, the ghoul's blood having degraded it slowly. The child too began to burn. He managed to grab hold of Megan before he was nothing but a pile of ash. Nicanu released Megan from his command. I'm sorry I had to use you to destroy them. I should have been closer to protect you. I have failed you, little one. And this guilt will stay with me for all time. But we cannot grow lax. You must get away before something worse comes.

She had no hope that she was going to live but she would do as he asked, but when she tried to roll over she cried and looked down, not only was her right leg facing the wrong way but blood was gushing out like a fountain from the knife wound in her stomach, the sight made her sick and even more hopeless then she already was. With a scream that gurgled because of the blood that was filling her lungs, she forced herself over on her stomach and slowly began to crawl but the pain was making it unbeareable, she cried out with every movement.


All that could be heard as sora ran through the daylight woods was her breathe, over the years she had gotten so good at running she didn't make a sound when she did, well at least at night but in the day she could be as loud as she wanted. She leaped over the fallen log that was in her way, soon she knew it would be night which meant her family would be awakening. She had stand later than she should have at the falls and was cutting it close, but with how fast she runs she would make it. Just as the sun set she broke the tree line into their property. She was still wet head to toe from the falls which meant another lecture from her father was going to pursue. Just as she reached the back door to her house it opened and her father stood there with his arms crossed and that one of a kind look of aggravation that he gives only to her.

"How many times do I have to tell you, young lady, that go out when we sleep is forbidden?" he asked. "And to the falls, no less."

"For real?" Sora heard Philomena ask. "Sis, your hair will be, like, a total mess now!"

She has never uttered a word or sound since she was a kid so her family learned sign language she could communicate with her I didn't jump I swear i just swam at the bottom and I check the whole perimeter before going in

"We could have lost you!" her mother said, hugging her. "I feared the worse when I found you gone upon rising."

"Sora, can you, like, apologize so we can get out of here?" Mena asked. "I want to see the Carpathian Mountains before I, like, get wrinkles! You said you would come with me!"

ok! ok! im sorry let me change and we can go she said trying to movie past her father to get into the house

"I don't..." he began.

"Dad!" Mena said in a begging voice. "Like, nonrefundable tickets! If we don't leave now, we will, like, miss our flight!" I totally got him, you go, sis, Mena said in Sora's mind. "You can save the lecture for when we totally come home! She may even have a lifemate to, like, keep her safe! Then you can totally stop worrying!"

"That is true," he said.

"You would hand our daughter over to a stranger?!" her mother yelled.

This let both the girls escape.

Sora dressed quickly and grabbed her backpack that she had packed previously the night before, she brought mostly useful thing, her backpack was more of a survival bag then anything im ready she signed

Mera nodded and had five bags with her as she called out and said, "We're leaving now!"

"I don't care if she is over eighteen!" her mother yelled, showing they weren't listening. "Whoever their lifemates are, they are going to have to wait until the girls are 200!"

Sora left a not for them on her bed telling them she loved them and to not fight while they were gone and to enjoy their time alone and left with Mera

Once out of the house, Mera seemed to be unable to shut up. "I can't wait to go shopping! I'll get you some totally cute accessories, we will get our make up done, and we will get you some dresses that will, like, get all the guys to look at you! No more dark clothing and drab fashion! Won't it be fun?! I can't wait! And the sights! We can totally do all sorts of things! Come on, smile! You are so pretty when you smile!"

I like the way I dress and there is nothing to smile about she signed and kept walking

"Always a total downer!" Mena said. "Like, what is with you? I get you out of the house for, like, a whole month! I will totally let you go wherever you want during the day, so no lectures! And still, you look like you don't care what happens! At least, like, smile at the that you finally get to get away from our parents!"

she looked over and gave her a sarcastic smile then stuck her tongue out at her

"Oh, come on! Like, a real smile! You could have any, like, guy you wanted if you would smile. And show off your totally cute butt more often."

I dont want a guy they are to much trouble, I like being by myself she signed eargely

"Oh, so, like, you want a girl?" Mena said, ignoring the last bit. "Not my cup of tea but I'll, like, totally support you."

oh yes I'm all for the ladies and since we are not related she said and then moved close pursing her lips and making kissing sounds

Mena laughed and said, "See? You do have a sense of humor! We are soooo going to party! Like, you have no idea! Get wasted and get laid!"

we both know your saving yourself for your lifemate she said elbowing her softly

"You never know what can, like, happen at parties," said Mena, though she didn't sound very convincing. "Maybe I want to get with someone, like, some really hot guy."

Do we have to go to a party?

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